The 34 -year -old "king" official announced that she was pregnant, so she was excited to burst into tears.

On the evening of March 14th, Shen Xia, a 34 -year -old "King of Story", updated a dynamic on the social network, saying that "just today, God gave us a gift", the excitement overflowed with words.As for the "gift" given by heaven, in fact, it is the crystallization of the love of the king and the 6 -year -old husband Lu Pengxing. Fans have sent blessings. Today, there is another meaning of White Valentine’s Day.

In the photo, the king of the happy pregnant mother was just promoted. She wore a light pink plush coat to carefully protect the pregnant belly.According to the description of the king, I got up this morning and used the pregnancy test stick to "test three times, but the (red bun) was very shallow", so I decided to go to the hospital to take a blood test to confirm it in the afternoon.Essence

Coincidentally, just after watching the film "Keep You Ping An" directed by Dapeng, the king got the results of the test data from the Oriental Hospital. When she confirmed that the moment she was successful, she was also excited to cry and tears wet her eyes.The husband on the side teased that "this is" Bao You Ping An ", must be healthy and safe." A pair of novice parents brought related documents and parenting manuals to return the home.

Looking at the dynamics of the king’s social platform account, she found that she did have two photos of pregnancy test sticks in the afternoon today (14). She had no experience.Still no "?Below the comment area, there was a message from Bao Ma to congratulate "there is". This is because the fetus is not deep in bed, so the pregnancy test stick and test strips are not obvious.

To confirm whether it is really pregnant?The king obeyed the opinions of netizens and pulled her husband to go to the hospital to take a blood to check the value.It is worth mentioning that just the night before (13), the couple of the king and Lu Pengxing publicly announced that "we are going to prepare for pregnancy."Too fast!

According to data, the king born in 1989, named Shen Xia, graduated from the Department of Performance of Sichuan Normal University.At the age of 20, he participated in the successor contest of the comprehensive show "Kangxi is Coming". In the end, he won the title of "Little S successor" in one fell swoop.The recording of the Ren show "The Fourth Season of Qi Qi" has received a lot of attention.

At the time of his career, the king also ushered in his emotional affiliation, and in October 2021, he promised his boyfriend Lu Pengxing’s proposal. The latter was born in 1995. The two were a pair of 6 -year -old "sister -in -law love".In February 2022, the king and Lu Pengxing received a certificate in the man’s hometown (Anqiu, Weifang, Shandong); on September 7 of the same year, a romantic wedding was held.

Last month (February), the king couple who had just finished the first anniversary of marriage, welcomed the good news of pregnancy on the day of the White Valentine’s Day. From the two -person world to a family of three, it is gratifying!(Picture source network, infringement must be deleted)

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