The 36 -year -old Hong Kong sister Xiaohua exposed that no one was aware of the second child in June and voted to TVB.

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congratulations!TVB Hong Kong sister Xiaohua, 36 -year -old Liang Liqiao this year when she was recently attending a press conference, she was suddenly found to be full of pregnancy.information.

In an interview, Liang Liqiao said that in fact, the baby is already 6 months old. The friends around him said that she did not find that she was pregnant with a second child, so she decided to announce the good news on the social platform to report to you.

Liang Liqiao said happily that when she was pregnant for 6 months, her baby felt very stable, and the colleagues around him did not find it.

She said that her smartest approach was that she had a second baby when she was successful. This time, she felt that the whole person was much healthy, and she would not be edema as she was pregnant as before.

It is admirable that Liang Lidao, who was 6 months pregnant, had no intention of going home to rest at all. He also said that the last child was also resting until two weeks before the birth of a child, so the second child will continue to work.

Due to the TVB ace information show "Looking East and West" hosted by Liang Liqian, recently reported that some of the environment is harsh, such as cockroach houses, garbage houses, and so on.

Liang Lidao was also asked if he would be affected by the bad environment when he was interviewed.Liang Liqiao immediately voted to the company, saying that no matter what the company did what he did, he would not refuse.

She even said that she is pregnant now, and the company will take care of her more when arranging her work, and she will not arrange for news such as news such as cockroach houses.

In fact, if you love to watch TVB such as entertainment news, variety shows, or information programs like "Looking East", you will definitely be impressed by Liang Liqiao.

In addition to the host of the show, Liang Liqiao will often show their faces in various TV series, such as "Love Going Home", "Anti -Black Routes A", "One Old Friends", "Women’s Club" and so on.

Even in some old episodes, you occasionally see that the anchor on the TV is Liang Liqiao’s guest appearance.

In 2011, Liang Liqiao was elected Miss Hong Kong. The same time Hong Kong sister also had Zhu Chenli, McMamie and others. Although it was not as good as Zhu Chenli and McMane, Liang Liqiao has always been low -key and not hype.Work.

Liang Liqiao’s hosting skills are quite deep. Whether it is a frontline reporter or anchor, she responds quickly, and Liang Lidao’s English and Chinese are quite fluent.

Liang Liqiao also exposed her work in the show in the east and west, which inspired her to her life, because she had been to different outlook for earthquakes, explosions, and so on.Let her understand that many things are not in the control of life, so she has a mature and open -minded attitude towards life.

In fact, Liang Liqiao can also be regarded as a talented student. He graduated from the California State University of Technology and worked at an advertising company. After returning to Hong Kong, Liang Liqiao was a senior marketing supervisor and was promoted to the director of the project.The company had a good opportunity for promotion, but Liang Liqiao chose to start being an artist at that time.

According to Liang Liqiao herself, she had a Hong Kong sister dream when she was a child, so she had to chase after having a dream, so she signed up for the election.

When she was running for Hong Kong sister, Liang Lidao was 26 years old, which was relatively older in Belle.Although the Sanjia is not entering, Liang Lidao also entered TVB through the selection of Hong Kong sisters and completed his dream of entering the entertainment industry.

Regarding Liang Lidao’s abandonment of high -paying and thick -job artists, whether her husband or mother is very supportive, she is very supportive to her. The reason why Liang Liqiao can work silently until today, and believes that the support of her family is inseparable.

In the eyes of Xiaobian, Liang Liqiao is indeed a very hard -working person. Bless Liang Liqiao’s second child is born smoothly. At the same time, he also looks forward to Liang Liqiao to bring us more exciting works in the future.

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