The 39 -year -old woman prepared for a second child, and after drinking the medicine, the medicine was aborted first.

November 10th

Beijing Guang’an Comprehensive Clinic, Beichen, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

A male doctor

To prove that the menstrual period of the conditioning period

Will not cause abortion

I drank on the spot and renewed the cup …

The entire incident starts from October 9.

Ms. Zhang, 39 in Changsha, prepared for her second child. She went to the Beijing Guang’an Comprehensive Outpatient Department of Beichen, Kaifu District, Changsha on October 9 for inspection due to menstrual disorders.

"Because of my menstrual disorders, I told him (the doctor of the above clinic) told me to be a progesterone. HoweverConditioning, he then prescribed the medicine after he pulled the pulse. "Ms. Zhang told reporters that Liu Jiahao’s doctor in the clinic prescribed the pulse and prescribed 10 Chinese medicine to let her go home for conditioning.

After taking the medicine, Ms. Zhang bleeds on October 21, thinking that the conditioning was effective, and then went to the clinic to return to the clinic. The doctor prescribed her 30 days of Chinese medicine for her to continue taking it.

On November 7, the unit organized a medical examination. Ms. Zhang found that she was pregnant. After further inspection in the local professional maternal and child hospitals in Hunan, she found that she had been pregnant for 77 days and threatened abortion. "The doctor said that the child could not keep it."

Ms. Zhang believes that she had been pregnant for about 40 days when she went to the outpatient department for clinics, but the doctor failed to find out pregnancy and prescribed a menstrual medicine to cause her own miscarriage.

The long -awaited children did not keep it when they were pregnant. Ms. Zhang and her husband were very distressed."Very angry, I originally wanted my wife to adjust and want to conceive a child. Now my wife is so old. This is such a precious opportunity and missed it. Can I still have a problem in the future?Very angry. "Ms. Zhang’s husband said.

In addition, Ms. Zhang also revealed that the doctors of the clinic have never provided prescriptions, and they were directly fried traditional Chinese medicine."You see the time update he wrote is 6:45 on November 8th. This is the medical record we wrote after the alarm we call. It is not a normal prescription. What kind of notebook is, the doctor does not say that it is a doctorThe prescription is an author. I do n’t know if it ’s the name of the clinic.

To this end, Ms. Zhang and her family came to the Kaifu District Beichen Guang’an Comprehensive Clinic of Kaifu District, and found the doctor Liu Jiahao to discuss.

In response to doubts, the doctor, the doctor, admitted that Ms. Zhao was pregnant, but said that the medicine he prescribed would not cause abortion, and said that the medicine had the effect of preservation and menstruation at the same time.

Ms. Zhang and her husband did not recognize and asked apologies to Dr. Liu Jiahao, but they were rejected by the doctor Liu Jiahao.

"I returned this fee to her out of humanitarianism. As for saying that I apologized, I did not exist, I still said that I sympathized with her."

In order to prove that the medicine he prescribed would not cause abortion, the male doctor also drank it on the spot.


Drinking medicine on the spot for doctors involved in the incident

Many netizens shouted:

2020 Confused Behavior Awards

Netizen 1: You man will not have a miscarriage if you take an abortion medicine

Netizen 2:?IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionCan a male doctor also have a miscarriage?Intersection

Netizens 3: 2020 Human confusion behavior adds another

Netizen 4: If I can drink pregnancy, I really believe it …

The reporter subsequently verified from the local Health and Health Commission that the outpatient department and doctors were all qualified.

At present, Ms. Zhang has feedback the situation to the local Health Commission, and relevant departments have launched an investigation.

Source: Changsha TV Station-Political and Law Channel, Xiaoxiang Morning News

Original title: Women are prepared for a second child, and after drinking menstrual medicine, the male doctor is clear on the spot …

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