The 4 -year -old boy’s belly is as big as pregnancy, and the doctor draws 2 pounds of parasites!The sources of insects around you should pay attention to

Recently, a 4 -year -old boy Jiajia, a hospital in Shenzhen, was surprised as soon as the doctor saw him. Jiajia’s chest and belly were high.The blood vessels also raised.

How is this going?The doctor conducted a CT examination of Jiajia and found that Jiajia’s right chest and in the right abdominal cavity had a giant cyst.

These two swollen sacs compressed Jiajia’s lungs and must be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise there will be life -threatening!

Further inspection found that Jiajia suffered from insect disease, and the swollen sac was caused by insect disease, which contained a large number of parasites.

If you accidentally break the swelling sac, the parasitic insects inside will infect the chest and abdominal cavity, causing a allergic shock, causing Jiajia to die. This is the two "water bombs" in the body!

Hospital experts repeatedly discussed and decided to extract the sac in the swelling sac first. The doctors carefully performed surgery of Jiajia, and a total of more than 1,000 milliliters of liquid were extracted to make Jiajia danger.

Pulled out of the sac

How did this parasite enter Jiajia’s body and cause such serious consequences?Doctors said that according to the pathology of insect disease, it may be related to Jiajia’s pet dog.

Insect disease refers to the parasitic disease caused by the larvae infected with Rob glitabital tapeworm. This adults of this rotor tapeworm are only parasitic in the dog’s small intestine, so it is also called a dog tapeworm.

The eggs of dog tapeworms will be excreted with the pet’s feces, and may be contaminated on the dog’s fur. If people and dogs are too close, they may be infected.

In addition, it may also contaminate fruits, fruits, tableware, and water. If people eat it by mistake, they may bring insect oysters to the human body to reproduce.

Once the human body is infected, these insect eggs may hatch larvae in the human stomach or duodenum, and soon drill out of the intestinal wall, drill into the muscles, liver, blood vessels, lungs, and even enter their brains.It’s terrible to think about it.

Previously, there was a pet Wang, Hunan, who almost slept with pet dogs. She often felt pain in the left abdomen. She went to the hospital to find that she had liver cysts.There are 2 pounds!

There is also a more serious. There is a lady Hu in Ouhai. Because she is too close to the shepherd dog at home, she has an insect disease. The parasite enters her liver.

There are pets in the family, these things have to be done

There is a pet at home that can often bring a lot of joy, but for the health of children and family, there are a few points to pay attention to!

1. Regularly injected rabies vaccine for pets to repel deworming regularly;

2. Don’t give your pets randomly;

Do not let pets prey outside, do not feed pets for pets, so as not to eat infected animals or contaminated foods, it is best to feed them cooked or pet food;

3. Don’t be too close to pets;

If you feed your mouth, kiss, long -term sleep, etc., you must wash your hands after touching your pets, especially children. Do not play with pet dogs too much to avoid eating wrapped eggs by mistake.

4. Be cautious when cleaning pet feces;

When cleaning pet feces, do not directly contact the feces with your hands. It is best to wrap it with a plastic bag or thick paper.After cleaning up, wash your hands with soap.

5. Less contact with stray animals;

Both people and pets are less contact with stray animals with unknown hygiene. They will have many unknown health risks. If you want to adopt stray animals, you must first bring to pet hospital for injections, cure diseases, deworming, and cleaning.

Don’t use it in trouble, it may cause death!

Once you find that the child is infected with parasites, he must take him to the hospital in time to test the stool. This is the best way. Remember that you ca n’t take insecticides casually. It is very dangerous if you do n’t have a doctor ’s doctor.

A 9 -year -old boy pulled out a white bug at home, like earthworms. When his father saw it, he recognized that he was a tapeworm. He immediately went to the pharmacy to buy a boxworm and give the child.

After a few weeks, the boy suddenly had a headache. The family quickly took him to the hospital. At the hospital, the little boy had a headache to hit the wall. The doctors had never encountered this situation.The boy died on the spot!

The corpse test found that the boy’s cranial cavity was actually a bug full of brains, which was shocking!It was found that these bugs were pork tapeworms.

It turned out that there were two kinds of worms, tapeworms and pork tapeworms in the body of the boy’s body. After eating the intestinal worm, the tapeworm was really killed.

But because of the effect of intestinal insects, the eggs of pork tapeworm were released, and they went to the body with blood flowing to the body, causing the boy’s death!

Therefore, when you find that your child has a parasite, you must take the child to the hospital for examination. Do not take insectic medicines casually, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable!

To prevent parasites, in addition to paying attention to contact with animals, you should also pay attention not to eat raw food. If you do these two points, parents can do nothing, but do not relax.

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