The 42 -year -old man was infertile and his wife was pregnant for a day. After knowing the truth, he collapsed.

42 -year -old, I am a designer.I have been in love with my wife Li Tingting for seven years and married for two years. Our life is full of vitality and passion, although we have no children.

I was born in an ordinary family. Although I am not wealthy, my parents have always been very good to me.They support me to learn design and encourage me to pursue my dream.

Through my own efforts, I became a well -recognized outstanding designer and was appreciated by peers and customers.

I remember the moment we met, and I saw Li Tingting read a design theoretical book in the library.I can’t help but admire her: "It’s really a tasteful girl!"

She looked up at me and smiled and said, "Thank you for the compliment." At that moment, I was attracted by her charm.

Soon, we became friends and then developed into lovers.Our love is like a thrilling movie, full of romance and emotion.

We often go to watch movies, go shopping, enjoy food, and travel together, and immerse themselves in our two -person world.We also often discuss design issues, learn from each other and make progress together.We are very happy and very happy.

But our lives are unhappy!

Because there is a fact that cannot be concealed, it has always troubled us: I have no genes that can make Li Tingting pregnant when I was born.

The news was noticed before our marriage.When the doctor told me this result, I felt that the sky was falling.

I am worried that Li Tingting will leave me for this reason.I was very scared and lacking confidence.

But Li Tingting did not give up me.She clenched my hand calmly and said, "Haili, don’t panic. We will face this problem together. You are my husband, I love you. No matter what happens, I will not leave you."

Listening to her, my tears flowed.

I hugged her moved with movement and said, "Tingting, you are so good. Thank you for your understanding and support."

Since then, we have been trying various methods to solve this problem.We went to see many doctors, took many drugs, and did various examinations and treatment.But it still doesn’t help.

That morning, Li Tingting’s vomiting woke me up.I thought her food was poisoned, so I quickly helped her get water and medicine.However, she told me a message that shocked me: "Haili, I’m pregnant."

My heart seemed to be hit hard by something.I looked at her in surprise, then got up in a panic, walked into the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror, and I started to question madly.

How can this be?Am I not infertility?How could she get pregnant?Did she betray me?Who is this child?

These thoughts flashed in my mind.I felt panic and anger.I rushed out of the bathroom, grabbed Su Juan’s shoulder, and asked her, "What are you talking about? Are you pregnant? Who is this child?"

Li Tingting was startled by my move.She looked at me and felt sad.She said, "Haili, how can you ask me like this? Of course this child is yours! Don’t you believe me?"

I loosened her shoulders and took a step back.I said, "But … but how can this be? Didn’t the doctor say? I can’t give birth!"

Looking at my puzzles and pain, Li Tingting comforted me with a gentle voice: "Haili, life is full of miracles. Doctors may sometimes be wrong, and our power of life cannot be underestimated. In any case, this child should be the same as us.Cherish and love. "

Her words made me hesitate, I thought, maybe she was right.Even if the conclusion of science is that I can’t have children, my life is full of accidents and miracles.

Therefore, Li Tingting and I went to the hospital together to check and apprais them in detail.At the time of waiting for the results, we support each other and face possible answers together.

A few days later, we got the appraisal report.My heartbeat speeded up and opened it carefully, saying: The child’s father is not me.I was stunned and couldn’t believe it.

I feel like I was drawn with a soul, and the whole person sat there in a daze.

Tingting came over and wanted to hug me, but I got up and walked away.I don’t know what to say, just crying silently.

Li Tingting also cried. She walked in front of me, kneeled down, hugged my leg, and said, "Haili, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I should not hide it. You have the right to know the child’s origin. But, don’t you want me, OK? We can adopt him and treat him as our biological child. "

I closed my eyes and found that tears couldn’t stop flowing.I really can’t accept this fact. I think that as long as I love deeply, I can overcome all difficulties.But now, this child who has no blood relationship with me has become an obstacle to my love.

I feel a little collapsed.

After a long time, I finally said, "Tingting, I need time. This is too sudden, I can’t understand and accept it yet. Can you give me a little time?"

Li Tingting nodded, stood up, and hugged me again, and said quietly in my ear: "Haili, I will always wait for you here. I believe that time can smooth everything, and our love can start again."

I didn’t speak, pushed her away gently, and walked out of the appraisal center.

I need to stay alone for a while and think about it.But I don’t know what to do now?How to choose?

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