The 44 -year -old woman in the UK does not have birth after giving birth to 21, and now we are welcoming the 22nd baby

Recently, according to the British Mirror report, the 44 -year -old Readford announced the fact that he was pregnant on the Internet and stated that he was about to usher in the 22nd baby.She said happily in the video: "Now everyone knows that we will have another child. I have been pregnant for 15 weeks now, and soon when I can know the child’s gender." This time, Redford hopes that he wants himselfCan give birth to a cute boy.

Speaking of the Readford couple, they are "little famous" in the UK. Because of the many children, Readford is called "the most powerful woman in the UK".What a huge.However, when I find it intriguing, when the Readford couple gave birth to the 21st child in 2018, they already declared that they would not have children anymore.Face.

At present, the two children of the Miles and his wife have been adults and have achieved economic independence. As for the remaining 19 children, they still live with their parents.It can be said without exaggeration that the number of children is huge, and two football teams can be formed.

In response, netizens did not forget to express their anxiety while feeling strong that the Readford couple had a strong ability to fertility.We all know that a bear child has been able to toss the whole family to turn around, let alone 22 children?However, the Readford couple did not seem to worry about how to raise children, but enjoyed it.

Because there are many children and a large life expenditure, the Readford family can only barely rely on less than 3,000 yuan every month.Although the couple had a huge sum of money to buy a large house in the early years, there was a profitable bakery in the name, and they could receive the government’s child subsidy every month. However, these income came to them.Said, it can only be regarded as a nine cattle.It is precisely because of this that the quality of life of the Redford family cannot be guaranteed.

In fact, the future life scene of Redford’s family can be expected. Children grow up in an economic constrained family environment. In the process, not only can not get enough care, but also cannot accept good family education.After growing up, it will repeat the trajectory of the life of the parents, which is sad.

However, there are really a few parents like the Readford couple who only know about their baby.Not long ago, there was a strange woman named Mariam in Uganda. She gave birth to her first child at the age of thirteen and gave birth to 44 children in 23 years.It is precisely because of this that the lives of the Mariam family are incomplete, and her husband chose to throw his wife and child because he could not bear this poor sad life.

From this point of view, the "multi -child and more blessing" said by the older generation is not a good thing for families with ordinary family economic conditions.Therefore, before considering having a child, parents may wish to ask themselves if they have enough financial resources and energy to raise their children to develop adults.Of course, whether there is financial strength is still secondary, the most important thing is to depend on whether parents can give their children sufficient love and whether they can bear the responsibility of being parents. After all, every child is a little angel sent from heaven.It is worth having the best and worth being loved.

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