The 46 -year -old woman in the United States naturally produces three twins, and seven sons have wanted to regenerate their daughter

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According to the US KSL-TV report on September 7, a 46-year-old woman in Utah, Utah, after the doctor told her that she could not regenerate, she gave birth to a trilogy son through natural pregnancy.Today, she is not satisfied with seven sons, expressing her hoping to regenerate a daughter.

The parties Audrey lived in Utah. He had given birth to 4 sons with her husband before, Marsacus, 13, 11 -year -old James, 9 -year -old Christian and 7 -year -old Max.But she has always hoped to have more children, but the doctor had previously told her that her eggs could not be conceived due to age.She also had three rounds of birth treatment for this, but it was not available.

"I prayed for 5 years and hoped to have more children." Audrey said that until last year, she naturally conceived successfully and was still a triga.In March of this year, her three sons fell to the ground.

"With these cute babies, I think my life is complete." Audrey said in an interview.Today, she is the mother of 7 sons.In order to meet the milk needs of the three sons, she spent 7 hours a day to suck breast milk, and at the same time, she was also looking for the help of breast milk donors.

"Most experts think that the chance of the Triangle of the same egg is one -one -one -one -oneth of 200 million," said Audrey. She talked to a statistician, and a 45 -year -old person was in the chance of the twins of the same egg.It is one -20 %.

Although there are 7 sons, Audrey is obviously not satisfied.She said that she and her husband Taylor were still considering setting a new goal, that is, to regenerate a daughter.

"I really want a daughter," Audrey said, "My husband said, it is obvious that everything is possible."

(Picture source: KSL-TV)

(Source: Polar News)

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