The 52 -year -old rich man made a 25 -year -old supermodel girlfriend pregnant.

This Italian billionaire Ji’an Lucavacci not only has millions of fans, but also has a 25 -year -old supermodel little coquettish wife. After her wife is pregnant, the two are even more affectionate!Why does the 25 -year -old supermodel look at the 52 -year -old "old man"?I understand after watching it.

Ji’an Lukawache’s muscles, enchanting figures, and wearing vision without losing small fresh meat made people look at it.

Ji’an Lucavach’s model girlfriend Sharon, because it is a model, so the face is not worthy, the blue small incense tube top+white pants, the slap with long legs, it is made to make people look likeStraight!Standing on the balcony has a unique charm of Western beauties.

Don’t look at the age of 52 years old, wearing dark blue pajamas, the POSE posted is so attractive. The muscles on the chest cannot be covered.It should be good.

In addition to the Ji’an Lucavati wearing pajamas, after wearing a suit, the man is full of popularity, a brown suit with a white shirt, but the tie chooses a light blue, and this color will be very temperamental and white.Ji’an Lukavacch, who smiled in the camera, is too Man. It has a man and is interested in tenderness, but gentleness should be given to his girlfriend.

The two stood on the sea, Ji’an Lukawach’s dark green suit jacket, hugging her girlfriend’s big dog food, while girlfriend Sharon’s pink dress, the style of the waist lace show, the color of the girly, the color of the girl,Under the background of Fujian Lucavacch, Sharon showed a little woman’s temperament.

Occasionally abandon a luxury car and ride a small yellow electric car, environmental protection and wind, but it is not very good with the style of Ji’an Lucavacch. Wearing a pink suit, after riding an electric car, beardJi’an Lukawache is handsome.Ji’an Lucavacch in life is very casual. How to wear it comfortably, even if you feel fashionable, this is a different temperament.

When attending the event, Ji’an Lukavaci took his girlfriend, one after the other, facing the lens Ji’an Lucavacci wearing a beige suit jacket, a pair of brown bean shoes, the shirt inside was not easy to wear well, I started showing their own muscles again.

Girlfriend Sharon is a white short T with super shorts, a pair of gray long tube high -heeled shoes, creating a long leg with a sense of long legs. The exterior denim jacket is actually unintentionally showing her long legs. It is indeed a supermodel.Body, you can wear a high -level sense of daily wear.

The 52 -year -old rich man made a 25 -year -old supermodel girlfriend pregnant. The two showed their love and looked at the muscles. They really wanted to touch it. The girlfriend could not hide happiness with a smile.It can still be very happy, hugging and kissing really spicy eyes!

From time to time, the madness and love, which makes single fans eat dog food, but the two of them are worthy of reference. It is too man. I thought that the supermodel was wrong, but this was simply a lot of money!

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