The 89 -year -old grandfather massage the pregnant granddaughter, and there is a malicious message in the comment area: this is the incorrect family style

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In life, many people have heard the word "intergenerational kinship". As far as children are concerned, grandparents or grandparents even love themselves than parents.

The intergenerational relative is a happy word. In some families, even if the grandchildren have gradually grown up, the elderly will still love it as a child as a child.

However, not everyone can understand this happiness. If you have not experienced the intergenerational relatives, some warm scenes will often be excessively speculated and even maliciously ridiculed.

Not long ago, a pregnant mother in Shandong shared a video on the Internet. The original scene was very warm and happy in the picture, but many netizens were criticized as "the family style was not right."

The 89 -year -old grandfather attracted controversy to the granddaughter of pregnancy, but the comment area was full of maliciousness: this is the incorrect family!

Ms. Zhang is a prospective mother in the third trimester. Like many pregnant women, her feet who are about to go to the production period have begun to swell, and their actions are very inconvenient.

Ms. Zhang’s grandfather is 89 years old this year. Her grandchildren have a good relationship. She couldn’t bear to see her granddaughter uncomfortable during pregnancy. Grandpa took the initiative to massage his legs and feet for Ms. Zhang to alleviate her discomfort.

It is understood that the 89 -year -old grandfather learned massage when he was young. There are some foundations. Through photos, we can also see that Grandpa’s massage method is still more professional, but such a warm picture has attracted discomfort from some netizens.

Some people say that as the opposite sex, Grandpa’s behavior of massaging the granddaughter looks a little awkward and feels very indecent. Although he is a grandchildren, after all, the granddaughter has grown up, and the actions of grandpa should not be so close.

Some people are bluntly said that this massage should only be done by the pregnant woman’s husband.

In addition, some netizens are polite to blame Ms. Zhang for not filial piety. From the opinion of these netizens, pregnant women to let the 89 -year -old grandfather massage are "abuse" to the elderly.Massage, there is no need to toss a 90 -year -old man.

Maybe even Ms. Zhang herself did not expect that she just wanted to share with netizens that she had a little happiness that she had pain in pain, but what she eventually appeared was some speechless malicious comments.

Facing the doubts of some netizens, Ms. Zhang admits that her relationship with grandparents is very deep. Grandpa is as old as this age. Massage can make him feel that he is still valuable to this family, and he also needs him.

Ms. Zhang also said that not everyone has such experience, so there will be no understanding and excessive speculation. This matter is both simple and happy for herself.

Obviously, he was happy, but was eventually attacked "family style" and "filial piety". Many netizens also expressed their anger.

"I really think too much, this is a family! People who are unhealthy are distorted."

"The grandfather has been brought by grandpa since he was a child. The granddaughter is close to Grandpa. Grandpa is distressed by his granddaughter’s body.

"The elders took the initiative to pay, and the juniors were happy to make him happy. He could understand this expectant mother. This is the real filial piety.Toring. "

"I feel that the abnormal people are not normal for themselves, but all the pure people see the generations of grandfather’s granddaughter. This kind of scene is very moving."

Mirror is a kind of happiness, don’t use narrowly to solve happiness

In life, many children and the elderly have very close feelings due to their long -term getting along. Children depend on the elderly. The elderly will pay for them to the children. This is a very common phenomenon of intergeneration.Symoths are very precious parent -child relationships.

In real life, even if the grandchildren have grown up, they are still the child who has a close relationship with themselves in the eyes of the old man.

If there is no such happiness experience, it is really difficult to understand this kind of intimate relationship, but no matter what, the intergenerational relative is a kind of happiness. We should not use narrowly to solve the happiness, nor should we bring others to others.harm.

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