The 91 -year -old lady in Sichuan has not been killed in her youth, and has been in the body for many years.

In a small village in Sichuan, an impossible thing happened.

An old woman who was already pregnant was pregnant, which was contrary to our cognition.

We all know that old women in the ninetys cannot be pregnant. There is no scientific basis at all, but this incident really happened.

And it is incredible to go to many hospitals for examinations.

What happened to this?Let’s find out.

The old lady in the story is called Huang Yijun. She had a very happy life.

Although she is 91 years old, her son is very filial, and her daughter -in -law is very good for her mother -in -law. Her grandson has married her daughter -in -law and has a child, so she is very happy in her later years.

Without that happened, her life was really enviable.

But since the incident happened, Huang Yijun no longer dared to go out, and he was depressed all day, and he couldn’t even eat rice.

Even because of this incident, the people in the village looked at their family with colored eyes, and the words were all ridiculous and disdain.

What is that matter?

It turned out that a few days ago, Huang Yijun fell when he worked on the ground.

If a young man falls a few times, it is not a big deal, and the wrestling itself is not unusual.

But knowing that Huang Yijun is 91 years old, although she is not like a 90 -year -old lady at all, she can eat and eat, and her legs and feet.

But this fall fell Huang Yijun like an 90 -year -old lady.

After falling, Huang Yijun’s ankle swelled a lot of bruises, and he couldn’t eat disgustingly for several days.

Is it possible to make the old lady unhappy throughout the day. Can’t dare to go out in the house?

Of course, this is not the case.

After the old lady fell, the son saw his mother wrestling and seeing a large piece of swelling on his feet. He felt anxious, and quickly pulled his mother to the hospital.

But Mrs. Huang was never willing to go to the hospital, but her son couldn’t hold his mother, so he did not go to the hospital on the first day.

But for a few days, the son had been seeing the old lady Huang vomiting.

So he said nothing to listen to his mother, and took his old lady to the hospital.

The doctor looked at Mrs. Huang’s feet without much problem.

Then Mrs. Huang wanted to walk out of the hospital quickly, and her son pulled her.

And said to the doctor, "Doctor, my mother can’t eat meals for a few days and a few days, and headache and disgusting."

The doctor checked the old lady of Huang, or decided to let the old Mrs. Huang go to the door to do a B -ultrasound.

So the son took Mrs. Huang to the diagnosis room to check the B -ultrasound.

This B -ultrasound is better not to do it. It has become the nightmare of old Huang Mrs. Huang, and it is why her recent distress cannot be depressed all day long.

The results of this B -ultrasound show that Mrs. Huang was pregnant.

This shocked everyone at once, as if a thunder was flat.

The hospital exploded, and the doctors said that it was impossible at all. How could it happen?

But this is like iron.

The old lady is still on the stage of B -ultrasound,

The above clearly shows a child with a 90 -year -old man’s belly.

The doctor had committed difficulties. What is going on?

Besides, how should a doctor tell the son of the patient’s family?

The hospital is a hospital in the town. It is not a large hospital. The hospitals and people in the village almost know.

Everyone knows the situation of each household.

Everyone knows the situation of Mrs. Huang, and his husband died about forty years ago.

The news of this pregnancy is not only a strange smell, it is still a bad thing in this small village.

What’s more, the person who accompanies Mrs. Huang to the hospital is her son.

However, the hospital experts thought that the old lady Huang was too old and told the accompanying son.

After listening, my son said it was impossible. His mother was 90 years old. How could he be pregnant? It was a big joke. He also said that letting the doctor check it a few more times. It must be a problem with the machine.

After listening to his son’s words, the doctor expressed his understanding, and made a B -ultrasound in front of him and changed several machines.

The son said he didn’t believe it.

But no matter whether his son believes, everyone in the village believes it.

The hospital was originally in the town. Everyone knew the roots, and the whole village knew that Zi Huang Yijun was pregnant.

If you do n’t go out, the news of the bad things must be understood by everyone.

The fact that Huang Yijun’s pregnancy is too strange. Normal people know that it is impossible to get pregnant after the amenorrhea of women, and the amenorrhea age of women is generally 50 years old.

Mrs. Huang was 90 years old, but she was pregnant with her children.

Moreover, Mrs. Huang’s husband has died for many years.

The rumors of this rumor have been passing on Mrs. Huang’s affairs, even more excessive, and even more vicious languages have been smashed to Lao Huang.

Although she is already in her 90s, I don’t care much about the rumors of others.

But these vicious rumors are as more and more like snowflakes.

I deeply hurt Mrs. Huang, and since then, Mrs. Huang couldn’t go out again.

Seeing that my mother was so sad that she couldn’t get out of the door, the son felt even more sad.

Determine to ask Mrs. Huang to justice.

He felt that the hospital in the town was not formal enough and misjudged.

So he took his mother to a regular large hospital in the city, and he hoped that the large hospital could return his mother to a innocence.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor heard a description say that the small hospital diagnosed the 90 -year -old elderly person to get pregnant, and immediately said that it was impossible. It must be a misdiagnosis.

Hearing that her son looked at her mother to reassure her, saying that she would diagnose her clearly.

The hospital began to do B -ultrasound for Mrs. Huang, but the result of the diagnosis was the same as the result of the small hospital.

The results indicated that they were really pregnant.

This son is even more dumb, and he doesn’t know what happened to this bizarre thing.

Immediately after, the hospital conducted a more comprehensive examination.

The doctor found that the child in the abdomen was a dead fetus, not only now, but for a long time.

Huang Yijun slowly remembered the secrets of 50 or 60 years ago. It turned out that after she gave birth to this son, she was pregnant again in a few years.

But when I was 9 months pregnant, I fell unfortunately, and the 9 -month -old child in the stomach did not keep it.

When I went to the hospital for examination, I found that the child had no fetal interest and died.

The doctor asked for surgery to take out the child, but the huge cost made Huang Yi discouraged.

It was tens of thousands of dollars at once, where can Huang Yijun get it.

So while the doctor and the nurse did not pay attention, he sneaked back home.

Since then, Huang Yijun has taken abortion medicine to get the child out.

But the child has been staying beside Huang Yijun, but it is not strange and uncomfortable after a long time, and she slowly forgets this matter.

I did not expect this forgotten is 40 or 50 years.

The doctor’s examination results said that this was an ectopic pregnancy. Even if there was no abortion at the time, the chance of health was not high.

Most of them will be a deformed fetus.

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Huang Yijun and his son Ru Shi were in a negative.

The doctor did not take this baby for the old lady Huang, because the old lady Huang was too old.

The dead fetus has been absorbed by the mother in the body and has been calcified, which will not affect the health of the old lady Huang.

It turns out that there is still such a secret hidden in this ninety old man

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