The abdomen pain in the same room was severely discharged!The words of a 24 -year -old woman make the doctor very speechless

Ms. Liu’s 24 -year -old ordinary clerk lives with her boyfriend and has sex.One night, she suddenly had severe abdominal pain after the same room with her boyfriend.Ms. Liu believes that this is not a symptom of pregnancy, because her menstruation is a bit irregular, but she seems to have been here last month, so she thinks she is not pregnant.

However, when she was taken to the emergency room of the hospital, the doctors quickly ruled out the problem of digestive systems, but considers the obstetrics and gynecology.Ms. Liu felt very painful, and the doctors quickly asked her medical history.Due to irregular menstruation, the doctors suspected that she might be pregnant, so she asked her to check HCG and conduct ultrasound examination.The results showed that her pregnancy had been pregnant for more than a month, but now she has no fetal heart.

Ms. Liu was surprised because she usually took contraceptive measures, but she was still pregnant.The doctor explained that it is possible to get pregnant even if there are contraceptive measures, which is the risk of contraceptive failure.

Pregnancy is a natural process of human reproduction of descendants.However, when I do n’t want children to get pregnant, it is a headache for many people.The development of contraceptive measures has given us more choices, but even if we take contraceptive measures, we are still possible to get pregnant.So why did this happen?

First, let’s take a look at the reproductive cycle of women.The female reproductive cycle is usually 28 days, but it may be longer or shorter than this cycle.On the first day of the cycle, the female body starts ovulation.This means that the ovaries are released from the ovary, entering the fallopian tube, waiting for the arrival of sperm.If the sperm is successfully combined with the egg, the fertilized eggs will be formed.This fertilized egg will pass through the fallopian tube, enter the uterus, where to bed and develop into a fetus.

Therefore, the key to pregnancy is the combination of sperm and eggs.If women perform sexual behavior during ovulation, sperm will have the opportunity to combine with eggs, causing pregnancy.But even if women are not ovulation, they may be pregnant.This is because sperm can survive for up to 5 days in women, so even if women are not ovulation, sperm still has the opportunity to combine it within a few days after the release of the eggs.

Contraceptive measures can effectively reduce the risk of pregnancy, but no contraceptive measures are completely reliable.For example, condoms can prevent sperm from entering women, but if it is improperly used or ruptured, it may cause accidental pregnancy.Contraceptives can inhibit ovulation, but if you do not take it on time, it will affect the efficacy and cause contraceptive failure.The in -palace can prevent fertilized eggs from bed, but if the location is incorrect or shifted, it will also cause contraceptive failure.

Second, the state of women’s body will also affect the effect of contraceptive measures.For example, some drugs can affect the efficacy of contraceptives, and certain diseases can also affect the use of in -palace.In addition, some gynecological diseases, such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, will also affect the normal function of the reproductive system and cause contraceptive failure.

Let us say why some women do not feel that they are pregnant.This may be because the symptoms of early pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of other diseases, such as breast pain, nausea and vomiting.In addition, some women may not be aware of signs of pregnancy because of mental stress or emotional problems.In the late pregnancy, women’s bodies will have some obvious changes, such as getting bigger and bigger, frequent fetal movements, etc. These changes are more easily detected.

Even if it takes contraceptive measures, it is still possible to get pregnant.Therefore, we need to take multiple contraceptive measures, such as the joint use of condoms and contraceptives to reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy.When using contraceptive measures, we also need to pay attention to the correct use and replacement to ensure the effect of contraceptive measures.In addition, regular gynecological examinations and medical examinations are also very important, and any health problems are found in time.If an accidental pregnancy occurs, we should also consult the doctor in time and choose the appropriate way to deal with it.

Whether you can have sex during pregnancy can always be controversial.In fact, some doctors believe that sexual life is safe during pregnancy, and it can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.However, in some cases, sexual life may cause certain risks to pregnant women and fetuses.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of sexual life during pregnancy.Some studies have shown that sexual life can promote the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Sexual life can increase the immunity of pregnant women, relieve anxiety and stress during pregnancy, and help improve the emotional state.In addition, sexual life can promote blood circulation and help the development of the fetus.

However, in some cases, sexual life may cause risks to pregnant women and fetuses.For example, in the early pregnancy, pregnant women may have early pregnancy reactions, such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue, these symptoms may affect the quality and frequency of sexual life.In addition, pregnant women may also have health problems such as anemia and hypertension, which may affect the safety and comfort of sexual life.

In the third trimester, there are many changes in the body of pregnant women, such as uterine enlargement and pelvic pressure. These changes may make sexual life difficult and uncomfortable.In addition, in the third trimester, the cervix of pregnant women will become more sensitive and susceptible to infection, which may also increase the risk of sexual life.

If pregnant women have pregnancy complications such as weak cervix, premature placenta peeling, or pregnant women have experienced premature birth and abortion, then sexual life will affect the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

For pregnant women, whether there is a sexual life, you need to decide according to personal conditions and doctors’ suggestions.If pregnant women have good physical condition and have no pregnancy complications, sexual life is safe during pregnancy.However, if pregnant women have any health problems or complications during pregnancy, they need to be handled with caution.””

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