The actor’s wife is pregnant, and the abdominal hemorrhage was hospitalized in July, why did the husband avoid seeing it?

In October, pregnant, once pregnancy, pregnancy should be particularly happy for expectant mothers.However, Zeng Mi, who was pregnant in July, was frowning. She and her husband Liu Zhiyi reached the point of divorce.What happened to this, let the newlywed couples make trouble like this?

It turned out that Zeng Mi was a young and beautiful actor and model. She and her husband Liu Zhiyi flashed a flash of marriage in less than three months, and then Zeng Mi successfully conceived the baby through the test tube.But when he was pregnant in July, Zeng Mi suddenly bleed his abdomen.

The obstetrician of the hospital told Zeng Mi that she had a sign of warning and needed to be hospitalized.And Liu Zhiyi, as a prospective father, couldn’t contact at this time.

Zeng Mi and his mother came to the mother -in -law’s house to find her husband.It turned out that the reason he avoided it was because he was shy in his pocket, and he couldn’t get the cost of hospitalization, so he could only choose to avoid Zeng Mi.

Zeng Mi also accused her husband of not going out of work and doing nothing all day. After the marriage, the expenses at home were borne.What about her husband, after going out for a week, did not get a minute of salary, but borrowed thousands of yuan of foreign debt.

Zeng Mi was hospitalized this time. He couldn’t get money himself. Her mother -in -law said that he actually came up with his mind. He bit his lips and bleeds, lied that he had to bleed, and then asked his parents for money.

Seeing that his mother and Zeng Mi revealed his old base, Liu Zhiyi suddenly became angry. He yelled loudly. Today, what I was doing with you, I made my temper up, I didn’t care, and threatened to burn the family.Seeing his mother guarding Zeng Mi, he was going to hit his mother. Fortunately, he was stopped by everyone.

In the corridor of the hospital, her mother -in -law apologized to Zeng Mi and her mother, saying that they were all their sons who did not fight, and did not fulfill their responsibilities of being a husband.

In the corner of the stairs, Liu Zhiyi also talked to the mediation staff about his distress.

In the past few months of his wife’s pregnancy, he thought he was cared for her.I did n’t know that his wife’s temper was particularly bad, very wayward, and accused him of accusations, which made him very disgusted.

Liu Zhiyi felt that his wife was not a simple good woman.She had a marriage before, and her career also made him worried.Although his wife’s surface is bright and beautiful, he always feels that the profession of actors is boring deep inside.Liu Zhiyi said that his wife was always dressed up in work for work, and social interaction was very frequent, which made him distressed.

Nowadays, for the child, he is unwilling to divorce, but he has no choice but to do nothing about his wife.

Zeng Mi’s explanation was that because the husband could not bear the responsibility of his family, the two sons often quarreled.The husband’s dislikes of her work and the distrust of her also made her feel speechless.All these thoughts of Zeng Mi had divorced.

Zeng Mi and Liu Zhiyi decided to give each other a chance for their children and for themselves for their own guidance.

In today’s society, there are more couples in flash marriage.Many people hurried into their marriage without fully understand each other, without considering clearly.When the children are all there, they are found to be inappropriate during the day and night.This is an irresponsible behavior for children and themselves, and the biggest harm is innocent children.I advise young people not to marry for marriage.Marriage is not a child’s play, life is not a child’s drama.

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