The ancients were doing intercourse, eugenics and eugenics, and they were also very particular. Do you know?

Human fertility reproduction is generated through normal sexual life.Today, the collision of foreign culture and traditional culture is fierce, sexual behavior is getting younger, and sexual behavior in her ten -year -old girl is becoming more and more common.The unnecessary rest and recuperation caused some hidden dangers, which eventually led to menstrual disorders, low menstrual flow, pelvic inflammatory disease, attachment effusion, etc., and some even infertility.

"Chu’s Lesses · Essence Blood" said: "The man is not exquisite and the royal girl is with its essence, then the five bodies have dissatisfaction, and there are difficulty diseases in the same day …", this is to warn the underage men and women.thing."Yin has been eager to think of the essence, but the essence cannot be defeated, and the urine is astringent; if the essence has been consumed and exhausted, the pain is painful, the more painful. "The old man, with too much lust, will cause the urine to endlessly, or it is difficult to urinate.This is about the prostate hyperplasia of the elderly.Long -term erection, lack of housework, repeated congestion of the prostate, and prostate hyperplasia.

He also said: "Women are not as good as men, and there are no men in more than ten years.This means that women have a sexual life for a long time, which will lead to irregular menstruation, uncomfortable desires, contemplative and sullen, heart-tempered, we often see some women who are too single for too long.In depression.

In order to eugenics and eugenics, ancient medicalists were very particular about the natural climate environment of husband and wife concerted conception.Zhang Jingyue, a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty, believes that when "the sun is sunny, the light and the moon, the time is cool and love and peace of mind," the couple meets with the rise of sexual desire.If you are conceived to become a fetus, the children will not only be "less ill, but also clever and wise", "fetal endowment, real base".

But if you do n’t know, “the obscurity of the crime (when the sky is dull and the earth is intertwined), it will be stupid and confusing;Stunning gas; if you are not yin and yang, the change of heat and cold, it is suffering from difficulty.How long is the child’s child’s life); the qi contraction is shrinking, and the criminals are more aggressive. Within the six -in -life of Gu Life (because people live in the universe), all the growing old is old, why not suffer from qi?Not Xiao, or right or wrong in the world? This sense of Zhaoyuan starts (this is the reason why the best and disadvantages affecting the quality of the son).

It means that you are fighting thunder, Japanese food, moon food, heavy wind and rain, cold and hot climate, and it is not suitable for houses. OtherwiseWhy, the ancients believed that when the above climate occurred, the qi of nature was not filled, which would affect the qi defect in the human body. At this time, intercourse was not suitable.This is the idea of the unity of heaven and man.

Some newlywed couples travel after marriage, often traveling.There is generally no regular living during travel. Diet disorders, lack of nutrition, and insufficient sleep can make the cerebral cortex often excited and not rest enough. Of course, there will be no high -quality sperm and eggs.In addition, excessive fatigue and bumps of journey will also affect the growth of the fetus or cause the concealment of the uterine, leading to abortion or threatened abortion.

Therefore, the ancients should be taboo about the climate of integrated concerted conception from the corresponding views of heaven and people. Although there are some gods, most of them have scientific basis and conform to the theory of eugenics.

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