The attacking and Baoyu many times have tried the forbidden fruit but never pregnant. Sister Lin wakes up everyone with a joke

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In "Dream of Red Mansions", when Bao Yugang was curious about men and women, he was arranged by his mother by his mother. The two had tasted more than once.

However, the attack on the children did not have any movement. When everyone was doubtful, the "Sister Lin" joke tells the truth about the matter …

So what exactly did Lin Daiyu say?

【>> Tongfang girls attacking people <◀】

He was born in a very poor family since he was a child. It is similar to many TV series. As a girl, he was sold to Jiafu as a girl.

Although she has not had to worry about food and food since then, she has been far from her relatives since then. Many film and television dramas can see that the maids of the big households are not good, but the attack is still different from them.

Because although she was a slave in Jiafu, she basically did not do much effort to work too much. Compared with others, the attack was very lucky.

The attacker who lived under the eaves of others knew that her identity was low, so after she arrived at Jiafu, she used her best to please the masters on the house.

For those servants who have the same status, she still lower her gesture, no matter who, no matter what, no matter what, the attack is cautious.

It is precisely because of her so smooth means that in Jiafu, to the master, to the slave girl, all of them praised her.

It didn’t take long to enter the house, and the attack was accused of serving the mother of Jia. As the maid of the master and mother, the status of the attack on the house was a bit higher, which made her feel very proud.

But the attack is definitely not the kind of unforgettable person. She knows the value of this status, so she also cherishes it. At the same time, she also made her determined to treat her mother with sincerity.

Of course, her sincerity is also seen by everyone. Some people even say that the loyalty to Jia mother is sometimes a little too much, and there is no idea of her own.

But Mother Jia is different. She is the master and sees that some people are so sincere in herself.

You know, Jiafu is very fond of Jia Baoyu, the young master of Jia Baoyu, a "born jade", especially his grandma, Jia Mu, who is trying to find a daughter -in -law who has a fate, and honestly and loyal.Attacking the grandson Baoyu, the attack appeared.

Mother Jia and Mrs. Wang picked it up and thought repeatedly. She finally decided to send the loyal and reliable attackers to the side of the heart and liver, and let her take good care of Baoyu.

The attacker can be said to his mother. After hearing such arrangements, he went to Baoyu to serve without saying a word, and did not disappoint Jia’s expectations. He became the most valued girl around Jia Baoyu.

The attacker who came to Baoyu would be loyal to Baoyu, but she did not fully obey Jia Baoyu. When she found that Jia Baoyu’s homework was not serious.

In this way, the sense of existence beside Baoyu is getting higher and higher. Her heartfelt and pleading have won all the trust of Jia Baoyu. Baoyu also rely more and more to her. The original surname was "flower".It was Jia Baoyu’s restarting.

Serving Baoyu is a very "glorious" errand, which has been given his own name, and the attack has become the most enviable among many slaves in Jiafu.

Slowly, the relationship between attacking and Jia Baoyu is getting closer and closer. The two slowly developed from the trivial matters in life to the intimate relationship between the inner houses …

And this kind of behavior is also acquiesced by Jia’s mother and Mrs. Wang. The two of them had to choose a reliable girl to serve Baoyu all aspects, including "men and women."

It is precisely because this maid will have an unusual relationship with Baoyu in the future, so Jia’s mother thought a lot of standards at that time.

For example, jealousy should not be too strong, and it is easy to argue; the appearance should not be too beautiful, and it is easy to make Baoyu too distracted to men and women; the temper should not be too hot, it is not easy to control the back …

Under the many conditions of Jia’s mother, it was found that the attack was the most suitable, so the raids could "serve" Baoyu in a good name, but the two had been good for many years, but they had never bred a child. What was going on?

【>> Daiyu Dao came out of the truth <◀】

To say that the intimate relationship between the attack and Baoyu was maintained for six years, and both of them were energetic young people.There should be nothing to come out.

But after the attack with Jia Baoyu for so many years, the stomach does not have a little movement. If it is not a problem with the attack, which link will there be an error?The "Sister Lin" in the house came out of the truth.

Although Lin Daiyu has always been weak, her talent is not to be underestimated. She can become the first place in the "talent list" in the fantasy realm, and IQ is absolutely online.

The talented and weak woman won Baoyu’s heart. Once, the two watched the "West Chamber" together. After reading, Dai Yu said: Baoyu is clearly a "silver -like gun head".

Someone asked, what does "silver -like gun head" mean?It is said that the appearance is shiny and flashing like silver. In fact, it is made of welds, and it is metaphorical to be used in people or things.

You know, the book "West Chamber" was a general existence of the "banned book" at that time, and many sentences in the book were full of erotic lust.

Baoyu and Daiyu’s lonely men and women read this book together, and Daiyu was still the "Bai Yueguang" in Baoyu’s heart, but Baoyu had no special response throughout the process. From this, it can be seen that Baoyu is comparable to "Liu Xiahui".

The words of Daiyu’s evaluation of Baoyu also show that she thinks that Baoyu is "no". Some people have questioned. Maybe it is because Baoyu is upright and thinks about it?

Of course, this possibility is not ruled out, but everyone who has read "Dream of Red Mansions" knows that there are more than one woman around Baoyu. He and many women in the Grand View Garden have more or less implicated, such as his other close personalityMadam -Muyue.

Baoyu is a hero who combed her girl, Muyue, which is inappropriate, but the two are not suitable, but the two have said and laughed.Chu, unknown.

However, Muyue’s stomach did not respond at all. Even before Baoyu and "Desire Girl" Qin Keqing had a romantic affairs, and later he was also promoted by many girls.It showed the reaction that a normal man should have, and was scared to retreat.

This also led Baoyu to be ridiculed by many girls, saying that he was a gun with no medication. Isn’t this exactly the same as Dai Yu’s words?

It can be seen that the reason why people have followed Baoyu have not had a child for so many years, not her own problem, but also have nothing to do with Jia’s mother. It is because Baoyu is not strong.

However, the attack was not very anxious about her children. She was almost on Baoyu’s body, so when the family members who attacked people later wanted to redeem themselves, she did not feel happy, but rejected her family.

But the status of attacking people today is not a fool. Although she is full of blood for Baoyu, she knows what Baoyu is thinking about her, so she intends to use the "redemption" to test Baoyu.See what he thinks of himself.

When Baoyu heard that the attack was redeemed by his family, he was very sad. He began to cry in front of the attack. I saw the response of Baoyu.The mind.

So the attacker took advantage of this opportunity to "three chapters of the law" with Baoyu, and told Baoyu that as long as he promised his three conditions, he would never leave him.

These three conditions are: Do not let Baoyu always talk nonsense; do not let Baoyu make fun of other women at will; you have to make a favorite look in front of the elders.

These three conditions are for Baoyu, and some of them think about herself. She knows that her identity is low, and her appearance is not outstanding. It is also difficult to keep Baoyu’s heart forever.conditions of.

The most important thing is that in the heart, she wants to enjoy the preciousness with Baoyu. She is dismissive of those "mother -in -law" behaviors. She wants to use Baoyu’s excellence.: Herself is the most suitable woman for Baoyu.

Because the attachment was too prosperous, there were many rare things in the back. Even "Qingwen" who got along with each other used the plan to drive it away, but what she never expected was that her opponent was her opponent.Facitive, these girls around me …

【>> Class gap that cannot be leaned <◀】

In the hearts of people, I always feel that as long as these girls who admire Baoyu are gone, they can be the aunt who became the local Baoyu, even higher, but in the background of the age, not everyone can be their own marriage, evenBaoyu is no exception.

The attack on people wanted to climb the "high branch" of Baoyu. Although she followed Jia Baoyu, the two got along and gathered, but she forgot that her origin was just a slave, and after all, she could not "be right" with Jia Baoyu.

Just when she thought that her marriage with Baoyu was about to go on track, Jia’s mother stopped mentioning the relationship between the two. It coincided with the defeat of Jia Fu at the time.Everyone followed.

Mother Jia looked in her eyes in her heart. She thought of Baodi, just like Baoyu. She had a golden lock, thinking that they were a pair of heavenly land.Baodi’s marriage came to be happy.

Speaking of this Xue Baozhen, she has not come to the Grand View Garden before, and she often sees her. Xue Baodi is the descendants of the four families.Essence

Moreover, Xue Baodi is different from other women in Jiafu. She is noble from a young age that she has known the humanity in the mansion of the giants since she was a child. Therefore, she was very smooth after the Jiafu.It’s better.

Although the attack is also loved by Jia’s mother, the identity of the attack is separated from the 10,000 miles of Xue Baodi’s identity, and although Mother Jia attaches importance to the attack, she is always guarding the attack.How can it be in line with the rules and damage the decent things.

After all, Xue Baozhen’s identity is very noble. She and her family can never tolerate that she has a child before entering the door. How can this become the master and mother?

Seeing Xue Baozheng, who was deeply loved by Jia’s mother, looking at himself, he could get everything in the sky and underground.

However, all the minds are still in the water basket. Except for the relationship with Jia Baoyu’s layer of skin, he has no advantage.

In this way, the relationship between the attack and Baoyu can only stop at the master and servant. Although the two people have many years of skin relatives, the identity is the biggest gap.

Born, even if she is close to Baoyu, she is neither Bao Yu’s wife and concubine, nor can she have a man and a half woman for Jiafu. From beginning to end, she only appears as a close -fitting girl, so she is destined to have no results.

To put it bluntly, Baoyu is not really loved by her. Although Baoyu’s first attempt to "ban fruit" is the attack on people, but the only thing in his heart must spend a lifetime of Lin Daiyu "Sister Lin".

Although Baoyu and Xue Baozhen later married, it was also because of Jia’s mother’s "mindfulness". Otherwise, when he learned that the bride was not Daiyu, Baoyu would not be ashamed.

However, in terms of children, Baoyu is indeed consistent with Daiyu’s mouth. It is a real embroidered pillow.

Not only did he have an indescribable relationship with many women, but he never had a child, and he did not even have a child with his wife Xue Baodi.

It can be seen that the attack on Baoyu’s failed to "mother is expensive" is also the problem of Baoyu. The attack can only be regarded as "not luck".

Although there is no real name in Jia Baoyu’s life, it is definitely an indispensable existence in Baoyu’s life. He is good at it during the period of Baoyu’s ignorance and take care of his clothing, food, and traveling.

But in the end, after Jia Baoyu became a monk, he still chose to dismiss all the slaves around him, including the attack. Seeing that the two no longer had any intersection from now on, the attack finally chose another relationship and married a drama.

Despite love, this ending is undoubtedly lucky compared to other women in Jiafu. After all, the two really loved it, but the result that the two were "destined" …Mowing

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