The aunt is not late, and the "two bars" of the pregnancy test stick really get pregnant?not necessarily!

Yali has been married for more than a year and has always wanted to have a baby with his husband.

This month, Yali’s "aunt" has not come for more than ten days, and she is secretly happy: Is it pregnant?

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Yali went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick, and carefully left the morning urine inspection according to the instructions on the packaging.

A deep, shallow "two bars" appeared on the pregnancy test stick.

"Begging", she quickly went to the hospital for a review, but after the blood testing, I was determined that Yali was not pregnant.

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The pregnancy test also is also called early pregnancy test strips, which are sold in all hospitals and pharmacies.

Poster the pregnant woman in the plastic cup during the test, half a cup, and then immerse the test strip in the urine for 5 seconds, and then let it stand for 1-3 minutes.

Under normal circumstances, if the ribbons appear in the test strip control area, different manufacturers are designed with different design, some ribbons are red, some ribbons are blue, and a ribbon indicates that it is not conceived.

Conversely, if another obvious strap appears outside the detection area or standard line, a total of "two bars" indicate that they are positive and indicate that they are pregnant.

Early pregnancy test strip is to determine whether to be pregnant by testing the choricular gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine of pregnant women.

HCG is a hormone secreted by fluff and placenta after women’s pregnancy. Generally, it will appear in the urine after a few days of pregnancy, but the content is small and the concentration is low. Only 10-14 days after pregnancy will increase significantly.

Therefore, you can determine whether you are pregnant by detecting HCG in pregnant women’s urine for 10-14 days.

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Early pregnancy test strips can only be used as a initial screening, which is likely to have false positive or false negatives.

For example, when suffering from some diseases with blood, or blood in the history of pregnancy, women who have had a history of pregnancy have terminated pregnancy, or women who have taken some hormone drugs, as well as patients with endometrial hyperplasia and abnormal hormone levels in the body.

It is possible to increase or decrease the level of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels.

Therefore, it is prone to false positive or false negatives during early pregnancy test strips.

And Yali is precisely because she is anxious and begging for her childhood. She has taken nourishing drugs before, leading to irregular menstruation and early pregnancy testing.

Therefore, female friends should be alert to false positive or false negatives when using early pregnancy test strips.

When discovering the delay of menstruation, go to the hospital for a diagnosis.

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