The baby is crying at night?It is not related to these 4 bad habits during pregnancy, it is time to say that we have worshiped

Many people know that autumn is the most suitable season for pregnancy. Now many couples are busy starting to prepare for pregnancy.Before preparing for pregnancy, both husband and wife will go to the hospital for physical examination, supplement the nutrition, strengthen physical exercise, and strive for a healthy and cute baby.In fact, in addition to these, we must say goodbye to bad living habits during pregnancy, especially the following:

1. Smoking

Although there are several clear characters printed on the cigarette case, "smoking is harmful to health", many people often lose their senses in the face of cigarettes.In fact, in addition to many men smoking, many women usually like to smoke, but if you prepare for pregnancy, it is best to quit smoking in time.Because the harmful substance content of nicotine in cigarettes is very high, once they often smoke and enter the fetus, they often cause dysplasia or even deformities, seriously leading to abortion of pregnant women, threatening pregnant women’s life and health.

2. Drink

If the content of wine in the body is relatively large, it will not only affect the quality of male sperm, but also bring great adverseness to the quality of female eggs.If alcoholism occurs during pregnancy, it may cause fetal malformation after the binding of egg cells and sperm.Therefore, timely quit drinking during pregnancy, both husband and wife must quit alcohol in time, so as to maximize the healthy development of the fetus.

3. Stay up late

Some pregnant women found that the baby always sleeps dark during the day, but kept crying at night and was full of energy.A large number of studies have found that this cause is closely related to life habits during pregnancy.If the pregnant woman sleeps early and gets up early, the baby usually has such a good habit; but if she often stays up late during pregnancy, she often does not sleep at night after birth.So try not to stay up late during pregnancy, so as to help the fetus’s normal development.

4. Pets

Many people now like to raise some pets, such as pet cats or pet dogs, and even treat pets as their children.In fact, these are personal preferences, and there is nothing right or wrong, but if you are in time to get input during pregnancy.Because even if you often take a bath, there are still many bacteria and parasites on pets, and it cannot be seen by the naked eye. This may cause the fetus to be infected in the long run, which pose a great threat to the mother and child’s health.

Summary: There are many matters that you need to pay attention to during pregnancy, especially the above points must be attracted enough attention. For the sake of the fetus, you can develop normally and be born smoothly. I hope that all parents will quit these bad habits, so have you done it?

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