The baby survived for more than 5 months by accident. After the child was born, the nurse was scared to be soft and dare not touch.

Lili is 38 years old. She has not been pregnant for 8 years and her husband for 8 years. Last month, Lili took medicine for half a month because of a cold. I did not expect that she was pregnant at the end of the month.Lili was worried that the cold medicine that had been taken for so long will cause the fetus to cause deformity, so she discussed with her husband to kill the child.One night after the abortion, Lili suddenly had a stomachache, like a knife colic, and couldn’t even get off the bed.Thinking back that she has not had menstruation for more than 4 months, Lili husband sent Lili to the hospital overnight.

The doctor told Lili that the fetus in her abdomen has 5 months of fetal age, and now the fetus is very dangerous in the stomach and must perform surgery immediately.At that time, the doctor called Lili’s husband over and asked the family to sign it. After the signature, the nurse immediately promoted Lili for production.After 3 hours of surgery, the baby came out.

The baby girl’s small hand is only a joint size of a normal person’s finger. At birth, 660 grams, 28 cm long, such a small child scared the nurse’s legs and dare not touch this female baby, and all the gynecologists and gynecologists in the hospital thinkThis baby girl can’t live.

Lili said that according to regulations, the fetus was less than 28 weeks when she was born, and she could basically abandon the rescue.Based on the principle of respect for life, the doctor asked Li Li’s husband to come to the child, explaining the situation and let him decide whether to continue to rescue.

Lili’s husband was blank at the time and struggled in her heart: Save?Still don’t save it?Save does not seem to see hope, don’t save it?This is his own child!

Just when he was hesitant, he suddenly saw that the child’s belly was beating slightly, which surprised Lili’s husband and decided in his heart: This is my flesh, she shouldn’t have, I must save her.

He firmly asked for rescue, and the doctor immediately transferred the fetus to the heating box and settled on the ventilator.

"When I decided to save her, I was prepared to face any difficulties." Lili husband said that his wife was not a big deal because her body was too weak and had been sent home to recuperate.Lili will call him several calls every day to ask the child’s situation.

Lili said that the child has become the concern of all doctors of the hospital in the hospital. Everyone calls her chopstick dolls who are looking forward to the miracle of life.

On the day of the child’s birth, Lili’s husband was named Siyuan, "I hope her life is as continuous as spring water and can survive bravely."

Fortunately, Li Li’s husband decided to leave the child at the time, let us bless the family together, and hope that the chopstick doll can thrive.

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