The baby told my mother: During pregnancy, eating these 14 kinds of food is good for mom and me

As we all know, there are some choices for expectant mothers to eat, eat healthy, and eat slowly.It is good for the right mother and the baby in the belly. The mother can also be easier during pregnancy, and it can also make the baby who is about to be born healthier and smarter.

1. Honey -promote sleep and prevent constipation

In natural food, the energy required by the brain neurons is the highest in honey.If pregnant women drink a cup of honey water before going to bed, the effect of soothe the soothing effect can alleviate the discomfort of the dreams and wake up, the sleep is not fragrant, and improve the quality of sleep.In addition, when pregnant women drink water every day in the afternoon, if a few drops of honey are placed in the water, they can slow down to effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.

2, fish -avoid fetal brain dysplasia

Nutritionists point out that the DHA contained in the fish is an essential fatty acid, which plays an important role in the formation of the fetal membrane of the fetus.Some research experts investigated tens of thousands of pregnant women and found that eating fish often helps to grow and develop the brain cells of the fetus after pregnancy. The more the possibility of eating more fetal brain development, the less.If pregnant women do not eat fish throughout pregnancy, the possibility of dysplasia of fetal brain will increase by 1/8.Experts suggest that pregnant women eat at least 1-2 fish within a week to absorb enough DHA and meet the fetal needs of the fetus.In addition, eating fish once a week during pregnancy can help reduce the possibility of premature birth.

3. Soybean sprouts -promote the construction of fetal tissue organs

The growth and development of the fetus requires protein. It is the most basic substance of fetal cell differentiation and organ formation. The growth of the fetus is like building a solid building foundation.Soybean sprouts are rich in protein necessary for fetuses, and can also be reserved in pregnant women to supply consumption and postpartum lactation during childbirth. At the same time, it can prevent postpartum hemorrhage, constipation, and improve breast milk quality. Therefore, soybean sprouts are ideal vegetables for pregnant women.

4. Egg -Promote the development of the fetus

The nutrients contained in eggs are comprehensive and balanced, and the seven major nutrients can almost be used by the body.Especially the choline in egg yolk is called "memory", which is very beneficial to the brain development of the baby’s baby, and can also maintain good memory of pregnant women.Therefore, eggs are also ideal food for pregnant women.In addition, high -quality proteins in eggs can be stored in pregnant women, which helps improve the quality of breast milk after delivery.Reminder that eating more eggs is beneficial to the health of pregnant women and fetuses, but it is not a lot of goodness. It is advisable to eat 3-4 daily to avoid increasing the burden on liver and kidney.

5. Winter melon and watermelon -help eliminate lower limb edema

Pregnant women in the late pregnancy are stressed by the lower cavity vein, the blood flow is blocked, and the ankle often appears in position edema, but generally disappears after rest.When the edema is still not disappeared or the edema is heavier and there is no other abnormalities, it is called pregnancy edema.Winter melon is cold and sweet, rich in moisture, which can relieve thirst and diuretic.If you boil soup with carp, you can reduce the edema of the pregnant woman’s lower limbs.Watermelon has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and swelling. Frequent consumption can increase the urine output of pregnant women, thereby excretion of excess water in the body and helping eliminate lower limb edema.

6. Apple -Promote brain development and prevent fetal malformations

Apple is rich in zinc, and zinc is closely related to human memory.Zinc is conducive to the development of the sea -horse area of the fetal cortex edge of the fetal cerebral cortex, and helps the fetal memory of the day after tomorrow. Therefore, the apple is known as the beauty of "puzzle fruit".Zinc deficiency of pregnant women will show a variety of abnormalities related to zinc, such as low weight of the fetus, stagnation of development, congenital heart disease, multiple bone malformations, and urinary tract cracks when the central nervous system is damaged.Especially if the blood zinc level of pregnant women is very low, serious consequences such as miscarriage or death will also occur.Pregnant women eat L-2 apples every day, that is, they can meet the fetal demand for zinc.

7, kelp and iodized salt -to avoid low intelligence of the fetus

At 3-5 months of pregnancy, the brain development of the fetus needs to rely on the mother to provide sufficient thyroxine.If pregnant women deficiency, the synthesis of thyroxine in the body will be affected, so that the fetus cannot obtain the necessary thyroxine, leading to brain dysplasia and low IQ.Even after birth, even if it is supplemented with sufficient iodine, it is difficult to correct the low intelligence caused by congenital.Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to iodine during pregnancy.In addition to intake of iodized salt, it is best to supplement iodine -rich foods from food, especially iodine -deficient areas.Common foods are the most iodine content in the kelp, which is the most ideal iodine supplement food for pregnant women.As long as you ensure that you eat 1-2 times a week, you can meet the needs of fetal development.

8. Pumpkin -Prevention and treatment of pregnancy edema and hypertension

The nutrition of pumpkin flowers is extremely rich.Pregnant women’s consumption of pumpkin flowers can not only promote the development of the fetal brain cells and enhance their vitality, but also prevent complications during pregnancy and hypertension, and promote blood condensation and prevent postpartum hemorrhage.Take 500 grams of pumpkin and 60 grams of japonica rice and cook it into pumpkin porridge, which can promote liver and kidney cell regeneration. At the same time, it can promote appetite and physical strength to restore appetite and physical strength after early pregnancy reactions.

9. Sunflower -reduce the risk of miscarriage

Sunflower seeds are rich in VE, and VE can promote the function of hydrating glandular secretion cells in the pituitary gland, increase ovarian function, increase the number of follicles, increase the effect of luteal cells, enhance the effect of progesterone, promote the production of sperm and enhance its vitality.Medicine often uses VE treatment infertility and threatened abortion, so narcinol is named.If pregnant women lack VE, it is easy to cause fetal movement uneasiness or no more easily after abortion.Eat more foods rich in VE during pregnancy. If you eat 2 spoons of sunflower oil every day, you can meet the needs, help the fetus, and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

10. Fresh and sour fruits -prevent fetal nerve tube deformity

Bayberry, strawberries, cherries, kiwi, pomegranate, grapes, etc. are all sour fruits.These fruits are rich in folic acid, and folic acid is a very important substance for the development of embryonic nervous tube.If folic acid is lacking during pregnancy, it will affect the development and formation of embryonic nervous tube, leading to spine bales or brainlessness.Therefore, pay attention to eating more fresh sour fruits in the early pregnancy to reduce the risk deformity of the fetal tube deformity.

11. Celery -Prevention and treatment of hypertension

Celery is rich in nutrients such as glycoside, carotene, VC, niacin, and mannitol, especially some nutrients in the leaves are richer than celery stems, which have the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, waking brain and diuretic, sedative and lowering pressure.EssenceFrequent consumption in the third trimester can help pregnant women reduce blood pressure, which can also prevent complications such as iron deficiency anemia and complications such as premature eclacies and other complications caused by pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

12. Pottes -reducing pregnancy vomiting reactions

Potato is rich in vitamin B6, which has an antivirus effect, and the most prominent manifestation of pregnant women in the early pregnancy is nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite, and very little eating.If you eat more potatoes, you can help pregnant women alleviate the symptoms of greasy and vomiting. Potato is also a health food for preventing and treating pregnancy hypertension.

13. Animal liver -avoid iron deficiency anemia

Blood capacity during pregnancy increases before pregnancy, blood is diluted, and pregnant women have physiological anemia. Iron deficiency anemia that occurs with insufficient iron replenishment is the most common.But pregnant women and fetuses need iron. Once they lack anemia during pregnancy or cause premature birth.Therefore, you must pay attention to ingesting foods rich in iron during pregnancy.Various animals have high liver iron content, but you can eat it once a week. While eating these foods, it is best to eat foods rich in VC or fruit acid, such as lemon and orange.Essence

14, walnuts, sesame -tires and promote fetal brain development

Walnuts and sesame have the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and nourishing blood, and have the effect of tires.Pregnant women in early pregnancy responded nausea, hate lipid food, and even didn’t want to smell it.If pregnant women eat some walnuts and sesame seeds, they are rich in cerebral phospholipids, lecithin, and DHA, which will make up for fat.Liposuction is the main raw material of fetal brain cell development, and once lacks, it will affect the development of the nervous system.However, excessive consumption of walnuts and sesame can easily cause weight gain. Eat 2-3 walnuts or drink 1-2 cups of sesame paste every day.


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