The backache of 5 months of pregnancy was severe, but later I learned that it was my own problem

In a blink of an eye, I have been pregnant for 5 months, my baby is healthy, and my pregnancy response is not great.When I was glad that I was not pregnant, I was so painful recently.Especially at night, how do I really sleep?At first I was worried that there was something wrong with my baby. Later, I went to the birth check -in. It turned out that it was my own problem.

After the conventional check -up, I left the doctor deliberately, saying why my waist hurts so much recently.The doctor glanced at me and asked me, "How do you usually sleep?" I was unknown: "Sleeping like that." "No, I mean the posture of sleeping." I thought about it and told the doctor to tell the doctor that: "I’m lying flat." The doctor shook his head and said, "It’s all in person, why can’t you sleep? In fact, pregnant women should lie on the side, which can reduce the burden on the lumbar spine.You can put a cushion between your legs to relieve the pressure on the waist. "Oh, I had to sleep like this, I really didn’t understand before.

Then the doctor looked at my checkout report again, saying that my weight was a bit high.I don’t know why, the appetite in the early stages of pregnancy is particularly good, and it is not very pregnant.So eat it, I am like this.The doctor looked at me, and said with a high voice, "You, you must not only learn to sleep, but also learn to control your weight. Otherwise, your waist will continue to hurt, and there is the risk of gestational diabetes. This will affect your baby’s health."I don’t care about other, but if it will affect the health of the baby, it will definitely not work.Then I really can’t eat it anymore.I control my weight and let my old waist hurt by the way.

After that, I also talked to the doctor for a while. It turned out to be calcium deficiency. The walking posture was incorrect (the correct walking posture was that the back was straight; the head was raised, and the heels should be on the ground first) will cause back pain in pregnant women.After hearing it, I understood it.As I thanked, I was secretly grateful: Fortunately, we are a small county hospital. There are not many people who look at the obstetrics. Otherwise, I kept asking here. Other mothers do n’t split me alive.

Now that I follow the doctor’s method, it seems that back pain has been reduced a lot.If there are sisters with similar situations, you can learn more about the above aspects, and then deal with it.

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