The bad thing made me collapse and got along with my boyfriend for two years, but now I am pregnant but I don’t know who it is.

First of all, I promise that I am not a good girl, or even a little scum, but please do not make a joke. Now I am facing the most painful moment and the most difficult choice since I am in my life.Let me leave a message, thank you all!(bow)

There is a boyfriend, but I met another boy outside a year ago, and the boy was more than ten years older than me.We have been traveling for more than this year, and I suddenly discovered that I was pregnant two days ago.What I am particularly troubled now is that I do n’t know who the child is. Do you say I am stupid?I am 28 years old this year, and my parents have divorced since I was a child. My impression of my dad is particularly bad. My dad has not taken care of me much. This boyfriend I am now in my family met.A young man is also very good for me, but the economic conditions are really average. We have been together for two years.But I later met this man who was more than ten years older than me. It was also very good to me and was particularly attractive. I also knew that it was not good to do this.The reason why I spend money is that Huli Hu Tu was good at him.

As I am at the same time, I am good at this teenage man. Today, I find that I am pregnant, but I really don’t know who this child is.I now live with my mother and dependence on each other. I have to tell my mother that she has to get angry and die, so I can’t tell her.I know I am very scum, but I am very intoxicated with this life. This may have something to do with my parents divorced. After their divorce, there is almost no attention to my education or me.Dress with some men and women.But now it’s too late to say anything, and I don’t know what to do.Some friends told me that the child had to do it and could not stay, because I didn’t know who the child was. If it was born, the future problem would not be even greater, and the child would be more guilty.

There are also friends who let me break up with my boyfriend, take the child in my belly to threaten the old man, tell the old man to have his child, let the old man handle, let her give me a lot of money, orMarry me.Others asked my boyfriend to get married quickly and give birth to the child, which is said to be a boyfriend, but I am afraid that in the future, the children and my boyfriend will not look like. What should I do if the parent -child identification is revealed?This will hurt the child for a lifetime, and it will be even more painful.I particularly hate myself now, but what can I regret?Sometimes I think that it is better to end my life and nothing.I am preferred to show up with the old man myself, and I am afraid that he will not recognize the account. If you make trouble, I am afraid I really ca n’t live. What do you think of what should I do? I am really contradictory, please!

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