The belly is long after pregnancy!Take a look at the strange performance during pregnancy, see how many you take up

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In October, the pregnant mother is a very long process for pregnant mothers. In addition to time factors, the most important thing is that there are symptoms that make pregnant mothers uncomfortable at each stage during pregnancy, such as pregnancy in the early pregnancy and second trimester of pregnancy.The constipation of calcium deficiency and cramps and the third trimester of pregnancy allows pregnant mothers to spend time.

Even if the above phenomena are not pregnant, they probably know, but the strange symptoms of these pregnancy are not everyone knows. Let’s listen to the experience of the pregnant mother’s summary together.

1. The belly has long hair after pregnancy!Pregnant mother Xiaoli was curious about this matter. Once she secretly asked friends who were pregnant, had she had long hairs, but the friend said no.This made Xiaoli very nervous, because she thought that every pregnant mother would be like this before.In fact, many pregnant mothers in life are worried about Xiaoli, but in fact, the long hairs of the belly after pregnancy are normal.

This is because after pregnancy, the hormone of the pregnant mother’s body will change, and these hormones will make the hair in some places in the pregnant mother more vigorous, and even some pregnant mothers will have a long hairs on the belly. This is actually very normal.Phenomenon.In addition, many elderly people say that long hairs on their stomachs may be pregnant, but research found that this statement is not established. Pregnant mothers should not believe this statement.

2. Nose bleeding after pregnancy.After many pregnant mothers are pregnant, they will have nose bleeding, which makes the pregnant mother nervous.In fact, this is also the role of estrogen, because it can cause the nasal mucosa, local congestion, and the nose more likely to damage and bleed.However, nosebleeds during pregnancy are not every pregnant woman. It has something to do with personal constitution. As long as the amount of bleeding is not high, pregnant mothers need not worry too much.

3. Turn to teeth and toothache after pregnancy.After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have toothache and loose teeth.Toothache is caused by increased pressure in the pulp cavity after women’s pregnancy, and it will improve after 5 months of pregnancy.The loose teeth are caused by the relaxation of the ligament during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

4. Varic veins after pregnancy.After women are pregnant, the ovaries will secrete progesterone, which will inhibit the contraction of smooth muscles and inhibit the contraction of the flat muscle with vein.Coupled with the larger stomach during pregnancy and the weight gain, it will compress the lower cavity veins and hinder the flow back of the lower limbs. Therefore, the pregnant mother is a high -risk group of veins.However, varicose veins are sick. No matter which stage of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should treat them.

5. There is no pregnancy after pregnancy.We all know that women will have pregnancy after pregnancy.But many people don’t know that some pregnant mothers have no pregnancy after pregnancy.Generally, due to the changes in hormones after pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have the manifestation of pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers have no pregnancy vomiting due to the low level of progesterone.Of course, no pregnancy does not mean that the pregnant mother is pregnant with unhealthy babies. This pregnant mother does not have to worry.

It’s just that those pregnant mothers who are tortured by pregnancy may be a bit unbalanced. Why is it also pregnant? Some people can suffer less!So what are the strange symptoms do you have during pregnancy?Welcome to share in the comment area.

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