The belly itching during pregnancy is incredible, and I want to scratch and cannot scratch. Who can hold this kind of torment?

That’s right, this is the pain that I am experiencing at 33 weeks of pregnancy -belly itching

I really do n’t know if I have never been pregnant. There is still such suffering in pregnancy. I always think that the suffering during pregnancy is: pregnancy spitting in the early stages of pregnancy, the separation of pubic bone separation in the middle of pregnancy, and the back pain and edema in the late pregnancy.Guy.

Itching belly is really uncomfortable. Don’t think that only "pain" is pain, "itch" is actually another cruel "punishment".

It is said that the belly can not be scratched, and the stretch marks are president when scratching, so … sisters must hold back!(Although I didn’t hold back, scratched a few times, and then regret it)

Itching of the belly during pregnancy is not the torment of a few pregnant mothers. Let’s feel the complaints of these pregnant mothers.

Thank you for telling me that I am not fighting alone with the "itchy belly"!Intersection

Most pregnant mothers have began to itch from the middle and late pregnancy. The main reason is that as the baby continues to grow, the pregnant mother’s belly is getting drums and bigger.The thinner coming, the elasticity gradually decreases, so the belly is itchy.

1. Dry belly skin

Some pregnant mothers are itchy, dry and itching caused by the dry skin, and some will become reddish, and the more itchy.This situation is to wash the belly frequently, and keep the belly clean and humid.

The belly itching caused by this reason is that most of them are because of the belly.

2. Skin disease

Some pregnant mothers will get some skin diseases such as eczema, folliculitis, and urticaria. This requires medical treatment to relieve it.

3. Bile stasis

If gall acid increases during pregnancy, itching will occur, but it will itch more serious. In addition to itching, it will itch the heart, itchy feet, and even spread to the whole body.It is not harmful to pregnant mothers, but it has a great impact on the baby, which may cause premature birth, intrauterine distress, dysplasia, hypoxia in the palace …

Therefore, if the pregnant mother itching is too powerful, pay attention to the birth check, check whether the bile acid index is high, whether the liver function is normal, strengthen the fetal heart monitoring, and avoid adverse consequences.

When I was itchy for the first time, I really didn’t really itch. After checking the information, I found that the bile stasis was really terrible. I always worried about the health of the baby. I went to the hospital to check the bile acid. As a result, the doctor said that I said meThe situation is normal, so I don’t need to check it. I can rest assured.(Well … pregnant mothers have a glass heart)

1. olive oil (pro-test-invalid)

Many pregnant mothers say that rubbing olive oil during pregnancy can prevent stretch marks. I have been rubbing olive oil from 3 months of pregnancy. At present, the effect of preventing stretch marks is still okay. I do n’t have long lines now.

but!The belly is itchy and wipe olive oil. It really does not only itch at all …

Even after I feel that the belly is itchy and wipes olive oil, it is very greasy, and the oil is even more itchy.So when I was itchy, I broke the olive oil first, and I wo n’t wipe it first.

2. Moisturizing milk (pro-test-some effect)

Compared with olive oil, the moisturizing milk is better to rub the belly, wet and moist, clear and cool. After using the moisturizing milk, I use a fan to fan a belly to volatilize the moisturizing feeling of the moisturizing milk, but it does not fan.It will continue to itch, a little bit of relief.

The moisturizing milk I wiped is a dedicated skin care product for pregnant women. I still pay attention to rubbing my stomach.At first, it was rubbed white milk. Later, the hydrating gel was rubbed, and the feeling of semi -liquid was much more comfortable after the fan.

Therefore, when choosing moisturizing milk, the less greasy, the worse, the more moisturizing the better.

3. Clothing the belly (pro-test-the effect is ok)

When the belly is itchy, the hand scratching is a downward policy, so take another means to fold it. It is to use clothes to slowly and gently rub the belly, and use the friction of clothes to relieve the itching of the belly, but you must master it.A little pain.

4. Rubbing a bath towel and rubbing the belly (pro-testing —- relieve itching for a while, regret it longer, don’t learn me)

As a Northeast with a bath culture, when I was itchy, I rubbed my belly with a bath towel.EssenceEssenceEssence

At that moment seemed to get the medicine, it was too itchy, and it was very comfortable.

However, after rubbing, there will be a lot of small granular scabs on the belly. It is very small and small.It seems that the skin of the belly is broken, and it still hurts.It was raised for a while, and the sketch was dropped, otherwise the belly was touched.

Don’t learn me, I haven’t rubbed my belly again.

5. Wear silk materials (pro-test-easy to use)

Because of the itchy belly, I have been thinking about itching because of the itchy belly. The material I wore on that day was a little fluffy, and my belly was always itchy. I thought of changing a piece of clothes.I took out the silk -made pajamas. I didn’t expect this material to be skin -friendly, and it was not so itchy to stick it on the belly.

Later, my belly itching, I took three steps:

Clean belly -rubbing milk -pajamas changed from silk

Although the belly is itchy, but in order not to have long stretch marks, I still have to hold back "don’t scratch"!Control the weight, don’t let your belly grow too fast, otherwise you can’t save the flower belly.

Pregnant mothers, let us "endure" together, do not scratch, refuse the belly!

Countdown: 50 days, persistence is victory.

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