The bigger the breast, the more milk?Reveal the relationship between the size of the breast and the amount of milk

Many families know the importance of breast milk to babies. Without special circumstances, breastfeeding is basically selected.Breast milk is very important, but many expectant mothers have such trouble: "My breasts are not big, will the milk be not enough after the baby is born?"

Most people think that the amount of milk is more or less connected with the size of the breast, and the larger the breasts, the more milk is.In fact, this is just an imagination. The amount of milk has nothing to do with the size of the breast.Next I will explain the specific reasons and how to ensure the sufficient supply of milk.

The size of the breast has nothing to do with the amount of milk

In simple terms, breasts are mainly because the breasts are more fat, as if any other part (similar to the waist and hip) fat, there is no difference.However, the actual decision of milk is mainly the tissue of breast lobular tissue, glands and baby sucking stimuli. These are not inevitable to have the size of female breasts.

After pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones in the body, the breast gland gland and blisters will proliferate, making the breasts bigger, like a dough, and it is also for the baby to build the granary in advance. At the same timeThis is why many people say that pregnancy will make their breasts larger.Of course, this is not necessarily inevitable. If the fat deposits are relatively large, the breasts will become larger. If the breast deposits are small, the breasts may not change significantly, and there are individual differences.

After giving birth to a baby, the prolactin in your body will rise sharply, stimulating the breast blocked milk of the breast, and stored in the mammary gland tissue.Medical research shows that each woman’s breasts have dozens of breast lobular tissue and millions of breast glands.

Want to have more milk, do these two things well

1. Do good care during pregnancy to ensure breast health

Everyone should do breast care during pregnancy, because only healthy breasts can secrete enough milk. Specifically, pay attention to the following two aspects:

1. Wear the right bras: In addition to the larger breasts during pregnancy, there may be nipple erection, pain, or painful phenomenon. The bras must be appropriate.Pay attention to the loose model, the material should be cotton, and it should be soft to the touch.You can consider choosing a breastfeeding chest, which is not only suitable for postpartum, but also very comfortable to wear during pregnancy.

2. Keep your breast clean every day: Use warm water to clean your breasts and nipples with warm water every day. Be careful not to wash it with soapy water or alcohol -containing substances to prevent the nipple damage from affecting breastfeeding.

Second, the postpartum breastfeeding correctly, stimulating milk secretion

If you want enough milk, we have to learn to use the correct breastfeeding method to stimulate milk secretion. At this time, we can use the power of the baby.Babies’ sucking is the key to breastfeeding smoothly. Generally, it must be feed once every 2 to 3 hours. It is best to ensure that there are breastfeeding 8-12 times a day.The higher the frequency of the baby’s sucking, the earlier the mothers will secrete the milk.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure balanced nutrition, sufficient sleep time and pleasant mood, which are conducive to increasing the amount of milk.

In short, as long as the correct breast care and breastfeeding methods are taken, there are no other diseases such as breasts, regardless of the size of the chest, each mothers can provide enough milk to "feed" their babies.


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