The bleeding after the same room that cannot be ignored

The bleeding after the same room that cannot be ignored

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do you know?The reproductive system is the source of women’s health and beauty.Why is the incidence of gynecological diseases in Chinese women ranked first in the world?Why do more than 100,000 people die in cervical cancer each year?This is because we do n’t know about the reproductive system lesions and early symptoms, and we are not vigilant!

How to detect the tendency of cervical lesions early to prevent advanced cervical cancer?Come and listen to the little story that Director Yang Weimin, the reproductive expert, brings you today ~

On this day, Director Yang of the Department of Reproductive encountered a "strange" patient in the clinic. The lady was wearing a trendy suit and had a good face. Director Yang was impressed by it.

A patient: "Doctor, my lower body is always bleeding"

Director Yang: "Is bleeding related to menstruation?"

A patient: "Not necessarily"

Director Yang: "Do you usually have menstruation? What time is all bleeding?"

A patient: "That’s … …, it’s not good …"

Director Yang asked when asked about the medical history, the lady always spit, and she wanted to speak, so the two sides fell into an awkward atmosphere. Director Yang seemed to realize Samma ~

So he immediately asked, "Is it bleeding after the same room?"

A patient: "Yes, about 1-2 years ago, occasionally bleeding after sex. Occasionally, the leucorrhea will also mix with blood."

Director Yang: "Let me take a look at you for a cervical scrape first, come and lie on the bed …"

A few days later, the patient’s examination results came out, and the report showed that cervical cancer lesions.

A patient: "Is the problem serious? I always think that it is irregular menstruation or gynecological inflammation, and I haven’t taken it seriously."

Director Yang: "You are still early in the early days, you have discovered early, just have a small operation. If you find it late, it will deteriorate into cervical cancer. After the same room, bleeding, white belt with blood, these details should be taken as soon as possible."





Cervical cancer is currently the only cancer that can be effectively prevented, early discovery and opportunities.The purpose of screening is to find early cervical cancer. Cervical lesions are treated in early stages to block the occurrence of cervical cancer.

Early symptoms of cervical cancer

1. Bleeding vagina.

In the early days, it was often bleeding after sexual intercourse, activity or gynecological examination.

2. Increase leucorrhea.

In the early days, it was white, light yellow, bloody or pus and pus, etc., thin like water or rice -like water samples, smelly;

Expert advice

Many people have an attitude that avoids the topic of cervical cancer.Although some people know that this is a kind of cancer that is extremely harmful to women, they always have a kind of unwilling psychology, and ignore such a fact.Although cervical cancer is dangerous, it also has its own "weakness".There is a gradual process of the occurrence and development of cervical cancer. The evolutionary time ranges from several years to ten years. If cervical cancer screening is performed, modern medicine can be detected during the pre -cancer lesions.Measures to ensure that women live a healthy life again.

Therefore, it is recommended that women over 35 years of age conduct cervical cytological screening each year.As the age of cervical cancer is getting younger and younger, under 35 years of age, if there are more leucorrhea, vaginal abnormal bleeding or bleeding after the same room, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to screen!

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