The blogger "Zhou Zhou in West Africa" posted a video to respond to Ping An, netizens again noisy

Recently, a 20 -year -old Chinese girl "Zhou Zhou on West Africa" released multiple dynamics on a social platform, saying that she was pregnant and returned to the man’s hometown with her 15 -year -old African husband.Under these developments, many netizens have commented that they are not easy to marry. West Africa’s medical and living environment may not be as good as expected, but the blogger does not seem to care about netizens’ remarks.

Originally, it was just a discussion about "foreign marriage", but a screenshot of some dialogue on the Internet that a non -Chinese person on August 1st pushed it on the hot search.

The screenshot of the dialogue showed that the netizen had contacted "Zhou Zhou" through social accounts. "Zhou Zhou" claimed that they were in Abuja, and the two had some greetings.Netizens encouraged "Zhou Zhou" to socialize more and told her to keep in touch. At the same time, she also invited her to visit her company, but "Zhou Zhou" expressed inconvenient to go out. After that, "Zhou Zhou" did not reply to the news again.The gender of WeChat’s personal information was changed. After asking for no results, he suspected that "Zhou Zhou" lost contact.”Soon became a hot search on Weibo. The topic reading reached 1.47 billion, and it even alarmed the Chinese embassy in Nigeria in Nigeria, saying that it had paid attention to this matter and was verifying.

Just when netizens have speculated what the situation was encountered by Zhou Zhou, the Journalist reporter noticed that around the early morning of August 2, the blogger "Zhou Zhou in West Africa" posted text and video content on multiple social platforms to indicate that he was himself, indicating himself to indicate himself.Not lost.

In the video, "Zhou Zhou" claims that he is very good, "sending a video just wants to record his life, but I did not expect to get the concern of so many friends."

"Zhou Zhou" said that he is now in the third trimester, and his mood is not stable, and the information received by many netizens did not reply in time.After she said that after returning to the country with her husband, her husband went to the hospital and accompanied her to do a production inspection. She was about to do the last birth checkup before delivery. There was no possible situation that netizens mentioned before.Send some hospital environment and other videos.In response to the local polygamy system mentioned by netizens, "Zhou Zhou" said that there was no such situation in the family of their husbands.Time has caused everyone’s misunderstandings. "

This clarified video also rushed to Weibo hot search, with a reading of 100 million.However, netizens have noisy in the video comments that "Zhou Zhou" appeared in the photo again.

The reporter observed that the voice of netizens was mainly divided into three factions."Ping An", "I wish you peace and happiness", "I don’t have to worry about it" … Some netizens are happy about the personal safety of "Zhou Zhou";The status and the duration of the video are analyzed by "1 minute and 10 seconds". It is believed that the response in the "Zhou Zhou" video is doubtful and the safe state is still worthy of attention.It is just a drainage planning from the media, and it should not be excessively interpreted and cared for.

On August 2nd, Zhengguan Journalists repeatedly tried to contact the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, the bloggers "Zhou Zhou in West Africa" and the netizens who had exposed to the screenshot of the "Zhou Zhou" at the time, and did not get a response.

The reporter noticed that the netizens who posted a screenshot with Zhou Zhou at that time have deleted the content. Some people commented in her latest video saying that "the video was posted that video, she was good", and the netizen only replied "um".

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