The body sends these three signals, indicating that I am pregnant, don’t harm your child because of carelessness!

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For married couples, it is important to accurately and timely judging whether you are pregnant.Many careless mother -in -law did not find her pregnancy in time and used medicine, which caused their children to be unable to keep it.There are many cases in this way. Today, cotton mother will share some of the symptoms of early pregnancy with you.

After the fertilized eggs, the careful expectant mothers will find that there are blood, slight colors, or reddish brown in the leucorrhea.Generally, women’s menstruation has been ovulation in the past 8 days. At this time, the same room is in the same room. The chance of pregnancy is very high. Pay attention to the changes in leucorrhea. If there is a leucorrhea with a bloodshot, it is likely to be pregnant.

After the fertilized eggs, a series of changes will occur in the body, such as: sleepy, drowsiness, weak legs, like stepping on cotton, and even some pregnant mothers will have signs of nasal congestion and dizziness.It is worth mentioning that after pregnancy, the temperature will continue to rise, about 37 °, and it is easy to mix with the phenomenon of colds. There are also many women who treat the symptoms of pregnancy as a cold symptom.

Last year, a colleague was that he thought he was a cold and low fever. He took a cold medicine and fever medicine. Later, he reacted. The menstruation was postponed for more than ten days.Medicine, the child did not keep it.

After the fertilized eggs, the early pregnancy reaction is caused. The chest change is also one of them. The chest will become painful, which is different from the chest pain before menstruation.The chest pain before menstruation is the surface pain, and it hurts when it bumped, and the chest is painful after pregnancy, like the feeling of growing up.

If you can’t feel these changes, don’t use the medicine easily. Wait for a few days to see if menstruation is delayed. Generally, you can use test strips to test whether you are pregnant after 14 days.Blood examination is whether you are pregnant.

In short, with sexual life, no matter whether it is intended to ask for a child, we must pay attention to observing the changes in your body. The body is your own. You must take care of yourself, and others will love you.

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