The child of the babysitter is too bloody

In order to consolidate the family status and secrets, the daughter -in -law did not expect that the nanny at home became pregnant with her husband’s child.

However, this scene was just discovered by the young daughter, and she was about to push the door to enter, but her grandmother closed the door and made a gesture of banning him.You didn’t see anything tonight.After speaking, he left here and left here.Grandma Hu Lai let her son Hu Lai because her daughter -in -law entered the door for 7 years, and two children were giving birth to girls.The old society that cannot be born in the male and female is not inherited in the incense and family business.The chairman was to hit the nanny, and the mother -in -law also defaulted to the son’s approach.

One month has passed, and the daughter -in -law who confinement is finally returning home, but as soon as he entered the door, he found something wrong, and a period of past suddenly emerged.Banxian in the village had given her a hexagram, and she would not have a boy with her husband in her life. Even if she had a son, she could only be born of her husband and others.She had given her cold eyes without giving birth to a boy. Now the nanny is pregnant with a child.The lady felt an unprecedented threat and slapped the nanny directly.

The nanny Meishun knew that the losses could only be asking for mercy. I’m really sorry I knew Mrs. Mrs..You dare to conceive his child.Do you want to sell your body to turn over and change your destiny?If not, do you want to have a son as a hostess for my son?no.However, her mother -in -law suddenly appeared. When she saw this scene, she was hot.

Then she understood that her mother -in -law knew about it from beginning to end.In some words, she was as uncomfortable as eating flies, but her mother -in -law was not at all her feelings.In front of her, she instructed the kitchen to add two hard dishes tonight to supplement the body.After speaking, he no longer cares about the daughter -in -law, and the lady’s lungs are fried.Tan took advantage of her mother -in -law to not pay attention, and let the man in his men bring Meishun to the hospital to stand in the hall of the hospital.Meishun was full of helplessness, and she really removed her child.With the help of a kind nurse, Meishun quietly escaped from the back door, and learned that Misun’s fled wife immediately panicked.If she gave birth to a boy outside, then the position of the Metro Madam could no longer be kept.

Ren Shu remembered what Banxian said, if she was going to give birth to a son, she could only be with other men.Dry was the chief of the Korean room who pointed her goal at her.Director of the Han Dynasty was adopted by his old lady since he was a child, and he had the same feelings like his brother, but no matter how deep his feelings were, he couldn’t hold the temptation of his wife’s eyes, not to mention that the chief of the Han Dynasty had always been secretly in love with his wife.Just.Meishun’s disappearance has passed in March, and the president often remembers the tenderness of that night.The old lady knew that Meishun couldn’t get rid of the department with her daughter -in -law, and she called the Korean room chief who trusted the most, so that he would bring back Meishun back.

The Han Dynasty agreed, but what I thought was that it was a child, three months old, yes, our child.This time we must have a son, let him inherit the industry’s industry, and let our son inherit the superstar group.You and my child.

Meishun was hidden in a rural clinic as a nurse, but when the Director of the Korean room suddenly found here, Meishun subconsciously covered his stomach, and then ran away.But how did a pregnant woman run a few strong men, and soon blocked the room in the room by the Korean room, and even due to excessive frightening, Meishun gave birth at this moment.The chief of the Han Dynasty finally couldn’t bear it. She brought her back to the clinic. After a night of pain, the child was born smoothly, and she was still a boy.Chief of the Han Dynasty has been waiting for the door without leaving.Meishun also couldn’t care about a very weak body, and he had to escape from the back door with holding his child.I did not expect that as soon as I went out, I was blocked by the Han Dynasty chief. I couldn’t give you this child, and I couldn’t give you.Captain Han asks you, please let our mother and son go!

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