The Chinese couple gave birth to a blue -eyed daughter, and her husband refused to make an identification: the child must be mine

In 2013, a couple in Shandong gave birth to the first child between them. This should be a happy event, but the daughter frowned when she was born.

The moment Grandpa originally rushed to hold his granddaughter, he was surprised at the moment when he saw the baby girl: "How to blue eyes, yellow hair?"

Both husband and wife are Chinese, and it is no wonder that the baby girl with white skin, blue eyes and yellow hair in front of them made her father and grandfather tremble. This incident soon passed to Shili and Eight Township. The neighbors knew that this family life was in this life.A "mixed race".

The husband is called Shan Chao, and his wife is Yin Yan.When the family encounters such a thing, everyone has different ideas in their hearts. In order to prove innocence, his wife Yin Yan is very willing to do parent -child identification.

Shan Chao’s parents also asked his son. This parent -child appraisal is very important, otherwise gossip is indispensable and his heart is uneasy.But Shan Chao resolutely opposed parent -child identification. What is this?

Parents and relatives and friends all called Shan Chao to do parent -child identification. His wife Yin Yan couldn’t bear the doubts and strange eyes of everyone. He also said that he was willing to do parent -child identification, and even hoped that the husband Shan Chao would do it.

But Shan Chao bluntly said: "I am determined not to do any parent -child identification. I and Yin Yan and I have seven years of feelings, I will never doubt her!"

It turned out that Shan Chao and his wife Yin Yan’s long -term love long -distance running was the answer that he did not want to do parent -child identification.He felt that this was a distrust of his wife. If he was identified, even if he proved the innocence of his wife, he would inevitably plant a shadow in his wife’s heart.

Furthermore, Shan Chao believes that if the child knows this in the future, she will ask Dad, why do they have to do parent -child identification, how should she answer, why is it a haze to the child?

Of course, the foundation of all this is the absolute trust of Shan Chao’s wife Yin Yan. As a seven -year -old person, Shan Chao firmly believes that Yin Yan cannot do that kind of thing.

In 2009, Yin Yan in his early twenties accidentally met a young guy by accident by the lake in the park. Somehow, he was obviously a strange two, but sat by the lake to see fascinated.

It may be infected by the atmosphere at the scene. The guy took the lead in chatting with Yin Yan. Who thought that the two who had never known each other talked hot.

It may happen to be upset, and the guy is good at listening. The two were like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for many years.Single super.

The two soon made an appointment to meet next time, and the relationship became more and more ambiguous. In fact, as early as the first encounter, the two sides knew it.

If it wasn’t for the other party, why should you talk about late at night and leave contact information when you leave. Then frequent dating each other is enough to prove it, but the two have not broke through this relationship for a long time.

Yin Yan is well understood. After all, she is a woman, but the single super, a man, is also unspeakable.

Although Shan Chao likes Yin Yan very much, he also understands that Yin Yan likes herself, but he was difficult at that time and felt that he was not suitable for falling in love or even getting married.

If Yin Yan really follows herself, it must be suffering a lot, so Shan Chao has always maintained the relationship in his lover, but it is difficult for Yin Yan to give up.

This time is getting longer and longer, Yin Yan starts to doubt, and suspect that Shan Chao really treats himself as a friend?She thought of a way that there was already a suitor who was lying, and she had to explain her thoughts alone.

When Shan Chao heard the pursuit beside Yin Yan, he finally couldn’t keep his inner feelings. He immediately told Yin Yan’s inner thoughts, showing that he was afraid of dragging you.

Yin Yan knew that Shan Chao really liked herself, and all the doubts in her heart were finally broken.

The two of them who loved each other operated a fruit shop together. Maybe God also cared about the lover. In addition, the two got along with each other. In business operations, the business was booming.Get enough money to get married.

The families of the two sides are also very satisfied with each other. The two were not surprised to marry, and they quickly had the crystallization of love after marriage.

During Yin Yan’s pregnancy, Shan Chao, who was husband, took care of it. He fulfilled the responsibility of a good husband and a good father. Therefore, Shan Chao and Yin Yan were examples of model couples in their eyes in their counties.

However, with the birth of the child in the child’s belly, everything changed.

The single super outside the delivery room waited anxiously for the production of his wife. This was the most anxious and uneasy in his life. As the baby was crying in the delivery room, Shan Chao entered the delivery room as soon as possible.

He first saw the tired wife and clicked by her side. At this warm moment, Shan Chao saw the child from Yin Yan, but he was greatly touched.

The baby’s skin is fair, but it is not a strange thing, but the light yellow tire hair and a pair of large blue eyes look at themselves, which makes Shan Chao’s heart suddenly mixed.

The moment the nurse who was born on the scene saw the child, and thought that his father was a foreigner. When he saw Shan Chao come in, there was a little surprise in their eyes, but of course, it was not much to say as a medical staff.

When Shan Chao’s father walked into the delivery room, when he saw the born child, he blurted out everyone’s doubts: "How do you grow this?"

Shan Chao’s response was very fast. He immediately stopped his father and did not let him talk about his later words. Instead, he whispered to his father: "Dad, don’t think about it, take care of Xiaoyan first."

From this day, the atmosphere of a single home has become very weird. No one knows what to think in Shan Chao as a husband. The parents who have been instructed are not easy to start with Dao Ming first, and Yin Yan herself was questioning.In the weird atmosphere, you can only be speechless.

Of course, such a long time can not have problems, especially relatives, friends, and neighbors. They all know this. The gossip will spread throughout the county, and they dare not admit that this is their pro -relatives.granddaughter.

Such a day made Shan Chao’s mother unable to sit still. He asked his son Shan Chao to talk, so that he had to do a parent -child identification. Whether his ancestor was mixed with foreigners, or Yin Yan really had a problem.

However, if the people around him are advised, Shan Chao disagree with parent -child identification, but just determine that the child is his own, and the daughter of Shan Chao gradually grows up in such an environment.

After the daughter grew up slightly, the contradictions about identity are endless. Many idlers who can’t hold their mouth will always ask Shan Chao’s daughter: "Are you a child of foreigners?"

Every time the little girl hears this problem, she is crying and crying, which makes her a child carry a lot of grievances.

This is exactly the case. The single family realized that the problem could not continue to be blinded, so I decided to bring my wife and daughter and played a show together. Through this channel, it was clear to everyone around him.

In the show, Shan Chao launched a affectionate confession to his wife in public, which moved everyone at the scene and affirmed the feelings between them.

But looking at the blue -eyed daughter held in Shan Chao’s arms, most of the guests and audiences at the scene still suggested that Shan Chao do a parent -child identification, so that the family can eat a reassurance, not to mention that the wife also agrees to do it.

Shan Chao just tells his concerns through the program one by one, and also claims that fatherly love will not be limited by blood, let alone the difference in unexpectedly.

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