The consequences are too serious!Jining a pregnant woman’s wisdom tooth inflammation is almost dangerous two lives

With the joint efforts of medical staff such as intensive medical department, the mother and daughter finally had the difficulties.

According to reports, the expectant mother was 36 weeks of pregnancy + 4 days. When I first arrived at the hospital, the left side of the wisdom tooth inflammation caused a multi -gap infection in the neck and neck of the jaw and neck.Symptoms of redness and pain, swollen gaps, almost blocked the trachea, the trend of spreading the upper chest, difficulty breathing, and the life of dangerous mothers and fetuses at any time.

At that time, it was already 10 pm. Because the patient’s condition was very dangerous, the doctor admitted to the doctor, anesthesia, and the otoscopeologist for consultation.At more than 1 am on the 21st, the operating room began. "The patient was unable to get the custody at that time. Doctors of the Department of ENT hurriedly cut the trachea to establish the respiratory passage.The doctor of the anesthesi department anesthes anesthesia … "

In the end, with the efforts of the doctors of various subjects, the surgery was successfully completed at 2:40 in the morning. The mother and daughter were safe. The child was sent to the pediatrics.

Why do I have to do oral examination before pregnancy

Women are a special period during pregnancy. "October conceives in October". There is a joy of expectation, but their hardships are also imaginative.It also increases the difficulty and risks of treatment. Oral diseases during pregnancy are very common, sometimes even more aggressive, and even life -threatening. It must attract enough attention.

Pregnancy will cause many physiological changes, increasing the oral diseases of pregnant moms. If you have symptoms of tooth pain during pregnancy, you can neither take medicine and pain unbearable. It will have a certain impact on the fetus.Essence

Studies have shown that women who have gingivitis or periodontitis before pregnancy will be more serious after pregnancy. The gums will have hyperplasia, swelling, and significant bleeding, and severe ones will hinder eating.If it is a moderate and severe periodontitis, the opportunity for pregnant women to have premature babies and low -weight children will increase greatly.

Gingivitis/periodontitis during pregnancy (can be manifested as bleeding during brushing teeth, etc.), dental caries (can further develop into pulpitis, periodontitis), gingival tumors during pregnancy, and other individual special oral health threats, etc.In particular, the wisdom tooth crown inflammation often causes more severe maxillofacial gap infections. As the starting end of the esophagus and trachea, the rapidly developing infection will compress the breath, suffocation, and even death.

What are the main part of the pre -pregnancy teeth?

Women who are preparing to get pregnant to a regular dental hospital or hospital’s dental department before pregnancy for a comprehensive oral examination and oral health care, thoroughly treat oral diseases, and eventually achieve the purpose of not taking dental disease.Oral health before pregnancy includes:

① Training for the concept of personal oral health and health measures: how to correctly brush teeth, toothpaste selection, reasonable application of fluoride, correct use of dental floss, etc.;

② Carry a comprehensive oral examination;

③ Do the gums of cleaning;

④ Treatment of oral existing diseases;

⑤ Prevention of wisdom teeth to avoid the occurrence of wisdom tooth crown inflammation during pregnancy, causing more severe maxillofacial gap infections.

In short, don’t always think that the "mouth" has a distance of thousands of miles away from the stomach, thinking that its disease will not bring harm to pregnant mothers and babies, but I do not know that "oral problems" will make crisis during pregnancy.

Do I have to pull my wisdom tooth before pregnancy?

When I am pregnant, it is easy to cause wisdom tooth crown inflammation due to the increase in estrogen secretion in the body and the decline in body immunity and anti -infective ability. In the treatment, it is a special period during treatment.Fetal development is not recommended, so many times doctors can only take local flushing treatment and cannot cure.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform a comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy, and the wisdom teeth that have occurred or might occur in wisdom tooth crown inflammation may occur in time.

Can I look at the teeth when I am pregnant?

You can go to the doctor, but be sure to inform your doctor for the specific situation of pregnancy, the advice given by the drug, the internal medicine and the obstetrics and gynecologists (including the situation where possible pregnancy).

Pay special attention to high -risk mothers or pregnant women with a history of drug allergies.Time of seeking:

Early pregnancy (1 ~ 3 months): emergency treatment, controlling symptoms;

In the middle of pregnancy (4 ~ 6 months): Hold the opportunity to complete the treatment;

Late pregnancy (7-9 months): Simplify treatment, reduce pain;

Breastfeeding: treatment and medication are limited.

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