The correct operation of pregnant cats is correctly operated, have you done right?

Spring is finally about to pass, and it is difficult to survive the period when the cat is called spring. I thought that I could finally usher in a peaceful coexistence, but I accidentally found that my cat’s belly began to become more and more.Forget it, suddenly exclaimed that his cat was pregnant.In the face of this situation, some people are really happy and some worry.But no matter what, cats still have to play twelve points of spirit to take care of them. Before that, let’s learn about the little knowledge about cat pregnancy and production!

1. First of all, we must know the cat’s pregnancy cycle and the normal behavior changes during its period.The length of the pregnancy cycle: Cats are induced ovulation animals, that is, ovulation will only be ovulated after mating, so once mating occurs, the chance of pregnancy is very high.The cat’s pregnancy period is relatively short, about 58-65 days, with an average of 63 days.Physical changes: 3 weeks before pregnancy, cats generally do not show much.After the fourth week, you can observe that the cat’s lower abdomen is slightly prominent, and the nipples are beginning to become larger and pink.Character changes: become quiet, no longer climb everywhere, jump up and down; good appetite, and becomes more sticky, you need more closeness and comfort;The right place of production and accompanied by "doing nests".

2. Although cats have typical symptoms of pregnancy, don’t be happy too early, maybe there is the possibility of fake pregnancy.

Fake pregnancy, as the name suggests, is the phenomenon of pregnancy reaction without pregnancy.Fake pregnancy generally occurs within 2 months after the estrus period of the female cat. You can observe the increase in the abdomen and the decrease in appetite. There may be a manifestation of pregnancy vomiting.You can judge that the cat is not pregnant through the following behavior: dragging what he likes to his usual likes to the nest; and licking and stroking your toy; the maternal behavior will generally disappear for about 6 weeks.

3. Therefore, it is necessary to have a pregnancy test if the cat has a typical pregnancy symptoms.

Generally, after 24 days of pregnancy, you can observe embryos and diagnose pregnancy after B -ultrasound, but there is no way to determine the number.However, after 5 weeks of pregnancy, you can pass X -ray examination to roughly determine the number of pregnancy.Everything is ready, so only to pick up the production.During the period of 58 to 65 days of pregnancy, the female cat has the following performance, which shows that the cat produces in the next few hours:

Walking around uneasily; unwilling to eat again; observing the frequency of ups and downs of the abdomen faster (contraction);

For the pet owner, at this time, if the cat does not make relevant rejection behaviors, it is recommended that the pet owner can gently encourage his own cat on the side, which can play a role in appeasement for cats.

4. Cat production is generally not dangerous, but you must master the following small knowledge.Production time cycle: Depending on the number of cubs in the female cat, it is generally ranging from 1-2 hours, and sometimes it may be as long as 6 hours.Birth time interval: Each cub was born in 5-10 minutes, of course, more than an hour or even or above.Number of babies: The average number of cats per child is 3-6, and the first pregnancy may be less, about 2-3.Broken umbilical cord: If the female cat forgot to bite the umbilical cord of the kitten, the owner needs to help the umbilical break, cut it at 2-3 cm in front of the umbilical cord, and press the bleeding to stop bleeding.Non -normal phenomenon: Cat contractions and pain have exceeded 2 hours. No cubs have been born. It may be difficult to give birth. It is necessary to go to nearby hospitals in time for delivery or cesarean section.

During the production of cats, remember to maintain a quiet environment. Cats are sensitive and cautious animals. If they are disturbed by the outside world, aggressive behavior may occur, and the attacking object may even be a child who has just been born.”机”

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