The daughter -in -law is hungry.

I am a new daughter -in -law who has just become a mother, and my mother -in -law has always been difficult to me.At first I would follow my mother -in -law, but since I was pregnant, my mother -in -law’s attitude has intensified.She would deliberately not prepare me to eat, hiding food under the bed, just don’t want me to eat.Although I had already given my husband to complain, every time my husband returned to the mother -in -law, he put on a kind look, making my husband think that I was deliberately looking for a fault.

Once I was too hungry, I couldn’t help but initiate a dispute with my mother -in -law.My mother -in -law even proposed to make me miscarriage. She said that my greedy lazy life should not be a mother.I heard that my mother -in -law was very angry, but it was not good to turn her face with her mother -in -law in front of her husband.I could only watch my mother -in -law hiding the food again, and then hid in the room to sneak tears.

I really don’t know how to face the difficulties like my mother -in -law.Do I have to wait until my baby is born, and my mother -in -law will make the same way to the child? I said to my husband to go back to my mother’s house for a while, but my husband said that it would make people feel that our husband and wife were disagreed, and I couldn’t bear it anymore.I listened to my husband saying that, and my heart was mixed in my heart, when would my husband stand on me?

I don’t know what to do.If I stay here, my baby and I will be destroyed, but I can’t leave my husband anymore.I am really desperate now. I think I live like this. I might as well go back to my mother’s house to raise a baby, and save every day to face the difficulties of my mother -in -law.I really can’t take care of myself, how can I raise this baby?

Time passed day by day, and my physical condition became weaker.My husband was finally surprised to see me. He proposed to take me to the hospital for examination.After seeing the doctor, the doctor said that my physical condition has not been able to keep up with the progress of pregnancy, and must be recuperated as soon as possible to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.The doctor’s words shocked her husband, and he realized the seriousness of the matter.

The husband told her mother -in -law to tell her mother -in -law, but her mother -in -law said that the doctor was talking about it out of thin air. It was my symptoms of intentional pregnancy to protect himself.Her husband was finally tolerated when he heard his mother -in -law’s words. He pointed at the mother -in -law’s nose and yelled.Husband said that if everything was wrong, he would never forgive her mother -in -law.When I said my father -in -law, I pulled me away from my mother -in -law’s house and returned to our own small home.

After marriage, life will always face various tests.But I believe that as long as our husband and wife are together, we can pass all difficulties.I know that my husband is also desperate and blame at this moment. We need to comfort and support each other.After this, her husband finally realized that the mother -in -law was soberly. He vowed that he would be on my side in the future, instead of letting the mother -in -law have the opportunity to make me difficult to make me.I listened to my husband’s saying that, although it was still a little uneasy in my heart, but when I saw his determination at this moment, at least I knew that we were the same passers -by and would support each other.

Back to my home, my physical condition gradually improved.My husband is often by my side and does not leave for a moment.He blamed himself that he should not let my mother -in -law do whatever he wanted. If he found and stop it earlier, I would not eat so much hardship.I know that my husband’s blame comes from his love for me. I told him that this is not all his fault. We used to believe that my mother -in -law was too much, but after experiencing this, we finally learned lessons.

The baby was born soon, and we all cherished this new life.Husband said that the birth of the baby is like a new hope to us by heaven, so that he has the opportunity to compensate me and give me a home that belongs to himself.I know that my husband has something to say, which is also the beginning of his influence of his mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law came to our house several times to try to see my grandson, but was stopped by her husband.Husband said he needed time to forgive her mother -in -law, and before that, he would not let the mother -in -law have the opportunity to hurt me or children.I can see that my husband’s attitude towards her mother -in -law is very different, which has made him grow into a reliable reliance in my mind.I know that as long as my husband is there, my mother -in -law will no longer have the opportunity to make our lives difficult to load.

Life will continue, but I am relieved.Because I know what happened around me, I no longer face it alone.We have each other and have a family that belongs to us.I believe that my mother -in -law will take us one day, but at that time, we were no longer as passive as before.With our own judgment and choice, we will choose the path that is best for this family.

I am no longer alone, I have a husband’s support and the companion of the baby.In the past, all kinds of pain have become an indelible memory in my life, but they also let me learn to grow and no longer believe in every seemingly friendly face.The true meaning of life lies in choosing those who really treat you well, rather than cater to everyone who enters life.I found the most important partner in my life, and also had my own home.I am content because I know that this is the life I want.

The meaning of life is not comfortable and worry -free, but found a pair of hands to pull you with a pair of hands.I found those hands, with my deepest love and consolation in those hands.I know that the journey of life is no longer alone.This is the answer I want, and it is also the best watch in my life.

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