The daughter -in -law was pregnant, and the great happy event, but the intestines regretted the green, I spent 30,000 yuan, very happy!

My name is Zhang Jinlian, 60 years old, native of Ganzhou, Jiangxi.Three months ago, the daughter -in -law was pregnant. It was a great event, but one day, I accidentally found that when I heard my daughter -in -law call, my intestines regretted it!

Three months ago, his son Xiaoqiang called in Shenzhen, and his daughter -in -law was pregnant. I hope I can go to Shenzhen to take care of my daughter -in -law Xiaoli.

When I heard that my daughter -in -law was pregnant, I was incredible and couldn’t believe my ears.

Why do you say that?This has to start from 6 years ago.

Six years ago, his son called back and said that he and Xiaoli planned to buy a house to get married.My wife and I took out the 600,000 savings of saving money for a lifetime and bought a house for their sons.

We thought that our son was 26 years old, and he was not young.Especially when my husband and I got married and gave birth to a child, I only gave birth to my son at the age of 28.Many of my peers in my hometown are grandma or grandmother.

Looking at my relatives and friends, I am a little envious.Since my son graduated from university, I went to Shenzhen, and my wife and me were two.

I thought that after my son got married, I was able to be a grandma soon. Who knew that the daughter -in -law Xiaoli’s belly had never moved.

But as a mother -in -law, I can’t directly urge Xiaoli. I can only tell them euphemistically every time my son calls back, I can move them earlier, I can still move them.Maybe I can’t help it.

Every time his son said, he and Xiaoli were just married, and he was only 26 years old. Many colleagues in Shenzhen have not got married. They want to work for a few years, and they have a little money in their hands to raise children.

Originally, I told my son that raising children with money, rich and rich, and poor and poor.

Who would like to hear Xiaoli, who was expected to hear, and said, "No, can’t be wronged.Her colleagues raised a few thousands of children, and they were not capped, but she didn’t want her child to be born with her.

My son said me. This is the emperor who is not in a hurry. I really like to bring a child. I can be a nanny like her aunt, and bring children to others to get money. There are thousands of thousands a month.

When I heard my son and daughter -in -law, I hurriedly hung up the phone.Now young people really can’t listen to the words of the old man, and I don’t care about their children.

Three years ago, I was about to be 30 years old, and I wouldn’t urge it. Xiaoli’s mother, but her mother was anxious.She urged Xiaoli to hurry to have a child. The girl was older after 30 years of age.

Sure enough, the mother -in -law said that after the mother -in -law said, the son and daughter -in -law hurriedly started to prepare for pregnancy.I was secretly happy, and now I can finally be a grandma.

Who would have expected that a year passed, and the daughter -in -law’s belly was still not moved.Nowadays, the mother and daughter -in -law Xiaoli are in a hurry. When she went to the hospital, she went to the hospital to check the ovarian cyst.

It is said that the women who got this are not very good.When I heard the news, my heart was really panicked.The children of other people’s homes are married in 3 years.Watching why I want to be a grandma is so difficult?

But when I thought about it, her daughter -in -law was not willing to get this illness. Since she married her son, we are a family.The family members need to support each other. I quickly called Xiaoli to make her not be under pressure. Now the medical is developed.

Listening to Xiaoli sobbing on the phone, thank you mom.My heart was broken, and my daughter -in -law was not easy. From the past, although I was very anxious, I no longer mentioned the child with my son and daughter -in -law, and I was afraid that my son and daughter -in -law were too stressful.

So when my son said that the daughter -in -law was pregnant, I felt like dreaming.

Until my son shouted, mom, mother, mother, did you hear me talking?I only came from reaction. This was true. I jumped up happily, and I went to Shenzhen to take care of the daughter -in -law Xiaoli tomorrow.

When I told my husband about this great news, he was as happy as me.He urged me to clean up quickly. He immediately booked a high -speed ticket for me and went to Shenzhen tomorrow.I told me that the daughter -in -law Xiaoli is 32 years old. She is an elderly mother, and I must take care of my daughter -in -law.

I thought, what do this old man say?This is also my daughter -in -law. She is happier than anyone else, and she will definitely take care of her daughter -in -law with heart.

Early the next morning, I went to the high -speed rail station to drive the earliest bus to Shenzhen.When I got on the train, my husband was still urging me, saying that I must take care of my daughter -in -law, and even if there was any dissatisfaction, I had to endure the child.

I put my hand impatiently, I was old, and even if I didn’t even understand this, I was alive.

Who knows that the face will come so fast?

At noon on my son’s house, there was no dish in the refrigerator. I ate a fried rice briefly.I went to the supermarket to buy in the afternoon. I watched the pork pork in the soil pork ribs. I wanted to stew a soup for my daughter -in -law Xiaoli to replenish my body.

Because I stewed the soup at home, I was used to putting some garlic leaves and then simmering, and it was very fragrant.I deliberately took Xiaoli at home and had time to cook the soup.

Who knows, Xiaoli frowned as soon as I went home to see the soup I stewed, and said, "Mom, I can’t smell this taste. I want to eat vegetable salad.

I thought, what is vegetable salad?I haven’t eaten it at home before, and I won’t do it!

Xiaoli said quickly: Mom, don’t do you do, I have already placed takeaway on the way to get off work, which is estimated that it will be sent.

As you said, the takeaway was delivered, and Xiaoli took it in to open the takeaway box.I glanced at it, the green oil, either green dishes or cucumber, there is no oil and water. Where can I eat this?

I quickly gave Xiaoli a bowl of bone soup, and deliberately left the garlic leaves above and drank Xiaoli.Good sound told Xiaoli that if you are pregnant, you still have to eat some nutritious things. It is not possible to eat that vegetables. There is no childlike children in the nutritional belly.

As a result, Xiaoli didn’t look at it, pinching her nose and said, Mom, this smell is very big, you hurry up.

When I heard Xiaoli say this, I quickly smelled it. I didn’t smell a little smell, and it was very fragrant.Qi pulled Xiaoli’s hand and said, quickly tasted it while it was hot. I stewed for almost 3 hours. I was very fragrant, and I was skimmed in the garlic leaves above. There was no smell.

Unexpectedly, Xiaoli seemed to push my hand like an electric shock, saying why I had to force her to drink the soup she didn’t like to drink.

With a sound, the soup bowl in my hand fell to the ground.

Xiaoli yelled, stood up and ran into the room, and I endured the pain that she was hot and asked if she was hot.The daughter -in -law slammed the door and closed the door.

In the living room, I was at a loss, and hurriedly called his son to let him come back to see if Xiaoli was burned.

My son was on the phone, listening to me, saying that I was okay. Recently, the company was very busy with the project. Xiaoli her pregnant woman wanted to eat. Why do I have to force her to drink soup and get out of it.These things come.

When I heard my son say this, my tears finally couldn’t help it.One person stood in the living room and was at a loss. On the one hand, she was worried about her daughter -in -law burning. On the other hand, she didn’t understand why I was so stewed to drink soup for her daughter -in -law, but she didn’t appreciate it.

After thinking about it for a while, I still wiped the tears and picked up the broken tiles under the desk. Suddenly there was a heart pain. It turned out that I was absent -minded, and my hand was scratched by the broken tile.

Fortunately, my son hurried back and confirmed that the daughter -in -law was not injured. He explained that I would be careful in the future. What the daughter -in -law wanted to eat, do n’t care so much, just take care of her.

In fact, listening to my son’s words, I was a bit sad in my heart. During the whole process of my son, I never thought that I was hot.But thinking that my daughter -in -law was not burned, I was relieved.

I thought, maybe my daughter -in -law and I lived under the eaves on the first day.I don’t know each other, so this happens.

There are time to fight with teeth and tongue, as long as I take care of my daughter -in -law with my heart.After a long time, my daughter -in -law will understand my heart after all.

Later, I learned that things were not as simple as I thought at all. The small contradictions in life, long -term, is a blunt knife cut meat.

After all, we have to eat and sleep every day, and we can seriously injury after a long time.

When I was in my hometown with my husband, I was used to watching TV at night and listening to opera.During the day in my son’s house, a person was boring, so when I cook and do housework, I was used to listening to opera on my mobile phone.

But every time Xiaoli returned home, he said a headache and be quiet.I had to put on the headset and listen to my opera.But I am not used to wearing headphones. After wearing it for a long time, my ears hurt.

In addition, I was taught by my mother since I was a child. The girl must clean up the family diligently before I can find my mother -in -law.So for decades, I have cleaned my home every day.When I arrived at my son’s house, I continued like this.

I think that my daughter -in -law is pregnant, and pay more attention to hygiene. It is not good to be sick in the family who is not hygienic at home.When I drag my home every day, I will add disinfectant to kill the drug.

After Xiaoli was pregnant, she lay on the sofa every day and did nothing.This is nothing at first. My mother -in -law will not let the daughter -in -law pregnant women work.

However, every time I drag it, she said: Mom, you drag the floor every day, and still use such a heavy disinfectant, do you deliberately live with me?

Even I was washing clothes, Xiaoli said, "Mom, can you not dry it in the living room, I can’t smell the laundry fluid.

I heard that the pregnancy vomiting response was serious and vomited everything, but I haven’t heard of the smell of washing clothes, and Xiaoli has no pregnancy reaction.

But Xiaoli is a pregnant woman, so I can’t refute it.But these are all my decades of living habits. I changed me all of a sudden, and I was very uncomfortable.I looked at the home where I was not clean, I couldn’t see it to clean up.

Moreover, my son’s house is a 65 -square -meter small 2 bedroom. Every time my daughter -in -law is at home, I do n’t know what to do.

The TV series watched by daughter -in -law are TV series that young people watched, and I don’t like watching.I ca n’t do housework, and I ca n’t listen to opera. I can only watch mobile news in the room alone, but I am old and my eyesight is not good. I have a long eyes and my eyes hurt.

The small room I lived was only a few square meters, and I had to sit in bed in a daze, and I felt like he was in jail for a long time.I was so panicked.But in order to prevent my daughter -in -law from seeing me upset, I can only endure, hoping that Xiaoli will give birth to a child smoothly.

But I was endless, deaf and dumb, and one day I couldn’t stand it anymore.

One day, Xiaoli said that she wanted to eat glutinous rice balls, and I called on how to make the dish of the little girl.The younger sister sent me a recipe for glutinous rice balls. I followed the recipe and chopped meat, soaked glutinous rice, and put on a steamer.I was busy with 2 hours before I made this dish.

As soon as I came out of the steamer, I didn’t care about it, and hurried to the sofa for Xiaoli.Xiaoli was lying on the sofa chasing the drama.

Who knows, Xiaoli glanced, and said that she had no appetite and couldn’t eat it, letting me go.Because of the experience of the previous pork rib soup, I didn’t say a word to take the glutinous rice balls away.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I turned around, the doorbell rang.I was going to open the door, but Xiaoli said, she came.

When she entered the house, I realized that she actually ordered ice cream takeaway.I heard many people say that pregnant women cannot eat too cold things, otherwise the humidity is too large, and the children born will grow eczema in the future.When I was pregnant with my son, I didn’t dare to drink well in the well. I was afraid that the child was moist.

I looked at Xiaoli, took out the ice cream to eat, and I told her that she should not eat too cold when she was pregnant.

Xiaoli said impatiently: Mom, medical research now shows that the appropriate amount of ice cream is not harmful to pregnant women.

Looking at Xiaoli eating ice cream with a big mouth, I couldn’t help but say good words: This is what the old people passed down. It is always right to listen to it. You are now a mother, you still have to pay more attention to the children in the stomach.

Who knows that Xiaoli heard this sentence and fried hair, saying that I treat her as a child, she is an individual is not a machine, she eats whatever she wantIn the future, the child was born and it was still available.

When I heard it, I was so hot. To Xiaoli, where did you look like a mother? I do n’t eat a good meal every day. I eat something without nutrition.

When Xiaoli heard this, she fell off the remote control in her hand and ran into the room to call.

Thinking of recently, Xiaoli said that her body was uncomfortable and had a holiday.

I was a little faintly worried, and I walked to the door to prepare to apologize to Xiaoli.

"Tell you, I just ate a ice cream just now. My mother -in -law must not eat it. My mother -in -law said every day that this cannot be eaten.The phone said.

I was stunned when I heard it, and I didn’t expect my daughter -in -law to think.

When I heard my daughter -in -law’s words, I finally wanted to understand. I immediately went to a nearby housekeeping company to introduce the platform to a reliable Guangdong aunt who took care of pregnant women, and let her take a trial work for 3 days.

After 3 days of testing, I saw that the daughter -in -law was very satisfied with the meals she made. The smile on the daughter -in -law’s face became more polite to me.

I think it’s just for my children’s life anyway.Since I take care of my daughter -in -law and she is not satisfied, it is better to invite a aunt to take care of her.

At the end of the construction 3 days, I took out 30,000 yuan, and I could take care of my daughter -in -law to have children for 6 months.

On the day of the aunt, my son and daughter -in -law proposed that he was going back to his hometown.My son and daughter -in -law reserved a little, and saw that I insisted on going back.So the son said that he would take me to the high -speed rail station to take a car.

In the car, the son said that when the daughter -in -law had a child, his appetite would estimate that he would get better.At that time, I asked me to help take care of Xiaoli and children.

I smiled bitterly in my heart. I wouldn’t come to take care of Xiaoli to confine. I heard that many of my mother -in -law and daughter -in -law were formed in confinement.It’s hard to take care of it now, I’m afraid to take care of confinement.

As for whether the daughter -in -law confinement was invited to the moon or the confinement center, I would never care.When the children and grandchildren have children and grandchildren, the old man should live a good life when he is old, and the children’s lives will go!

Zhang Jinlian tells the elder sister Yun Duo who loves life.

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