The dietary taboos and suitable diet of laryngitis

There are many tragedies caused by diseases such as laryngitis.Therefore, when treating laryngitis, we must pay attention to the balanced absorption of nutrients to avoid severe occurrence of throat diseases.What is the dietary treatment of the disease?

The dietary taboos and suitable diet of laryngitis

1. Real nutritional balance

Nutritional diet is very helpful for patients with laryngeal cancer.It is recommended that patients with laryngeal cancer are mainly high -calorie, high -protein, and light digestion.At the same time, the patient’s diet should also pay attention to eating more fresh green leafy vegetables and vitamin -rich fruits, thereby improving the patient’s physical resistance.

2. Avoid drinking green tea

Cancer patients must pay attention to drinking green tea during chemotherapy, because tannic acid in tea is easy to combine with low -cost iron to form insoluble iron tannic acid, which hinders the absorption of iron, which will cause hemoglobin in the patient to reduce the symptoms of anemia in the patient.

3. Stay away from garlic

Garlic is an effective anti -cancer food.This is what everyone knows, but for patients with laryngeal cancer, their diet must pay attention to stay away from garlic during chemotherapy, because garlic contains a volatile substance, and it is it that it and it will inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, and thenAs a result, the number of hemoglobin and red blood cells in patients decreases, which is not conducive to treatment

Don’t drink too much boiling water because of sore throat.For the symptoms of sore throat, it is not good to drink too much boiling water, but it will increase the burden on the body.The daily intake of water can reach 1,000 ml.If you add some medicinal materials to your throat while drinking water, you can do some effects on the fire of the throat, such as Luo Han Guo, fat sea, honeysuckle, Maogen, Ophiopogon or chrysanthemum, and pharmacies can be bought.

In addition, there are some dried flowers sold in tea shops, such as roses, roses, etc., which have cool blood effects and can nourish yin and nourish blood.

If the throat is uncomfortable, itchy, dry, or burning, heat sampling therapy can effectively solve the inflammation of the throat.

The method is to breathe in the hot tea cup or teapot, which can quickly disappear uncomfortable.You can also rinse about 30 ml of boiling water with about 500 ml of boiling water, breathe in the large cylinder, and breathe in the heat.

After inflammation of the throat, the throat was inflamed.After the throat is inflamed, hot pot, spicy and other spicy things must not be eaten.Eat less turkey, beef, lamb, and duck, especially it and wolfberry.The stewed stew is better.In addition, lilies, rock sugar, yam, barley, and japonica are all foods that nourish yin.You can choose these foods to eat.Eating more vegetables and fruits is also good, and it does not hurt the sun.

Not only to understand which foods can be moisturized, but also pay attention to the way of diet!When the season is alternate, porridge, like vegetable porridge, hawthorn porridge, and eating more sour foods, such as black Li and hawthorn are good choices.Nature

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