The difference between drug flow and abortion?A set of comics make you understand

No matter what kind of abortion, ectopic pregnancy must be excluded first.


The time for the drug flow is strict. Generally, the number of days of pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstrual period) cannot exceed 49 days.

Because if the embryo is too large, it will increase the chance of the drug flow, and once the larger embryo cannot be completely discharged, it is easy to get stuck in the mouth of the palace, causing major bleeding.

The drug used in the drug flow is macyl ketone and maco frontol. Generally, the entire medication process is three days.

How does these two drugs cause abortion?

We compare the embryo to a seed, the endometrium is the soil of seed growth, and progesterone is soil fertilizer.

The previous two days used meterone, the role was to inhibit progesterone.The endometrium of the uterine is not nourished by fertilizer (progesterone), and the embryo will apoptosis, necrosis and falling off from the uterine wall due to the barren of soil (endometrium).

On the third day, the frontol is used, the main role is to cause uterine contraction and the embryo excreted that promotes the necrotic falling off.The shrinking of the uterus is painful, just like a hand holding the uterus hard, or a whip to beat the uterus.

Highly vigilant!There is a 7%to 10%failure rate: the fetal sac is not exhausted!It is necessary to remedy through the Qing Dynasty surgery, which is basically the same as the abortion of the operation.

Even so, compared with artificial abortion, there are still advantages of abortion: relatively convenient, small pain, and less damage to the endometrium.

However, this drug flow is not what anyone can do!There are thyroid diseases, diabetes and other diseases, or drugs such as long -term antiepileptic drugs, aspirin, or women with allergies cannot use the drug flow!


It is divided into negative pressure attraction and tong scraping.Within 10 weeks of pregnancy:

A negative pressure suction can be adopted.Use a hollow straw to enter the uterine cavity and suck the embryo tissue in the uterus through negative pressure.

10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy: Because the fetus is larger, the bones are harder, the placenta is closer to the endometrium, so clamp scraping should be used.It is to remove the fetus with the method of using pliers and scraping on the basis of negative pressure suction.

The operation of the surgery flow is based on the doctor’s feel. If the doctor’s experience is not rich enough, it will easily damage the endometrium of the uterine, resulting in complications such as uterine bleeding, uterine perforation, and infection.

Although painless abortion is painless, it is also unsatisfactory!The uterine under the general anesthesis is soft, and complications such as uterine perforation and severe bleeding occur. Patients do not feel pain under general anesthesia. Once the consequences occur, they will be particularly serious, so the painless abortion requires higher requirements for operating doctors.

Painless superconducting the characteristics

① Senior surgical expert

The surgeon is required to be a senior women’s obstetric expert, and has more than 10 years of clinical surgery experience to ensure the standard and accuracy of the surgical operation.

② The highest -level surgical environment

All superconducting visible people are carried out in the international standard operating room -layer flow purification operating room, with a sterile rate of 99.9%, which eliminates an external -perfection infection in surgery.

③ Multiple privacy security protection

All patients are required to seek medical treatment in the independent clinic. The personal information and information of the patient will never leak, and to the greatest extent to protect the personal privacy and safety of the subject.

④ Intimate tracking service

The tracking service within one month, the nursing staff through various ways

The diameter is returned to understand the physical recovery of the subject, and any adverse situations are dealt with.

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