The difference between the Lantern Festival and the dumplings turned out to be so big!If you want to eat healthy, you must remember these 3 points

Today is the annual Lantern Festival!As the last important festival in the Chinese New Year’s New Year’s customs, it is essential to eat a bowl of Lantern Festival or dumplings that symbolize the reunion of the reunion.

However, Xiao Er discovered that many friends did not think that the Lantern Festival and dumplings were the same thing until now, but they were just different.In fact, the two of them are still a little different …

Lantern Festival vs dumplings

What is the difference?

The production process is very different

In a word, the north "rolled" the Lantern Festival, the south "bag" dumplings.

The Lantern Festival needs to be cut into a small square with a well -solid stuffing, and then put it on the dry glutinous rice flour into a round shape, which is more time -consuming.

The dumplings are slightly simpler. Use glutinous rice flour as skin, and then wrap the fillings like dumplings and rub it into a circular shape.

Different fillings

The fillings of the Lantern Festival are relatively single. The traditional Lantern Festival is mainly sweet filling, mostly white sugar sesame, sweet -scented osmanthus assorted.

The dumplings are usually richer, covering sweet and salty vegetables.

Taste, soup water different

The taste of the Lantern Festival is relatively hard.And due to the sticky glutinous rice flour, the soup cooked by the Lantern Festival will be slightly stronger.

The taste of dumplings is soft.Because the dough is kneaded in advance, it will not stick a lot of loose powder like the Lantern Festival, so the soup is relatively light when cooking, and there will be no thick feeling.

Different shelf life

Generally speaking, the Lantern Festival should not be frozen, and the shelf life is short; the dumplings can be stored for a long time after freezing.

Lantern Festival, dumplings can be eaten like this

Clarify the difference, let’s take a look at the special methods of chefs and folk masters for the Lantern Festival and dumplings, adding some new ideas to this year’s dining table.

Red bean Lantern Festival

In the cold winter, come to a bowl of sweet and soft red bean Lantern Festival, warm the heart and stomach, and can dissipate the fatigue for a day.

Fresh meat dumplings circle

Fresh meat dumplings are thin and thin -stuffed, fresh and juicy, and they are super enjoyable ~


The decoction is crispy and crispy, and there is no sense of disobedience at all.It is large, fresh, full of filling, and perfectly restore the unforgettable taste of childhood.

Sauerkort fried Lantern Festival

The color of the Lantern Festival is golden, the outside is glutinous inside, sweet and soft, and it is suitable for all ages.The combination of "mix and match" with sauerkraut is unexpectedly stunning the smell buds, and it is very delicious!

If you want to have less meat and stable blood sugar

These 3 techniques must be learned

Don’t look at the Lantern Festival and dumplings, but their calories are not low!According to statistics, a common dumplings are generally about 20g, and their calories are basically 50kcal ~ 70kcal.Taking the dumplings of black sesame stuffing as an example, the four are almost equal to the calories of a bowl of rice.

Moreover, because the outer skin is mostly made of glutinous rice, for people with poor digestive function, eating too much Lantern Festival and dumplings can easily increase the burden of digestion and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. For people with diabetesEssence

If you want to eat healthier, you must learn the following 3 techniques ~


Learn to choose

When buying Lantern Festival and dumplings, in addition to checking information on the production date, shelf life, and storage conditions on the packaging, remember to see the nutritional component table and choose products with relatively low heat and fat content as much as possible.

In addition, it is a good choice to buy fresh meat stuffing for those who can accept salty mouth.Because at the same weight, fresh meat fillings are generally less carbohydrates such as black sesame and peanuts such as sweet sesame and peanuts, high protein content, and even slightly lower fat.


Learn to control the amount of consumption

You can’t eat too much for the Lantern Festival and dumplings at a time, 3 to 5 are enough.After eating, everyone must remember to reduce other staple food intake appropriately to prevent the calories from exceeding the standard.

Don’t just eat this kind of food in a meal. It is best to match other ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, etc., which can not only enrich nutrition, but also reduce the sugar lift index of overall diet.

For people with diabetes, it is best to put the Lantern Festival and dumplings at the end of the meal, which will help delay the increase in blood sugar after meals. For people with weak gastrointestinal function such as children and the elderly, when eating dumplings,Be sure to chew slowly to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal work.


Don’t wait for the cold before eating

The stickiness and toughness of glutinous rice will increase after cooling, and it takes more time to digest after entering the stomach.

Therefore, when everyone eats the Lantern Festival and dumplings of glutinous rice peel, it is best to let it cool to about 40 ° C.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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