The Director of the Education Bureau and 103 female teachers have 18 female students.

As the director of the Education Bureau, he "speaks and teaches": 300 million yuan in money, raising 2 female principals, and 18 female students with 103 female teachers and 18 female students — also caused students to get pregnant accidentally …

So ridiculous!So hateful!Such a defeat!So beast!

This person is named Wang Shengzhan and is a worm in the education community.

Wang Shengzhan

How Wang Shengzhan did not go into details from ordinary teachers to become the director of the Education Bureau of Yuyao. In short, Wang Shengzhan did have his talents. Half of the Education Bureau’s director relied on his own strength, and half relied on his smooth character.

In 2016, Wang Shengzhan was rated as the famous principal of Ningbo City, and won the "Spring Silkworm Award" in Zhejiang Province; in 2018, Wang Shengzhan was rated as the most popular reader by the China Education News;Education … His honor has indeed a lot of honors, and he once said that educators must maintain great love, wisdom, and atmosphere.It refers to love schools, love posts, love students, love education; diligently learn and practice, transcend themselves: indifferent fame and fortune.

Introduction to Wang Shengzhan

In fact, Wang Shengzhan did not achieve any point above.He is like a "double -sided person". When facing media reporters and public figures, he shows gentle and gentle gentlemen. He is full of books. When facing female teachers and female students, he is embarrassing and desired.

Wang Shengzhan made

During his tenure in the President of Yuyao Middle School, Wang Shengzhan had forced a female student. The female student was unexpectedly pregnant, but Wang Shengzhan put the aborted drugs in the nutritional supplements to coax him to eat. The girl was infertile for life.1 million yuan compensation.And this is only one of many students. Have these infringed female students have not asked for help?

The answer is naturally there. However, the relationship between Wang Shengzhan is too huge, and the powerful background makes these minor female students unable to shake the slightest.Why does Wang Shengzhan have a huge relationship?Is it down?

The answer is negative. Wang Shengzhan has been in the Yuyao education system for 17 years. It is impossible to have no background and no relationship.Don’t look at Shengzhan, it has been greedy for 30 million, but his interest chain is implicated with 103 principals. Wang Shengzhan is just standing at the front end of the chain chain. Those people behind him and Wang Shengzhan are grasshoppers on a rope.Can they retreat from all over?It is in such an environment that Wang Shengzhan can be so unscrupulous.

Wang Shengzhan

As for the female teacher and the female principal, Wang Shengzhan was intimidated as the director of the Education Bureau, and he tried it repeatedly to have a relationship with them.Where did Wang Shengzhe’s corruption come from?You should know that Yuyao City is just a county -level city, and Wang Shengzhan is just a positive cadre.Why can he be corrupted by 300 million?

First: medium -full private sac, squeeze students’ meal costs.According to statistics, there are 288 schools at all levels in Yuyao, 166 kindergartens, 78 primary schools, 27 junior high schools, and 10 ordinary high schools … But students and parents at all levels have students complaining that the school is too bad.Where did the meal cost?This money is naturally allocated by Wang Shengzhan, director of the Education Bureau. As for his pockets and a lot of food fees, all of them are set by him.The supervision department did not take it seriously at first, but when there were more and more parents who reported it, they found that there was something. From this, Wang Shengzhan’s "fox tail" was taken out, so as to use the "double -sided person" directorPull off the horse.

Second: Increase student consumption in school.Wang Shengzhan not only raised the cost of school uniforms and school bus; it also increased the cost of enrollment and reconstruction.Although Yuyao City is just a county -level city. According to the 2018 China Statistical Yearbook data, the students in the city have a population of 260,000.Imagine that the price of school uniforms is 5 yuan/set, the school bus price increases 1 yuan/time, the enrollment fee is increased by 100 yuan/person, and the cost of further studies is increased by 50/person. Among them, the profit is more than one million!

Third: Thank you for collecting school construction projects.There are a total of 288 schools in Yuyao, and the renovation and construction of each school need to take the process of the Education Bureau.Wang Shengzhan colluded with the construction company with his duties, recruited the project for it, and made a lot of benefits from it.

Fourth: collect money from the faculty and staff.The evaluation or post mobilization of the teachers in Yuyao City also requires the approval process of the Education Bureau for approval.And this allowed Wang Shengzhan to have another source of income. In order to benefit himself, some teachers bribed Wang Shengzhan with benefits. Wang Shengzhan did not refuse, and all the income pockets.

Wang Shengzhan was so corrupt and bribery, and conspiracy with power, not only seriously violated the party discipline and violated the law, but also severely damaged the reputation of the education system.The education community cannot be defiled. This is a pure place. It is a place where every child from ignorance to maturity. It is the key place for the future of the great motherland.

Wang Shengzhan

On February 2, 2023, the Yuyao Discipline Inspection Commission issued a notice of investigation notice on the party secretary and director of the Yuyao Education Bureau Wang Shengzhan.At present, the details of the case are under further investigation.

The old fox Wang Shengzhan may have expected a day when he would have been arrested. His dear -wife and daughter have been going overseas for many years.Wang Shengzhan’s daughter has excellent results. She has not returned to study abroad in 2017, while Wang Shengzhan’s wife is accompanied by abroad.The stolen money from Wang Shengzhan may have been transferred to overseas by him. When he comes out, he can reunite with his mother and daughter, and he can live a life of soil.

Wang Shengzhan

But what kind of trial will Wang Shengzhan be subject to?We do not know, we only want to punish it from heavy punishment.His behavior has aroused the condemnation of people from all walks of life and the majority of netizens. Such a director must be severely punished, and he really hopes that the education industry in our country can be less like Wang Shengzhan.

Wang Shengzhan

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