The elderly in the countryside often say: Peach is full of apricot injury, and if Li Shu lifts dead people to eat Lizi, will it really be dead?

Plum, this kind of fruit often reminds people of sweetness and deliciousness.However, for some rural elderly people, Li Zi has a special saying: "Peach is full of apricot, and Li Shu lifts dead." This proverb seems to imply that eating plums may lead to danger or even death.So, will eating plums really die?In this article, we will analyze this proverb and unveil the truth.

First of all, we need to understand the origin of this proverb and the meaning behind it.This proverb has been circulating in rural areas for a long time. As a traditional folk knowledge, it contains certain experience and wisdom.However, we must also notice that this traditional knowledge is not necessarily scientific and accurate. It may be based on certain specific observations and experiences, but lacks systematic empirical research support.

First of all, let’s take a look at the "peach full apricot injury" mentioned in the proverb.This seems to mean that after eating peaches, if you eat apricot, it may cause harm to your health.However, from the perspective of modern science, this statement does not have conclusive evidence support.Taozi and apricot are fruits. They have some differences in nutritional ingredients and eating methods, but there are no clear evidence that their combinations will cause harm to the human body.

Next, let’s further analyze the other part of this proverb: "Lift the dead under the bottom of Li Shu".This proverb seems to have serious consequences and even fatal after implies that after eating plums.However, we need to be a little more clear that simply eating plums will not cause death.Plum is a nutritious fruit, which contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber that is beneficial to the human body.Under normal circumstances, the moderate amount of plums will not cause harm to human health.

However, under specific circumstances, eating plums may have an adverse reaction to some people.First of all, individual differences exist, and some people may be allergic to plums or sensitive to some of them.In this case, eating plums may cause allergic reactions, such as itching of the skin and difficulty breathing.Such allergic reactions are usually individual -specific, not universal laws.

In addition, if the plum is immature or improperly stored, it may contain high acidic substances.When eating too mature or not fresh, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.This is mainly because the acidic substances in the immature plums may stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

However, these adverse reactions are usually mild and temporary, and do not lead to serious consequences or death.For most people, the moderate amount of mature plums is safe and can obtain nutritional benefits from it.In fact, Li Zi also has certain health care functions, such as promoting digestion and enhancing immunity.

So why is there a saying "Lift the Dead of Li Shu"?This may be related to the special environment of plums.Li Zishu usually grows in rural or rural areas, and villagers often pick Lizi under Li Shu.In this process, if you accidentally fall off the tree or accident or even cause accidents due to climbing branches, it may cause damage or even death.In this case, "lift the dead under the bottom of Li Shu" is more symbolic, suggesting that engaging in dangerous activities in a specific environment may cause danger.The essence of this statement is to warn people to pay attention to safety when picking fruits or engaging in high -risk activities, instead of referring to Li Zi itself that leads to death.

In general, the proverb of "peach full apricot hurts people, and Li Shu lift the dead", which is passed down from the rural population. There is no scientific basis for proven to prove that eating Lizi will be fatal.As a nutritious fruit, it is safe and healthy.However, individual differences, allergies or improper consumption may cause some mild adverse reactions, but these are not enough to cause serious consequences.

Finally, we must emphasize that while enjoying delicious fruits, we should maintain a moderate and diverse dietary habits.All kinds of fruits have their own unique nutritional components and health benefits, and reasonable matching is the key to maintaining health.If individuals have a history of allergies or discomfort, it is recommended to consult the opinions of doctors or professionals to ensure their health and safety.

Therefore, in summary, eating plums will not really cause people to death.This rural proverb is more a traditional folk statement, which aims to remind people to pay attention to safety and avoid accidents.Under the cognition of science and rationality, we can rest assured to enjoy the deliciousness of plums and other fruits, and actively pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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