The expectant mother can not be greedy. For the health of the baby, some things should be eaten less

The expectant mothers are very uncomfortable when they are pregnant.If you don’t want to walk, you want to lie down.There will be nausea and vomiting.But you need to eat nutritious supplements when you are pregnant.Especially eat something that is good for your baby to develop.People think that egg nutrients are high, and eating is good for the baby.Very suitable for expectant mothers to eat.But there are some eggs that cannot be eaten.Not only does it have no nutritional ingredients, but it also affects the baby’s health.

Nana is an elderly mother, and she finally conceives her baby.The relatives at home are very happy.It happened in the summer, Nana wanted preserved eggs and cold dishes.Her mother felt like eating, so she would buy more for her to eat.It is said that the woman who is pregnant is snoring and wants to eat more.Nana doesn’t know what’s going on?She always wanted to eat, and she liked it.Soon Nana is going to have a baby.Unexpectedly, the baby born was a malformed child.The doctor told her because she ate too much preserved eggs and cold dishes.There is a preserved egg with exceeding standards.Eating too much will affect the baby’s health.She regretted it at the time.How can you be so greedy.Her mother also felt wrong.Sorry for daughter, very blame.Therefore, the expectant mother who is pregnant remember not to eat things about preserved eggs.

Most expectant mothers only know that the eggs are high in nutrition, but they do not know that some eggs cannot be eaten.After eating it, it will be.In order to prevent expectant mothers from eating too many eggs, I tell you that some eggs should eat less.For example, seven cooked flowing yellow eggs can be eaten, but try to eat as little as possible.My friends particularly like to eat flowing eggs.During pregnancy, I also ate a lot of seven -cooked liquid eggs.When she was at first, she was a little nauseous, anemia.Later, it was severely aborted.At that time, she regretted that she knew not to be greedy and the child would not fall.

I heard a story before, and a expectant mother ate a lot of tea eggs during pregnancy.Although it is said that tea eggs have high nutritional ingredients, pregnant people have not eaten well.It will hurt people who are pregnant.It will also affect the development of the baby.Eating less tea eggs when you are pregnant.Even if you like to eat very much, wait for the baby to be born healthy.But eat as little as possible.Eating more is not good for your baby, which will seriously affect your baby’s health and development.

Most adults, children like to eat braised eggs.The braised egg tastes fragrant, and everyone can’t resist the deliciousness of the braised eggs.Everyone takes braised eggs as snacks.But marinated eggs are pickled foods, and expectant mothers who are pregnant cannot eat.Eating will affect your baby, and your body will be edema.In severe cases, the baby’s birth deformed.Do not eat expectant mothers when you are pregnant.If you want to eat again, you must control yourself, and wait until the baby is born before eating.

Before the pregnancy, expectant mothers like to eat salted eggs. When she is pregnant, she has a mouthful of her mouth.I want to eat salted salted eggs.Two meals must be eaten every day.Eat salted eggs.After persistence for a while, I found my hands and legs more edema.At first, I felt that it might be caused by pregnancy, so I didn’t take it to heart.Later, I found my stomach pain and went to the hospital.The doctor told her that her baby was dead.The reason is that she ate too much salted egg, and she can eat something light when she is pregnant.But because of eating too much salted eggs, the baby is not born with a healthy birth.Think about the baby in October and want to have a baby, because he greedy and hurt the baby.

Let me talk about the real thing that happened to me.A pregnant expectant mother likes to eat eggs.Her mother cooks eggs every day, saying that eggs are nutritious.Eating eggs is good for her body, but she eats every day, and she is disgusting.Later, her mother heard that Songhua eggs were quite similar to the eggs, and she could eat pine eggs.She ate eggs and pine eggs for a while, and at this time she fell in love with eating pine flower eggs.There must be two or even three pine eggs in dinner every day.Later, an accident occurred when she gave birth to a baby.The baby was born smoothly, but it was malformed.The doctor said that the baby’s malformations are mainly related to the diet of pregnant women.At this time they told the doctor that they loved to eat pine flower eggs.At that time, the doctor said that he could eat less and eat one occasionally when he wanted to eat.How can you eat so much.Because of the greedy mother of pregnancy, it harmed the baby.

Many people like to eat eggs, but the expectant mother who is pregnant should pay attention.If you want to eat, eat one occasionally.But you ca n’t be greedy, greedy is not good for your body.It will also affect the baby’s development. In severe cases, the baby will be unhealthy.The expectant mother who is pregnant does not want to conceive the baby in October because of her greed.It affects the baby and their own safety in the stomach.Be sure to arrange diet reasonably, not be greedy, good for yourself, that is, good for your baby.

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