The fallopian tube blocking the water and the clever sac was taken. The Shenzhen woman was pregnant after 16 years of marriage.

Patient story

"I have never been pregnant in 2006, I have never conceived. I don’t believe it at all when I test the two bars (pregnancy test sticks) …"

Ms. He, 36 years old, was in the clinic and showed the mood of the Director Deng of the Reproductive Medicine Division.Today, Ms. He has been pregnant for four months and has stabilized the "dangerous period", "graduated" from the reproductive medicine department.

I started to contact the test tube 9 years ago

Two times have ended in failure

In 2013, Ms. He, who had been infertile after marriage for a long time, went to the hospital for examination. After diagnosis of the doctor, she confirmed that she had fallopian tubes and tubal stagnation. So she went to test tube transplantation, but she could not get pregnant after transplantation.

In 2014, she went to another hospital for a test tube transplant, but the results were still the same, but she still couldn’t get pregnant.Recalling the failure of the test tube twice in a row, Ms. He said helplessly, "I didn’t understand it at the time, and I didn’t check why I failed."

Although she was longing for children, due to various factors, since the second test tube failed, she did not continue on the road of test tube, thinking that she would not follow the nature, in case the child came silently.

However, although the pregnancy preparing for pregnancy is not urgent, Ms. He is deeply plagued by the fallopian tubes and the accumulation of water. After that, she tried to treat the treatment, dredge the fallopian tube, etc., but she could not cure it.

Subtracting chocolate cysts 5 years ago

Lay hidden dangers for ovarian health

In 2017, Ms. He accidentally found that she had chocolate cysts (ovarian endometriosis) in a conventional physical examination.Due to the large cysts, puncture was unable to use puncture, and Ms. He underwent the traditional laparoscopic chocolate cyst removal in the foreign hospital.But she did not know that this operation laid huge hidden dangers for future ovarian health.

What is chocolate cyst?In fact, the ectopic endometrium grows in the ovarian leather and periodic bleeding, forming a single or multiple cysts. Old blood gathered in the sac to form a brown viscous liquid. It looks like chocolate, so it is commonly known as "ovarian chocolate cyst".

At present, the traditional diagnosis and treatment standards of ovarian chocolate cysts are laparoscopy, that is, laparoscopy "ingenu" is stripped.In most cases, "ingenuity" can be smoothly peeled, but during this operation, it will inevitably damage ovarian cortex, and ovarian cortex is the main ovarian tissue. If it is destroyed, it is equivalent to damaging the eggs.

The egg reserve of women in her life is fixed and non -renewable. If eggs are damaged, pregnancy will become more and more difficult.Therefore, chocolate cyst surgery must be cautious, and the patient’s ovarian function and fertility must be protected.

Sudden amenorrhea 2 years ago

AMH value as low as 0.026

In the three years after the clever cystic peeling surgery, Ms. He consciously everything was normal.The days have passed day by day, and the stomach still has no movement, and Ms. He seems to be used to it.

However, such a day was suddenly broken.Beginning in February 2020, Ms. He found that menstruation did not come to "visit". After waiting for three or four months, she finally couldn’t sit still and went to the hospital for examination.

Sex hormone examination tips: FSH: 30IU/L, LH: 22.74IU/L, AMH: 0.026ng/ml, diagnosed as "ovarian function loss".The doctor told her that her ovarian reserve was almost exhausted, and the ovarian function was equivalent to the level of 50.

The overall trend of the decline in ovarian reserve function is irreversible. Medically, AMH> 2 represents sufficient ovarian reserves. AHM <1 means that the ovarian reserves decline.Continuous decline.In this case, you want your child not only to fight against the physical conditions, but also to run with time to grasp the final timing of the auxiliary reproduction.

After learning that she might quickly lose the chance of pregnancy, Ms. He gritted her teeth and restarted her "test tube road".

Grasp the final timing of the auxiliary reproduction

She restarts the "test tube road"

In July 2020, Ms. He was 34 years old.After being introduced by a friend, she and her husband came to Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital to seek the help of Director Deng Weifen.

After inspection, it was found that Ms. He had a small amount of sinus follicles and low AMH values; her husband also found that the number of sperm was small under the examination.Based on the results of the two people’s inspection, Director Deng Weifen and Deputy Director Wang Feng made a personalized treatment plan: the woman needs to be conditioned by the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, the guidance of life, etc.The mild stimulation solution obtains embryo; the man needs to take drugs to improve sperm vitality.

Because Ms. He’s ovarian function is too poor, each egg retrieval opportunity is very precious. The couple want to save a few more embryos.After many times when he came to the hospital to promote ovulation, he finally obtained 4 transplantable embryos.

On May 11, 2022, Ms. He finally waited for her transplant day, and Director Deng Weifen performed the transplant for her.Good things, Ms. He was pregnant this time.She is currently in the middle of pregnancy, everything is good.

Ms. He receives NT graduation gifts and takes photos with Deputy Director Wang Feng, Director Deng Weifen, Dr. Li Yamei Dr. Li Yamei

Doctor’s reminder:

Patients with ingenuity must have a sense of fertility to save consciousness

Ms. He’s "story" was successfully concluded, but in fact, such "stories" were not so thrilling.

Director Deng Weifen said that no matter whether there is a need for fertility, premature ovarian failure will affect the normal life of women, and for patients with maternity demand, they must have a sense of fertility preservation.

"With the development and time continuation of chocolate cysts in the body of the patient’s body, it will have a great impact on the quality and ovarian reserve function itself. In addition, when medical treatment, if the doctor’s awareness of protecting the ovarian nests and protecting fertility is not consciousStrong, so it is tantamount to worsening for the patient. "

In this regard, Director Deng Weifen made a reminder: If the child has no fertility requirements and the clinical symptoms are not obvious, the chocolate cysts can be temporarily treated without treatment, but if the chocolate cysts are actually consideredFrozen ovarian tissue and eggs.If there is a need for fertility, we recommend that we have to give birth to or frozen embryos as soon as possible."

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