The fatter expectant mothers did not lose weight during pregnancy but decreased. Is this normal?

Pregnant women who have overweight before pregnancy have decreased during pregnancy, or their weight gain is rarely increased. This is not uncommon.Sometimes pregnant women lose their weight temporarily in the early stages of pregnancy, and slowly pick up again until the second and second trimester of pregnancy.As long as you eat nutrition, this should not affect your baby.

There are many reasons that may decrease pregnant women.Part of the weight during pregnancy is stored in the form of fat, as energy for you to use during childbirth and breastfeeding.But if you already have enough reserves, your body may make adjustments accordingly.The heavier your weight before pregnancy, the less weight during pregnancy.

At the same time, because your body needs more calories during pregnancy, if the diet does not change, the weighing weight of pregnant women will eventually decrease.During pregnancy, your body will preferentially provide nutrition for the fetus.Because the calories you consume are consumed by his growth and development, you may need to use the previously stored fat to provide your body needs, which will also cause pregnant women to decrease.

In addition, many expectant mothers in early pregnancy are caused by pregnancy, because pregnancy vomiting can make them have no appetite.

However, you don’t have to worry too much about the decline of pregnant women will affect the fetus.Studies made by expectant mothers who were nauseous and vomiting during pregnancy showed that although pregnant women’s weight decreased, the fetal condition was still good.A small -scale study in 1998 showed that for obese expectant mothers, the weight loss or weight change during pregnancy did not affect the baby.

However, if the weight of pregnant women suddenly changes sharply, such as a decrease or increase of 5 kg within a week, then you must tell the doctor immediately.Because this may mean that you have potential problems.

The best solution is to have nutrients for diet and provide fetal nutrients for growth and development.At the same time, you must keep healthy and not hungry yourself.

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