The fetal stopping biochemical, all 6 weeks +1 this time!It’s easy to find a right way to get pregnant!

43 days today, I just did the B -ultrasound, and the fetal heart and fetal buds were all available. It was difficult to explain the happiness and excitement in my heart.

I got married on April 18 last year, because I don’t want to have too early children, I have been contraceptive. By August, I kept eating other people’s banquets and had children. I wanted to be contraceptive. As a result, I hit it once.Then because of being young and not as a matter, all kinds of running and playing. After watching the B -ultrasound in 35 days, I was very relieved.

I also went to the restaurant that I just renovated. This is the reason that my embryo stopped developing. In the hotel for more than ten days, the smell is unpleasant. I stay up late to sleep at more than 12 o’clock every day.Tired, I feel that I am not so fragile. As a result, I went to check without fetal heart!

It was a thunderbolt. I never thought that I would have a baby as a young age. Last year I was only 21 years old. I thought that I had no problems with my body. The doctor also said that I was waiting for the B -ultrasound for ten days. I said I need to eat it.Do the doctor say that you do n’t have to go home to bed, and then I go back at ease. Now I think it ’s really stupid. I did n’t take a look at it, so I went back like that

After I went back, I cried, and then everyone around me advised me that many people would have fetal heart buds 2 months later, letting me relax my heart, I was paralyzed, I thought it was okay. As a result, I went to 60 days and then went to go again in 60 days.The gestational sac is not long. At this time, I haven’t realized what it caused, and I didn’t want to check it. Then the doctor told me that the pregnancy sac was small.I asked my children three months after the drug flow. After one year, the flow of people was really sad.

I clearly remember that day, on October 10th, I went to the hospital, took the medicine on the third day, and the doctor stuffed another medicine. I lay on the bed and waited for the contraction.It hurts, and then half an hour later, the pregnancy sac was flowed out. At that time, I was weak. My husband held me to do a B -ultrasound. The doctor prescribed the medicine for a week.Son, thank my husband at this moment. After the fetal stopped last year, we cried for some headache. Later, he was encouraging me. Otherwise, I think I would be depressed

The fetal stopping biochemical, all 6 weeks +1 this time!It’s easy to find a right way to get pregnant!

After the little confinement was done, I went to the hospital to check my body in a comprehensive examination. The doctor said that after two months, I started to ask for it. I was very obedient. I kept contraception. When I went out to play in the New Year, I still felt heartache when I saw someone else’s children.

Then I started a difficult way to prepare for pregnancy, because I was pregnant once before, and I didn’t pay much attention. I was in the same room every other day every month. As a result, I did not move for three months.

The third month is in April. I was postponed for a month and did not come for a month. I went to the hospital for examination. The hormone was checked for B -ultrasound. The test was high. The result was the polycystic ovary. The doctor asked me to eat Da Ying.In contraceptive pills, I took a month ofrogen and therogen did not drop and high, so I won’t take it.

In June, I started taking Chinese medicine. I also ate a month. I also tested the follicles. The follicles had grown. I still did n’t want to be pregnant. Then I started to doubt my husband and let my husband check the sperm. As a result, everything is normal!

In July, at this time I started to doubt my life.EssenceI watched a lot of sisters, soaking my feet to drink soy milk skipping rope. I also started. After a holiday, I ate black beans for a week, cook 47 salt water a day, drink black soy milk, black beans, red jujube, and black rice together. Drink three a day.Bowl, drink soybean milk for a week, soak my feet every day, skip the rope, and finally, this month makes me conceive, but early pregnancy is not deepened, 35 days old, I am anxious to go to the hospital to draw blood, HCG is only 78, Then I have biochemistry. Although I am sad this time, I look at many people say that it is easier to conceive after biochemical, and I am relieved again

Then in August, it continued the same month, but menstruation came, and giving up my plan to do it in September to do the tubal angiography.

In mid -September, I went to get Chinese medicine and continued to condition if I was ready. The Chinese medicine said that I was a bit cold. The Chinese medicine started taking it after the holiday. As a result, I did not come to the holiday in September.The regular holiday came, soaking again, giving up, and then, the head is here

The holiday on October 8th was all clean. I originally planned to start drinking Chinese medicine. Then I felt that the leucorrhea was abnormal. I went to check it first. I think I have been in the wrong direction before!Go to the inspection, and sure enough, the cervical erosion is 2 degrees. The doctor said that you can’t run in the inflammatory sperm. He already needs to be treated. The doctor gave me medicine and prescribed it for another week. When the medicine was prescribedDid I say that of course I need to change my medicine to the mildness, say that it does not affect the child, and then I go home, and the Chinese medicine does not take it.

Just on the 14th, I suddenly pulled the leucorrhea!The transparent, very beautiful brushed, I think it is very surprised. This is the first time I started to ask my child for leucorrhea brushes in February, and then did not measure the ovulation. I was in the same room with my husband. Her husband was also very powerful, 14, 15, 16.17. After four days of A, the two of us relaxed this month and felt that the inflammation was affected. It was certain that the child would come, and then it was very relaxed.The hospital reviewed that I told the doctor that the ovulation period was A, and the doctor gave me the medicine and did not prescribe the medicine. He said that he was afraid of getting pregnant.

In the past few days of ovulation, my breasts were particularly soft. My husband said that he had never been so soft, and then the chest was hardened again on the 18th. It was still painful. It was the same time as before.I think there is no play again

The fetal stopping biochemical, all 6 weeks +1 this time!It’s easy to find a right way to get pregnant!

Then in those days, we ran to eat hot pot every day.

Then on the evening of the 25th, I tested an early pregnancy. I didn’t give up my heart. Of course, I was tested as a big white board. Then I tested a ovulation. I found a little red.It will be red before the holiday, and then the next day I did not measure early pregnancy, ovulation was measured, and I found that it was deepened. It was close to the yang. I felt that there was a play. I held back the early pregnancy. I waited another day.Then test early pregnancy and find the mother’s gray!

Give it to my husband, of course, I ca n’t see it, saying that I want the child to be crazy, regardless of him, and then torment every day to continue the test. I slowly saw the deepening. I bought a Corelan to show that I was pregnant for one or two weeks.Everyone who has tormented in this understands

Starting pregnancy in 40 days, I opened my eyes in the morning and hungry. I wanted to vomit when I ate it. I responded the most in the morning and night. Then I was in 43 days today. When I got up in the morning, I touched my stomach. I suddenly reacted.When I arrived at the fetal heart, haha, this is the sixth sense of a mother, so I went to the hospital immediately. I asked to be directly overcast, and I could see it clearly.I slept again, although I still retider, but my heart is really satisfied

The fetal stopping biochemical, all 6 weeks +1 this time!It’s easy to find a right way to get pregnant!

Having said so much, I want to tell everyone that it is really important to find my own point. I definitely have a delay in inflammation. You guys, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a good examination.Wai, not everyone is so pregnant, we have to work hard to give the baby a good environment, he will be happy to arrive

I hope everyone can do it. PS: My friend gave me a Korean card to test the men and women.Just, as long as let me give him a good birth, it is the biggest thanksgiving

In the end, I wish you all a good pregnancy, as soon as possible!

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