The fetus was burned by a fire and the fetus was alive.

"My husband and mother -in -law drop me, you must not give up me and your children, I want to live well …"

A burnt woman was lying on the bed, and she begged her family difficultly.

When he heard a woman, none of the people standing in the ward did not shed tears.

While they distressed the miserable destiny of the woman, they were more worried about her physical condition.

The coverage area of her body is as high as 90 %. Now she is a life hanging line. Besides, it is even more difficult to keep the fetus in the abdomen.

The woman is weak, but the mother is strong!With her tenacious willpower, she defeated everything and moved everyone!

A 24 -year -old Xiaoying from Weifang, Shandong, often has a barbecue restaurant with her husband after marriage.

The young couple taught people to do things with good things. Seeing a three -point laugh, the business of the small shop was booming.

In 2014, Xiaoying was pregnant, and her husband was happy. In order to make his wife not too tired, he received his mother’s mother from the store to help.

However, there is no wish. On October 16th, major changes occurred at home, and all the happiness turned into black.

On this day, the shadow couple and her mother -in -law, as usual, got up early to prepare today’s ingredients in the store, suddenly a loud noise, and the furnace of the back kitchen exploded.

The three were swallowed by the fire and instantly became "fire people."

The explosion shocked the surrounding neighbors and passers -by. The family of three had been burned to be unrecognizable when it was rescued from the sea of fire.

The three were quickly sent to the Weifang People’s Hospital. The husband and mother -in -law’s husband and mother -in -law burned the area of 100 %, and the shadow’s burns were as high as 90 %.The place was her abdomen.

It turned out that when the fire occurred, Xiaoying subconsciously protected the abdomen, maybe this is because of the mother’s love.

After examination, everything in the lower abdomen was normal.

Perhaps it is God’s care. Without the small piece of skin in the abdomen of the small shadow, the doctor would not have a skin test and later surgery. The child may not even have the opportunity to be born.

Xiao Ying’s family also rushed to the hospital after learning the news.

When I saw a small shadow lying on the sick bed, the family was stunned.

Sister Xiaoying recalled: "My sister was lying in a dark body in the sick bed, forming a sharp contrast with the white sick bed, and her hair was burned."

Before the family has not slowed down, unfortunate news came outside the ward again.

Xiaoying’s husband and mother -in -law died at the same time in the hospital the next day due to severe burns.

The family was afraid that her sister couldn’t bear it, and told Xiaoying in her heart sadness: "They are still rescued."

Although the family said in unison that her husband and mother -in -law quickly passed the dangerous period, but the sensitive shadow still captured the truth of the facts.

I foreseeable the truth of the matter, but she still wanted to get "no" from her sister’s mouth.

The sister just nodded with tears.

What everyone didn’t expect was that Xiao Ying was silent for a long time after being affirmed by his sister.

The baby in the belly may also perceive the death of the relatives, moved in the mother’s abdomen, and the child’s fetal movement relieved the silent small shadow.

She tremblingly said: "Sister, I don’t want to die, they don’t want us anymore. You can’t give up us. Please save us if you want to sell iron to sell iron. The child is the last hope of this family …"

During her words, she wanted to touch the baby in the belly, but the severe burn arms had stifferently moved, not to mention that every time she moved, she was as painful as a pork.

Xiaoying’s bitter begging for the heart of the family, but the cost of 900,000 treatment, was an astronomical figure for them.

When things are in despair, a new turn is suddenly ushered in.

After the villagers knew that the small shadow family encountered a fire, the households donated 3500 donations, and soon raised 20,000 yuan.

Later, as major media also exposed the shadow, caring people from all walks of life also extended their assistance to this unfortunate mother.

Older people who are as old as seventy -eighty, and children who are one or two years old, they all sincerely wish this great mother to recover soon.

With the help of all sectors of society, more than 900,000 were donated a few days, and the hospital also reduced some costs.

It seems that the cost of treatment has been settled, but it is just the beginning of the painful pain.

If you want to keep the fetus in the abdomen smoothly, the small shadow’s burns can not be performed, because the drugs used in the severe shadow are antibiotics.

If the shadow is treated, the fetus may be in the death of these antibiotic drugs.

If you abandon the healing burns, you will be infected, and the later treatment of small shadows cannot be performed.

After consultation with experts, they suggested to give up Xiaobao Da.

After repeated considerations, the family concealed the advice of the doctor from Xiaoying.

When the doctor fully rescued Xiaoying, the sensitive she premoned her family’s decision.

This time, like the last time, she didn’t cry, but called her sister to her, and asked her sister to move her hand to her belly.

"Sister, you touch your child and start to naughty again. I am willing to change the child’s life with my life …" Xiao Ying really looked at the sister.

In the end, everyone was moved by the firmness of this mother.

Doctors use some simple physical methods and conservative drugs to treat the shadow burns to ensure that the burns are not infected, and strive to adhere to the fetal maturity.

This process is easy to say, but it is really difficult to do it.

Due to the conservative treatment of medication, Xiao Ying’s burns infected increased, and the pain every day made her sleep for less than an hour.

My sister recalled: "My sister can’t stand it so much, let her chop her hands, we said that she gave her an painstick, but she refused, afraid of not being good for the child …"

Such pain is every moment, and ordinary people cannot imagine, and they are more painful than this, and they are waiting for her later.

Due to the severe burns of the whole body, there are a large number of dead skin on the burns. In order to treat later treatment, you must tear off this layer of dead skin.

After the dead skin is torn off, the bright red meat is exposed outside. In order to keep the skin dry, the body should be applied countless times every day. The process of medicine is undoubtedly sprinkled with salt on the wound.

Because the back of the shadow is also a severe burns, it is impossible to carry its own weight. In order to prevent the back large -scale infection, Xiaoying has to turn over every two hours.

Turning over is a movement for our normal people, but it is "torture on earth."

The dead skin on the back is torn off, and the fresh meat without skin is full of sticky meat on the medical cotton pad. Each time she turns over, it must be torn off slowly from the back, and every time the blood will wet the sheets under her.

This kind of pain shadow has to endure 12 times a day. Sometimes the shadow will ask for "waiting for another five minutes". The family feels like a "threat" while taking the child as a "threat."

As soon as I heard the child’s small shadow no longer speak, I gritted my teeth and turned over with my family.

And every time at this time, Xiaoying sings a song: "There are only moms in the world, children with mothers are like blocks, children without mothers are like grass …"

Xiao Ying’s singing sang a lot of people. Xiao Ying’s mother listened to her daughter’s singing, and she was dripping blood. She endured her tears and did not fall.

"Mom, I will hurt that like that, I have children now, I will not hurt when I think of my mother …"

The woman is weak, and the mother is strong.

The small shadow lying on the bed not only withstand physical pain every day, but also psychologically strikes.

She repeatedly had the same nightmare and dreamed that she was still in the sea of fire, and she shouted desperately to save her sister.

Just a month of suffering, Xiao Ying had a premature birth, and his body also had a condition, and he continued to have a high fever.

In order to prevent the tragedy at the same time, the doctor decided to induce labor. In order to avoid wound infection, Xiaoying could only choose to give birth.

However, Xiaoying’s whole body has a thick layer of scabs, as hard as iron, and the mother needs to cooperate with the whole body of the mother, but now she can’t even separate her legs, and she can’t do the production position.

The production was pushed to the ghost gate again. Many lovers outside the ward cheer up for the mother and son.

Xiao Ying is still indomitable. She looks forward to meeting with her child. The child she exchanged with her life is working hard to cooperate with the doctor’s work.

Finally, with the blessings of everyone, with the efforts of the medical staff, the next morning, the daughter of Xiaoying took everyone’s blessing.

After the child was born 19 days, Xiaoying left with the child’s reluctance.

Xiao Ying’s family will transfer the love of Xiaoying to the child and name the child "Enn".

Thanks to her mother for her life with her life, and gratitude to society for helping them.

The power of motherly love has given this ordinary woman’s indestructible force, and she endured the purgatory torture in exchange for miracles.

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