The fetus was determined at the moment of fertilization, or did it decide later?

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Guide: Although the concept of fertility of "equality between men and women" has become a universal consensus, but in terms of pregnancy and children, we will inevitably bring some personal subjective preferences and expectations for children’s gender.Therefore, for many parents, before the child is born, the guess of the child’s gender and some personal ideas will not stop.

In terms of fetal gender, we used to think that the child was not fixed without the gender of the child, and the current scientific research shows that the gender must be determined when the child is in the mother’s belly, and it cannot be changed.When is the gender of the child determined?Is it determined at the moment of fertilization, or did it be later decided?

For this issue, let’s first understand what the factors that determine the gender of the fetus are:

In the past, we would think that boys and girls were determined by mothers, but in fact, the key to having boys and women was the sperm type of the father, because the key to determining the gender of the fetus was the type of gene chromosome.We all know that the gender of men and women is different, namely XY and XX, and only the sperm of the father can only have X and Y chromosome genes at the same time.

When the same room is in the same room, the father will release sperm including two different types of X and Y at the same time. After combining with the mother’s eggs, it will produce a girl or boy’s fertilized egg.Combination with eggs.Therefore, the gender of the fetus, from the moment the fertilization was successful, was decided and could not be changed.

Therefore, the gender problem of the fetus has been determined from the genetic level. The father’s X chromosome sperm cannot form a boy with Y chromosome.However, at the beginning of the fetal development, the organs of the gender characteristics of the fetus have not yet developed, so the gender characteristics of the fetus have not been accurately expressed, but this does not mean that the gender of the fetus is not determined.

From the perspective of fetal development, after entering 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal reproductive organs of the fetus have basically developed. At this time, we can clearly distinguish the fetal gender men and women through B -ultrasound.but!In my country, it is not allowed to monitor the gender during pregnancy. This is an illegal behavior, so parents should not be too attached to know the gender of the fetus in advance.

In our daily life, we can always hear a lot of ways to judge the gender of the fetus, such as: looking at the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly, the boy is a sharp belly, and the girl is round;There are also pregnancy lines on the stomach of the pregnant mother, the boy on the left, and the girl on the right … These statements are all unscientific.

During the process of pregnancy, there is no clear external manifestation between boys and girls, that is, we cannot determine the specific gender of the fetus through the personal performance of the pregnant mother during pregnancy.The main reason for the different performances of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is the adverse reactions caused by the changes in estrogen hormone levels in the pregnant mother.

There are also many so -called "tire medicines" in many folk remedies, that is, through drinking medicine or taking other things, they can transform women’s tires into male fetuses.And these methods are even more basically not based on it, because this not only has no effect of the tire, but also eats messy during pregnancy, it may also hurt the baby in the stomach.

Finally, as our parents, choosing children means that we need to be responsible for this upcoming new life, and at the same time, we do not have to be too tangled on the issue of children’s gender.In the face of some folk claims, we must also maintain a sense of reason and believe in science.

Important tips: The key factor in determining the gender of the fetus is the type of father sperm. Therefore, the gender of the fetus has been fixed and cannot be changed at the moment of the success of fertilization.And those statements about the personal situation of pregnant mothers to judge the gender of the fetus are also content with no scientific basis. We need to treat them with caution and we must not listen blindly.

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