The first beauty in Japan is pregnant!"Mom is a beautiful lady, Dad is Ultraman", how high this pair of fairy couple’s baby …

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Just as the "scum men" in China are endless

There is a good news from the Japanese entertainment industry:

Star model couple DAIGO and Kitagawa Moriko have a baby!IntersectionIntersection

The due date is this fall!

The front row netizens immediately sent a blessing:

"In the future, the baby can introduce himself to itself:

My dad is Ultraman, my mother is a beautiful girl!"

Real name envy ~

In order to not know much about the netizens of CP, make a personal introduction simply

Kitagawa Koniko

Also known as "Japanese Yanba"

Wo 5 championships in the list of "Women’s Most Want" list

It is a recognized "360 -degree" artist recognized by the whole people

With the handsome appearance with exquisiteness

Make -up fashion magazine

The point is still very talented

4 years old to learn piano

The composition was published twice in literature during reading

It has also become a reading comprehension question for high Chinese literature test test papers

17 -year -old year

Jingzi participated in the reality version of "Sailor Moon"

Show your skills you learn in school

——An sweet potato engraving …

The style of painting style helped her successfully elected Mars Fireyo

After more than ten years

The most famous role she has appeared is

"Dear Friends" in the proud girl who is terminally ill

The sales genius in the Japanese version of "An Home" (the role of Sun Yan)

When still shooting the latter

Fuck every episode must be a famous sentence- "I can’t sell without a house"

Get the best actress for the Japanese Drama Academy

simply put

This is a very attacking, a lot of female fans

not talking

The height is 159cm but has a momentum of 180cm


The young lady who exposed her very low smile

Thousands of miles of marriage line lead

Her relationship with her husband Daigo

It just starts on this line by laughing

DAIGO real

Is the lead singer of the variety host, actor and rock band Breakerz

Once playing Ultraman

Still the grandson of the former Prime Minister of Japan

simply put

It is the three generations of the officials of the entertainment industry

The two of them met at the beginning of the acting series

Goodbye to the variety show hosted by DAIGO

Kitagawa Moriko was teased by his "first letter stalk"

(General artists hear Daigo’s stalks are speechless rather than laughing)

After all, I encountered an upper channel

After the recording

DAIGO took the initiative to ask Jingzi to contact the meal

Under the assists of common friends

At the end of the year, the two of them were exposed by magazines


Although neither of them officially acknowledged the relationship

But this is a public secret

The whole people start to cp

Men and women’s daily programs are cUE

"How are you with that lady now?" Daigo: "The pinnacle of life"

After public love in 2015

August of the same year

DAIGO is in a 24 -hour live charitable show

After running a long marathon

Formally proposed to Kitagawa Yoshiko!

January 11, 2016

The two held a reporter’s enrollment to declare marriage

At the meeting, the newlywed couple Lian Sa San waves of dog food


Jingzi: The reason is set on January 11th,

It is because we met again today.(Refers to that variety show)

And I like 1, I think 1 is auspicious.

DAIGO: It should have been opened at 11:11 on November 11th,

But because I couldn’t wait to marry her, I could advance until January 11.


Reporter: Please Daigo to talk about which dish you like the most?

DAIGO: Ah … This is so difficult to choose.

Such as grilled beef, curry and the like, especially delicious …

Jingzi: I want you to say some difficult dishes.(Looks more amazing)

DAIGO: More … the exquisite and complicated one, right?

Jingzi: I have done a lot (but I can get my cowhide and will waist)

DAIGO: Yes, Strokanov Beef

Jingzi: Right, Right Right,


Reporter: Ask the wedding banquet.

Jingzi: Daigo thinks more than me, my words …

(Ask next door) What should I do?

DAIGO: Just stay by me.

Daigo, who is responsible for the sweet mouth, also created a new song for the wedding

The song title "KSK" was exactly what he said when he proposed

"Please marry me," the Roman Scholarship Letter

Jingzi: Usually he said that I will be very happy to wait for him to unveil the mystery,

I only reacted this time.

After marriage, dog food tube is full

the first year:

Accompanying Kitagawa Jingzi finished watching Daigo of the animated theater version of "Magic Girl"

I posted a small story in Twitter

"The wife cried because she wanted to be a magical girl because she wanted to be a magical girl.

I am a man, so I ca n’t be a magical girl, and I cried.

Fortunately, the world and the two of us were protected unknowingly.grateful."

After 20 minutes, he wrote again:

"Although we can’t be a magical girl,

But thinking of his wife is a beautiful girl, I am Ultraman,

It’s okay."

the second year:

DAIGO is interviewed

When asked, "Is there anything that has not changed for two years?"

Answer: "Several times, the house will still be shocked,

‘Wow!It is Kitagawa Moriko himself.‘

To be honest, she is still not used to her amazing beauty."

He was asked about the details of getting along with

It was revealed that Jingzi had a quirk:

I like to break things with a paper machine

Including the TV drama script that has been filmed

There are even photos taken by myself

So Daigo asked her, "Is it okay to lose such an important photo?"

Jingzi (looking back and firm) said:

"I don’t need to go!"

The man "killed" for a second:

"I heard her say that, I also decided to make her again!"

Two years in love, four years of marriage

The first post after one party opens INS is to take a photo and bask in love

Jingzi’s 31st birthday

Daigo Give 31 Roses

33rd birthday

Send 33 roses

wedding anniversary

Not even the same arrangements for husband and wife

In the entertainment industry that is true and false, combined in combination

What is really moving than CP cp is really moving

Although the Lord is low -key, it is always sugar!

Everyone watched them know from each other to get married

Occasionally, the corners of the exposed are also sweet as early as the beginning

Now add pregnancy and joy

In a word to cover it

When this CP does not explode at this time!

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