The first child is the son, and the second child is the son. The answer of the three dads is a bit realistic

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Now many people are busy having a second child. One of the important reasons for having a second child is that the first child is a daughter, and the second child wants a son, because traditional thoughts still imprison many families.But there are some reasons that they have to give birth to their births when they are pregnant. Some of them are the parents of their son. The second child wants a daughter, but it is still a son.Some people expressed their opinions: the world is really unfair. We can’t give birth to a son who wants to have a son every day. The fetus is the daughter of the son’s desperate daughter!

But even the two babies are sons. It is really lucky and unfortunate. Some media interviewed the two -child family in the community and also opened a forum online.

Dad 1:

"The life is bitter, the pressure is strong. Originally, both of my wife and I had a job. After having the second son, the old man couldn’t bring it. The daughter -in -law could only resign.I’m exhausted when enjoying blessings. "

Dad 2:

"When you have no son, you are envious of people who have sons. When you have a son, you have come to two. I thought I could wake up with a dream, but I did n’t expect that the older the child, the bigger, and I could n’t even sleep.Thinking that the two sons will go to college in the future, marry a daughter -in -law, buy a house, one head will be two big. "

Dad 3:

"What is the use of the two sons? In the end, don’t you still have to pull his hands with your daughter -in -law into the nursing home? Now these children, who have married their daughter -in -law and have a baby, who can wait for the elderly.

These dad dad transformed into the "grievances". After all, most of them are ordinary people. No one can ask the maid to bring children to find assistants to childcare.

1 It really costs two sons for two sons

It is said that it is poor and rich, but nowadays, there are fewer money than girls. When a child was a child, girls bought headdress and boys to buy basketball.The son’s influence became a "small student", and he had to pay two tuition fees when he went to school. He finally went to college. Even asking his girlfriend to eat and opened a house and had a double share. At the same time, you had to save them.A house.

2 products are really difficult to divide

The poor people have suffering from the poor, and the rich people have their difficulties. There are many conditions to get the family, and the ingredients are complicated like a TV series. In addition, the elderly have to observe for several years to stand up to stand for a few years before they can stand for a few years.Unless the children have the best to be in their own, there are industries, otherwise, some well -off houses are not unable to go up. The three houses cannot be distinguished, and they can make trouble to cause blood war.

3 It is really difficult to educate

The education of a child is completely different from the education of two children, let alone the two sons. The sensible of colleagues to educate is atmospheric, and it is biased.Eccreate can cause children’s perverted psychology, such as competing for strong victory, unscrupulous means of doing things, or staged the battle of the palace or rewing the wisdom in life.

In fact, the best situation is children’s doubles, the boss is the child, the second child is a female, this is the perfect combination.Brother can protect his sister, and my sister can take care of her brother, so it can be easy to educate, because my brother seems to be justified, but he always let his brother let his brother. My brother may not be happy, especially the difference between the two brothers is three years old.Inside, if you are more than a dozen years old, it will be too much.

In short, the two sons are not easy to raise. Bao Dad who is not born must consider whether his economic ability and education level can be competent. If you have given birth, you can do your best to raise the best. As long as the child is healthy, happy, harmonious, and evenThe feelings are deep, and one heart can really insert a knife for each other. The parents do not have to worry about anything. The two brothers will take care of each other and support each other. This is the best result.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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