The first instance of the Chinese pregnant woman’s Thailand’s cliff case was alarming in the truth that the pregnant woman was pushed by her husband!The latest progress of the latest progress of the c

China Pregnant Women’s Thailand Falling Case Prinding Trial: Husband was sentenced to life imprisonment

On March 24th, the supremacy of the defendant Yu Mouong was convicted of the defendant, the defendant, and the first trial was sentenced to life imprisonment.On June 9, 2019, Ms. Wang, a pregnant woman, and her husband, Yu Mouong, fell cliff while playing in Paden National Park, Thailand. After surviving, the pregnant woman accused her husband pushing him down the cliff.The woman’s defense lawyer said Yu Mou Dong was appealed.

Review of Chinese Pregnant Women’s Thailand Falling Case

Since the "Phuket Killing Wife Fraud Case" that shocked China in 2018, this is the second "Thailand Killing Wife Journey" by the pillow.

The woman fell to the cliff, her husband said that due to dizziness in the early stages of pregnancy

It is reported that the incident occurred on June 9, 2019. A Chinese couple from Jiangsu went to the National Park of Koujian County, Wuwenfu from Jiangsu, and the female Fang was pregnant in 3 months.After that, the woman fell from a 34 -meter -high cliff, her body had branches scratches, her left leg and both knees fractured, and their faces were injured.

With the help of rescuers, the woman was sent to the local hospital for treatment.Although the staff tried to understand the passage, the woman was unwilling to disclose any details and also expressed her to see her husband.After seeing her husband, she asked her husband: "Why do you treat me like this?"

After the police questioned the man, the man said that when the incident, he went to the toilet and did not be with his wife.When I returned to the incident, I found that my wife was gone, so I went down the mountain to find my wife.In the early stages of pregnancy, the wife had symptoms of dizziness, so she lost her feet and fell into the cliff.

In addition, when the police asked his wife to question him, the man stated that he had not done anything to his wife. The wife said that he was complaining why he was not with her, why not take good care of her.

After that, the woman had recuperated in the local hospital and was not allowed to visit unrelated personnel. After the police waited for her to get the injury, she made a related transcript.

Police: The women’s department was pushed down the cliff and dare not say that she was threatened by words

After the women’s symptoms improved, the police gave her a transcript.The woman said that she fell from the cliff, but her husband pushed herself down.

The woman said that at first she dared not tell the police fact that her husband had been with him and threatened not to let the facts tell the truth.However, after being protected by confidence, while the husband was not there, he immediately notified the attending doctor, asked the doctor to help the police make a transcript, and let the husband come to the hospital to visit after finishing the transcript.

When the police finished the transcript and collected relevant evidence, the man issued a search order.At 12:30 on June 16, the police arrested him when the man came to the hospital to visit his wife, and would accuse him with attempt to murder.

After the local police detained it, the man denied all allegations and asked to the court. The police would bring it to the Uvan Court on the 18th to wait for further litigation procedures.

According to the police, the reason why the husband pushed his wife to the cliff may be that his wife had hundreds of millions of baht assets, and her husband had no money and no work, and there were many debts.The husband asked his wife to help repay the debt. The wife would only help half of it. If the wife died, the husband could get all the property of his wife, so the husband planned to push his wife down the cliff.

On June 17, the incident party -Ms. Wang, who fell into the cliff, contacted Thai headline journalists with the help of a friend. She said that the facts were completely opposite to her husband Yu Mou.Summary.

After the consent of Ms. Wang, we conducted an exclusive recording interview with Ms. Wang, asking her to ask her the matter. The following is the original words of Ms. Wang:

"After I fell into the cliff, the injury was more serious. I was in a state of surgery and rescue a few days ago. All the transcripts were done by my husband.” Maybe pregnant women are dizzy and falling cliffs’ are all transcripts from my husband, not from me. "

"We went to see the sunrise that day, and there were more than 10 Thai people around. After reading it, the people around him had returned to the parking lot one after another. My husband said that there was a mural of ancient humans 3000 years ago.Go and take a look. He guided me from the empty cliff to the designated viewing point. He followed him in front of him. Walking in front is a broken road, there is no way to go, and you have not seen any 3,000 years of totem.","

"When I returned, I was in front of him. He suddenly held my waist from behind, hugged me, and kissed my right face; after kissing, he pushed hard with both hands from behind me., Falling me into the cliff. I shouted "No," I tried to catch what I could help, but I didn’t catch anything, and it fell in an instant. "

Police are taking pictures of evidence in the incident

"Before the rescue team came to rescue me, I shouted for about 20 minutes, and then the rescue team came. I was awake. In this cliff, although I had multiple fractures on my body, my head did not fall.arrive."

After Yu Mou and Ms. Wang met again later, Ms. Wang recalled: "I saw him as soon as possible at the time: ‘Why should I treat me like this? Why do you push me? But he came over and said.Wife? Where do you go, I can’t find you! ‘"" Because we are in shape and shadow all the way, and I have no dizziness, he pushed me down, so this is his false words. "

Ms. Wang added: "Nature National Park is large and there are big things, there are few people, no witnesses, and the scenic area camera is not as perfect as China to make a wife who accidentally falls into the cliff, and does not have to bear legal responsibility. He is intentional murder."

What is the motivation of the husband’s crime?

The Thai police said that Yu had a former department of theft in China. At present, there is no proper occupation in China and debt.

But his wife, Ms. Wang, has a solid family, and assets in their personal names reached tens of millions of yuan.Yu once asked his wife to repay the debt for herself, but failed to get the "full help" of his wife.

As a result, Yu moved his heart.Once his wife "accidentally died", he could inherit the huge property of his wife as a spouse and get rid of the dilemma of debt.

This is the second time in half a year.

I don’t know if it was the "Phuket Swimming Pool Killing Wife Case" in December 2018, which was inspired by some people.

So that in the eyes of many wolves and beasts, Thailand is not just a "tourist paradise", but also becoming a "sacred place to kill a wife."

Yes, compared with China, there is no "Skynet System" in Thailand, and police officers do not have the hard indicators of "murder must break".The "stereotype" given by the Thai police in the movie is a greasy uncle who "can never count you murder" in a group of people who "can judge you to commit suicide.Essence

Actually, it’s too high to look at yourself.

Fortunately, Cangtian had eyes, and Ms. Wang and the children in the belly did not die.

Ms. Wang has been in the intensive care unit since the rescue, because the left side of the body is on the ground.Fracture and soft tissue contusion from top and bottom; at present, the left side is reinforced by steel plates and steel nails in the form of surgery. The right part of the right side is shaped by plaster. Although life is worry -free, the action is still very difficult.

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