The first time I am a mother is so uncomfortable. Why do I have back pain after giving birth during pregnancy?Please collect these four key points

"I won’t regenerate, it’s too uncomfortable to have a child!" A different patient came from the clinic. She had just gave birth to a baby last month.One starts.

In recent days, the young grandson, who had just confinement, suddenly felt back pain. I didn’t care about it from the beginning. I thought it would be okay to rest. Unexpectedly, I had a rest for a day. The back pain still did not relieve it.The family was worried about what was the problem, so he brought his grandson to the hospital.

After the doctor’s inquiries and examinations, in fact, the little grandson is a very common postpartum back pain, not a particularly big problem.And Xiaosun’s family members were relieved to hear the news.

In fact, there are many reasons for postpartum back pain. The most common is that in the process of pregnancy and production, the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis and lumbosacral regions are relaxed, resulting in poor structural stability.

It is recommended that female friends try to use a pelvic pocket as much as possible after giving birth, or to surround the waist to allow the pelvis to restore the original structure, which can relieve low back pain to a certain extent.

Three months after giving birth, you can do some back muscles, functional exercise of the lower limbs, and functional exercise around the pelvis.This allows muscle function to be restored, and it will also have a good protection effect on the overall bone structure.

For this issue, we need to consider the composition of the plaster.The plaster of simply anti -inflammatory and analgesic can be used, but some of the ointments of Chinese patent medicines contain more ingredients. Some ingredients may cause abnormal lactation function, or they will respond to the child’s bad response after absorbing the milk.Essence

Therefore, we recommend that patients do not use this type of medicine, and we can relieve low back pain through hot compresses and changing lifestyle habits, especially bed habits.In order not to affect the child’s sleep, some novice mothers have maintained a certain posture for a long time. This will actually cause fatigue damage and may aggravate low back pain.

First, calcium deficiency.Some pregnant women will have back pain in the middle and late stages. In fact, many of them are due to calcium deficiency. At this time, it will first show back pain.When the fetus grows up, the pregnant woman will move forward, and the weight is on the lumbar spine. If calcium is not supplemented in time at this time, osteoporosis is prone to occur, which is low, which is low.

Second, lumbar muscle strain.With the changes in the weight of the pregnant woman and the change of gravity, the lumbar muscles are prone to damage, which will be manifested as low acid and low back pain.

So what should pregnant women treat back pain?

First of all, actively supplement calcium supplementation from the second trimester, and replenish 1.5 ~ 2g of calcium every day in the later stages to maintain the needs of the calcium of mothers and babies.You can take calcium tablets, you can bask in the sun and drink milk, which is good for calcium supplementation.In addition, don’t be too tired, pay attention to rest and avoid lumbar muscle strain.

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