The four groups of medicines composed of hawthorn can not only act qi to promote blood, and strengthen the spleen and phlegm. Hurry up and take a look.

Hello everyone, I am Liu Jiafu, a Chinese medicine medicine. Today I will share with you a traditional Chinese medicine for medicine and food, that is, hawthorn.

Hawthorn returns to the spleen, stomach, liver meridians, sour taste, sweetness, has the effect of eliminating the accumulation of food, qi and stasis, and can eliminate the stagnation of meat.And sour taste can strengthen the spleen and appetite, promote digestion, especially for important drugs that digest and greasy foods.Abdominal distension, qi, acid, abdominal pain, and diarrhea caused by greasy food stagnation, and hawthorn conditioning has a certain effect.Today, I will share with you several medicines about hawthorn. For the disease caused by liver and gallbladder problems, it has a good effect of assisting therapy. It has a good effect on hepatitis, liver stagnation and liver cysts.


The first is hawthorn+Danshen:

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, after the blood circulation throughout the body, the liver will return to the liver, including blood stasis, but blood stasis can be blocked together by the liver, which will cause the qi and blood operation function.Chang can cause chest tightness and shortness of breath and threatening tingling, and may still appear on the body.Patients with this condition can use hawthorn and Dan ginseng to condition the liver, because Salva has a strong stasis and pulse function, and hawthorn can not only strengthen the spleen and eat, but also reduce phlegm and reduce turbidity., Sumping new blood, the qi and blood are smooth, and the liver is naturally healthy.

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The second hawthorn+Chenpi:

Liver qi stagnation can cause the spleen to be unable to transport normally. In the long run, the water in the body cannot be absorbed and transformed, and it will form phlegm dampness.The phlegm wetness will walk upstream and down the body. After the liver, it will affect the transportation function of qi and blood. After a long time, cysts will form.Patients with cysts can be eaten with hawthorn with Chenpi. Hawthorn can disperse stasis, while Chenpi has the effect of qi and phlegm.



If liver qi stagnation is not treated in time, it is easy to turn the depression into fire, causing your liver to be too strong.The liver fire will be irritable and angry. At the same time, the two threats will have a significant burning sensation. Occasionally there will be acid swelling stomach after meals, and hepatitis will cause hepatitis.In this case, it should be eaten with hawthorn with gardenia, because gardenia has a good effect of clearing heat and diarrhea. Hawthorn can strengthen the spleen and stomach.Swelling and other issues.



The main function of the liver is the aircraft of the whole body. If the liver qi is stagnant, the qi and blood will be abnormal. It is reflected in the human body that is emotional instability.generally.In this case, hawthorn should be used with Thaihu to eat. Bupleurum can relieve liver and relieve depression, while hawthorn has the effect of qi. The two medicines are shared, which can effectively solve the problems of spleen deficiency caused by liver stagnation and liver stagnation.


But also remind everyone that although hawthorn medicine is homologous, not everyone can eat it.Because the sugar content of hawthorn is high, it is not recommended to eat a lot for people with high blood sugar.And children who change their teeth are not recommended to eat hawthorn because it will damage the development of the teeth.There are also women in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is not recommended to eat, because hawthorn has the effect of stimulating uterine contraction. If it is serious, it will easily lead to premature birth or abortion.Finally, there are people with stomach diseases, such as gastritis, gastric ulcers, and duodenal ulcers. If hawthorn, it will cause spleen and stomach function to decrease.

Well, the medicine for hawthorn medicinal medicine is shared here today. If you still want to know more Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine knowledge, follow me, you can also leave me a message directly.

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