The future mother -in -law forced her daughter -in -law twice to be people. Can the girls still stay away?

Love is the same thing, and marriage is the same thing.Everything is smooth for the smooth girl.For those frustrated girls, they have to take a twists and turns.

A girl is Lily, and her family is in rural areas. When she graduated from junior high school, she came to Hailar and worked in a beauty salon. She worked hard but could be beautiful and healthy. She liked this job very much.

It is introduced to know a boy named Xiao Gang. The boy works in a company with good benefits and work hard.It is also valued by the unit leadership, and it is even more proud of her mother.

When Lily and Xiaogang saw each other, they fell in love with each other, and they began to communicate with each other. After a month.The boy wants to bring you to see your mother, okay?

Lily was of course happy and felt very lucky to meet the one she loved.The relationship between each other develops rapidly.Looking at Xiao Gang with a smile on his face, it was great.

I bought a cosmetics for my aunt, and gave her a blind date.I think my aunt is beautiful and likes makeup.

Xiao Gang’s mother was divorced with Xiao Gang.Put all your energy and money on his son Xiaogang.The son also distressed his mother, study hard, and accompany her mother every day.

Xiaogang has excellent grades all the way and admitted to college smoothly.After graduating, in order to accompany her mother, she returned to Mom Hailar to accompany her mother.Fortunately, when the person introduced Lily, the two were in love.

With a period of time, I want to tell my mother that I hope my mother can share her joy.

Xiaogang said with a smile to her mother: "Mom, I am in love. Her name is Lily. I want to let my girlfriend, come to our house, see my mother."

My mother sank, and I was very unhappy in her heart. In the future, someone grabbed her son.But I still pretended to be a smiley face to my son: "Well, tomorrow night we invite Lili to come to the house and have dinner together."

Xiaogang called Lili happily: "Lily, you come to my house for dinner tomorrow, my mother agrees to be together."

Two people cooked the phone porridge for two hours, so they reluctantly put down the TV and rest.

The next day Lily was excited and nervous.Finally got off work.Dress, make makeup, go out, Xiao Gang has arrived, and he has been waiting outside the door.

Xiaoli immediately ran over and rushed into Xiao Gang’s arms, saying, "I’m worried, I’m afraid that my aunt doesn’t like me."

Xiao Gang hugged Lili and patted her back and said, it’s okay.My mother will like it, I like it, my mother has always supported me, you can rest assured. "

Lili feels much better.Just pulled Xiaogang’s hand and got on the car.I soon drove to Xiaogang’s house.

Xiao Gang’s mother had already prepared food, and everyone had a few words, so she sat down to eat.In the future, her mother -in -law will give her daughter -in -law in the future, and she also praises that the daughter -in -law is very beautiful and likes her.Like her cosmetics, and she is with her heart.The girl was so sensible.

Lily felt a lot of relaxation. She stayed at Xiao Gang’s house that day and lived.In the future, Lily also helped her mother -in -law to cook in the future, and her family lived.

But every day, my son goes to his mother’s room for more than half an hour at night, and does not know what the mother and daughter are talking about? Lily is also wondering.

At first Lily was very concerned, and she was still used to it, but she was still uncomfortable.Xiao Gang has been pleased Lily, and slowly just doesn’t say it.

After about half a year, Lily hadn’t had menstruation for forty days. She secretly tested and found that she was pregnant. Lily was very happy.

When Xiao Gang took Lily at night, Lili climbed Xiao Gang’s neck, looked up at his face, and said to Xiao Gang with a smile: "I tell you a good news."

"What good news?" Xiao Gang said with a smile.

"I’m pregnant." Lily said excitedly."I’m going to be a mother, you are a father."

"It’s really good, I told my mother, let’s get married." "Great, I have been waiting for this day."

During dinner, Xiao Gang cleared his throat and announced excitedly: "Mom, Lily is pregnant, do we want to get married, can you say yes?"

Xiao Gang’s mother has never spoken, as if there is any thought.When Xiao Gang went to his mother’s room that night, he said to his mother, "Mom, I want to get married, can I?"

"Son, you haven’t been at work for a long time, let’s wait. I am not good now. When I wait for a few years, I am waiting for my child." Mom looked at the son and said tears.I didn’t speak, tears kept flowing.

The son was uncomfortable. He knew that his mother was not easy, and his youth was left to him.I should let my mother live freely for a few days.

It’s not good to say something: "Okay, I said to Lily."

Lily said to Xiao Gang when he saw Xiao Gang, "Do moms agree with us to get married and have children?"

Xiao Gang held Lili and said, "Let’s wait again. Mom is currently not good. I have not just been at work, and I still need to work hard."

Lily left tears and said nothing.The next day, in the future, her mother -in -law accompanied her daughter -in -law to make a flow of people, and she went to work a few days after raising.

The days quickly returned to normal.Lili quickly forgot.But eight months later, Lily felt that her body was wrong.

Lily didn’t know what to do.Very distressed, friends, please tell Lili what to do?What should I do if Xiao Gang’s mother disagrees?She has been unhappy, and Lily, who tortured, is getting thinner.

One day, Xiao Gang found that Lily was unhappy and thin.Ask: "What happened to you recently? I seem to be unhappy, and I don’t eat much. Can you tell me if you have anything?"

Lily hesitated for a while, and no one spoke, or told Xiaogang: "What do you do, I’m pregnant again. What should I do if my mother does not agree?"

Let me talk to my mother.In the evening, my son told his mother that my mother was really getting married this time."Lili is pregnant, she can’t be born."

My mother said nothing and kept crying, and said to Xiao Gang, "I have been cultivating you at the age of three, earning money for you to go to college, it’s not easy for now." Crying is better than last time, accompany myself with a scene.The curtain flashed in front of the eyes.I also burst into tears …

Xiao Gang was not good at advising his mother. The next day, he went to the hospital with Lily to go leave with Lily.

This time Lily went home to cultivate for a few days. In the future, her mother -in -law gave her delicious food. She lost her to chat. Lily was also distressed. What should I do?

What about staying? Still breaking up? Please friends give Lili a answer?

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