The giants daughter -in -law rewarded many children: Xu Ziqi’s mother -in -law built a house for her, Guo Biting received a diamond ring

The six giants daughter -in -law rewards are very different. Some people get the land, and some people receive 500 million rewards -an introduction.

When Xiang Tai participated in the event, he would hold his grandson in June.Therefore, this time it was announced again, but I have to say that Xiang Tai finally has his grandson, which can be regarded as a wish.

However, Xiang Tai also said that he would not force Guo Biting, and even bought a gift for his grandson long ago, and prepared a big diamond ring for Guo Biting.Sure enough, the child rewards in the giants are what we ordinary people dare not imagine!

1. Shengwa Give 500 million House House

Xun Mengyao’s first son gave birth to the next son, which increased a lot of momentum to the four houses of the He family.After all, don’t look at the population of his family, but before that, there was no grandson in the gambler!Before dying, when life was dying, he could receive such a big surprise. The joy of He Hongzhang was overflowing with words. When his name "燊" was given to the grandson, it was enough to see the love of the grandson.

Of course, to say the happiest person, it must be four, and directly announced to the media that he would reward his daughter -in -law a 500 million mansion. He also expressed his hope that Meng Yao Yao had at least three children.People can’t help worrying about Xi Mengyao’s body.

But it is interesting that the mansion that Sitai gave to Meng Yaoyao was picked up by netizens. In fact, he was actually He Yanjun’s name. It did not belong to Xun Mengyao. It seems that even if you are rich, you will leave your daughter -in -law.

2. Get family identity and become the heroine

In addition to visible rewards, it is important to get the recognition of the family.At the wedding of Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang, Huo Zhenting excitedly thanked Guo Jingjing to marry the Huo family.Later, Guo Jingjing gave birth to Sun Huo Zhongxi for Huo Zhenting, and the Huo family gave Guo Jingjing a 200 million mansion and 100 million cash.

Although Guo Jingjing is not as good as Xi Mengyao, this is actually given to Guo Jingjing, and even Guo Jingjing’s status in the Huo family is much higher than that of Mengyao’s house.

Even, then Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang moved out of the Huo family. Huo Zhenting did not agree with each other, but in that year, Zhu Lingling also proposed the same idea, but was severely stopped by Huo Zhenting, which was enough to see the Huo family’s recognition of Guo Jingjing.It is much more important to be recognized by the family than money.

3. Luxury land, repair villas for children

The typical representative of the wealthy daughter -in -law, Xu Ziqi is definitely one.In order to marry the giants, Xu Ziqi’s parents never let her touch her dirty and live, and was trained as a princess from an early age.

Fortunately, Xu Ziqi’s parents eventually made Li Zhaoji, who successfully married his daughter into one of the four families, and became the wife of Li Zhaoji’s younger son, Li Jiacheng.

After marrying Li Jiacheng, Xu Ziqi began his own child.In order to allow Xu Ziqi to give birth to his son, Li Zhaoji did not hesitate to build a house on the mountain.Later, Xu Ziqi gave birth to four good words for the Li family in the eighth year. Li Zhaoji sent Xu Ziqi’s mansion and land on the spot to show rewards.

Fourth, Li Jiaxin was rumored to be 500 million yuan

Thinking about Li Jiaxin when he was young, which Hong Kong man had never been tempted by her?Later, Li Jiaxin and Xu Jinheng got married, letting the rich wives in Hong Kong let go.

But when he was married, Li Jiaxin was no longer as young as before, and his physical fitness was not as good as before. Once you were pregnant, it was the risk of an elderly mother.However, Xu Jinheng, as the only seedlings of the Xu family, could not do without offspring.Therefore, a 500 millionth statement was reported at the time.

Although Li Jiaxin later denied the matter, the Xu family did not give Li Jiaxin award.What’s more, Li Jiaxin’s happy day is still behind.

5. Give a child with a golden block and gold chain

Wang Xiaofei, one of the four youngsters in Beijing, has a relatively superior family situation.At the beginning, Big S and Wang Xiaofei spent 21 days and walked into the marriage hall. Although it looked absurd, everything was step by step, and even Da S had given birth to a daughter for Wang Xiaofei at the age.

When he was born with a daughter, Wang Xiaofei’s parents went to Taiwan from the Mainland to send gold blocks and gold chains to the big S, as well as various gifts, full of heart.Even Wang Xiaofei’s father went to Taiwan, China for the first time to celebrate the big S child. The recognition of this giants must not be comparable to it!

In fact, in the giants, it is not a rare thing to get a child with a lot of money. Even some giants daughter -in -law even harvested the money, completely achieving the sparrows flying to the branches into a phoenix!

But similarly, the life in the giants is also what we dare not imagine. After all, the greater the responsibility, the greater the responsibility. They must also take high pressure and public opinion at a high point.

Author: Little Star

Editor -in -chief: Cai Cai

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